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You're beautiful and everybody is aware of that, but wedding planning can be a hectic process. We'll guide you through all the do's and don'ts so that your inner beauty reflects on the outside too.

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Naturally Yours! A Bride’s Beauty Timeline For A Summer Wedding
Beauty for brides
Have a summer wedding and unsure about your pre-wedding beauty regime? Here’s a complete guide to what you need for glowing, flawless skin on your big day.
Bride-To-Be, Take Note of These 7 Rising Bloggers in 2018
Beauty for brides
Dive into the world of fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle with these upcoming bloggers. Take notes today - you may step up your wedding game. And you may end up following the next-big-thing among Indian Influencers.
The Only Guide for You Bridal Eye Makeup for the Big Day
Beauty for brides
Bridal eye makeup is all about enhancing your eyes and complimenting your stunning wedding attire. Take a look at these styles for some major inspiration.
6 Wedding Makeup Artist Tips to Help You Find the Perfect One
Beauty for brides
Your wedding-day makeup should make you feel beautiful and confident—but still feeling like yourself. Here's how you ensure that it happens to perfection, by beginning with the right wedding makeup artist for you. Here's a how-to.
Here's How You Select the Perfect Lipstick Shades for your Skin Tone
Beauty for brides
Searching for the perfect set of lipstick shades, that too, for your wedding can be a challenging task. So, we’re here to help you find a lipstick that will enhance your wedding-day look with these three simple steps.
Major Wedding Style Mistakes You Must Avoid
Beauty for brides
When you're aiming for the perfect D-day look, you don't want to fall short of it by making mistakes. Here’s a list of the most common wedding style mistakes to look out for:
Want to Slay Your Diet for Bride? 10 Tips That Will Help You Keep On The Course
If you’re on the famous ‘slim-down’ mission in order to look flawless in your dream dress, you need to stay true to the diet plan and follow it religiously. To make it happen, here are 10 diet for bride tips that you can actually adhere to.
6 Wedding Day Hacks To Keep Cold Feet at Bay
Beauty for brides
Feeling butterflies in your stomach just before the wedding is absolutely normal - the point is how you handle these jitters and keep calm.
 Last Minute Troubles? 6 Bridal Emergency Kit Must Haves That Will Save You
Beauty for brides
Every bride needs a bridal emergency kit that carries small but significant things to deal with any and all last-minute needs (or sometimes, accidents!). Here are the items that are an absolute must.
South Indian Bridal Makeup Guide - Here's How You Perfect the look
Beauty for brides
Confused about how to achieve that dewy look for early morning ceremonies? Here's a makeup guide especially for the South Indian brides.
5 Indian Bridal Makeup Tips to Serve Some Serious Looks
Beauty for brides
Get gorgeous with these bridal makeup tips to look oh-so-amazing at your wedding. Leave everyone in awe of your bridal avatar and slay like the queen you are.
These 7 Latest Bridal Makeup Trends Will Light Up Every New Bride
Beauty for brides
From heavy khol to the no-makeup look, get all the latest bridal makeup trends that are in vogue this wedding season, in one place.
Indian Bridal Makeup Tricks & Rules According to Some Experts
Beauty for brides
Stay updated with the rules and trends of the Indian bridal makeup industry for a fresh and flawless wedding day look.
 Punjabi Bridal Makeup Style Guide That Will Make You Look like a Drop Dead Gorgeous Bride
Beauty for brides
Punjabi weddings are glamorous affairs and punjabi brides, the star of the show! Read how to make sure your bridal makeup shines throughout the wedding!
Meet the Bride Who Didn't Wear Makeup on Her Wedding
Beauty for brides
Avantika Singh planned her wedding by her own rules and turned out to be the most unconventional bride we’ve seen in a long time.
7 Grooming Tips for Grooms to Look Dapper Before the D-Day
Men's grooming
Hey bro! Keen on letting the world know that you're ready for you big day? Then bookmark these handy grooming tips and take cues from them in the time leading up for your wedding day.

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