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Not getting a professional makeup artist and hairstylist on board

You’ll already be under too much stress. Getting a professional on board to help you with your hair and makeup will allow you to relax and breathe easy. Also, they know what to – especially when it comes to applying makeup for wedding photography. You won’t have to fret over the final result and can avoid goof ups too. If you’re uncertain about certain looks or don’t know who to approach, it’s a great idea to ask around or read online reviews. As for different makeup looks, do many test runs much before the wedding and don’t try to experiment right before the wedding and leave it for another occasion.

Blindly following trends

Something might be really in vogue and be grabbing attention from all the fashion magazines. For instance, a lehenga style or a midriff baring top may feel absolutely dreamy for its fashionable avatar. But make sure it suits you and your personality. If wearing something or trying a particular look makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable, consider avoiding it completely. If you’re not at ease, it will be obvious in person and in your pictures which can be a major downer. It’ll not allow you to have the time of your life which you totally should. Consult fashion trends all you want but follow your end while taking the final call.

Not taking the venue into account

You may have zeroed down on the perfect wedding look with a great outfit and matching accessories. But it can get easy to neglect the wedding venue and the vibes associated with it. You want to avoid a mismatch at all costs. Even if you absolutely dote on a particular look, do take the wedding into account and coordinate everything accordingly to get the most flattering final result. A really great tip is not being afraid to embrace the natural look – it’s very much in vogue right now and can work really well with a few clever tweaks.

Going for too much at once

It can get tempting to concentrate too much on all the elements and not really figure out how busy the entire look can seem. Play with a few elements and balance them out together. If your outfit has a lot of bling and embroidery on it, go easy on your accessories and accentuate your features with good make-up instead. The key is in keeping the look chic and yet absolutely gorgeous. Downplaying a feature - going natural with your hair texture, for example, won’t let your look fall flat.