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You're beautiful and everybody is aware of that, but wedding planning can be a hectic process. We'll guide you through all the do's and don'ts so that your inner beauty reflects on the outside too.

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Grooming Classes 101: Why the Couple Needs Them Before Marriage
Beauty for brides
Look your best, behave your best and be your best - here's why you need to consider grooming classes for bride and groom to achieve all three before you get married.
Your Step by Step Guide on How to Do Bengali Hairstyle
Beauty for brides
From hairstyle inspiration and accessories to the most appropriate ones for each ceremony, we share with you ideas on how to do Bengali hairstyle.
Makeup Brands in India You Can Shop For To Fill Up Your Bridal Kit
Beauty for brides
These makeup brands in India will together help you to make the perfect bridal makeup trousseau. Click to know how to build your bridal makeup kit!
10 Open Hair Hairstyles to Keep the Bride Fuss-Free
Beauty for brides
If you’re one that wants to experiment with open hair hairstyles then you have a big task at hand. But don’t you panic because we have curated a list of hairstyles to make this decision easy.
Why 3D Makeup Gives You Your Best Face For The Wedding Day
Beauty for brides
Want to look your absolute best on your wedding? Of course, you do! Find out how 3D makeup can help you look amazing.
Face Pack for Dry Skin to Look like a Flawless Bride
On your wedding day you should look the best, so there are natural and homemade packs and professional skin care solutions available—just adopt these smart skin care habits for some extra pampering.
Checklist of All Men's Grooming Kit Products You Need to Gift Him
Men's grooming
Your wedding comes nearer and you plan your own bridal kit, give a thought to your Mr Right's grooming. How about you gift him a men's grooming kit that he'd love to use. Find out what goes into one with this comprehensive list below.
Tips on How to Zero in on the Perfect Lipstick Shade for Your D-day to Make It Worth the Stares
Beauty for brides
Every woman has a bunch of lipstick shades in her vanity, some that she wears all the time, some that never get touched. As your wedding approaches, we present a guide that helps you decide the shades that will blend perfectly with your bridal look.
10 Latest Bun Hairstyles for the Modern Bride to Flaunt
Beauty for brides
Classic bun hairstyles have been sported by the Indian brides for many years now, and are still prevalent. That does not mean you have to go with it too. It’s about time you revamp it a little and take a look at some new bun hairstyles.
9 Easy Beautiful Hairstyles That You Can DIY and Ace the Hair Game
Beauty for brides
If ‘effortless’ is your go-to mantra for all things fashion, then these easy beautiful hairstyles are just the thing for you. Be your own hairstylist and easily ramp up your look from simple to stunning.
8 Face Pack Ideas for the Perfect Magical Glow on Your D-day
The preparation for your big day is exhausting, and sometimes a little pricey too! We suggest that you opt for a combination of natural, home-made and salon based treatments to get that bridal glow. Let’s look some face packs that every bride loves.
Steps to Stunning Kerala Bridal Makeup That Every Malayali Bride Needs to See Before Her Big Day
Beauty for brides
Be the perfect Malyali bride, by this guide to absolute Kerala bridal makeup look perfection. These 11 steps are all you need to follow to get it right.
These Makeup Hacks Will Make You Look like a Stellar Show Stopper
Beauty for brides
Lehenga? Check! Jewellery? Check! Makeup? Oops. Remember your makeup A-game is also what you need to bring to the table. We bring you makeup hacks to save your day.
Expert Tips on How to Perfect the Tamil Bridal Makeup Quick and Easy
Beauty for brides
The essence of Tamil bridal makeup can be summed up in a short phrase—Less, done right! We have curated for you a guide for perfecting your Tamil bridal makeup for weddings and related functions. Bookmark this article and take cues now!
10 Bridal Facial Treatments for Radiant Skin and a Glowing Look
A right bridal facial helps you look your best on your big day. To help you get that, we share with you different kinds of treatments available.
6 Easy Hairstyles to Do Yourself for a Wedding, DIY Brides!
Beauty for brides
Why depend on a hairstylist to do your hair for your big day? We are sharing with you the best and easy hairstyles to do yourself for a wedding. These super-stylish do's will ensure that you look elegant with every outfit.

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