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These Makeup Hacks Will Make You Look like a Stellar Show Stopper

Lehenga? Check! Jewellery? Check! Makeup? Oops. Remember your makeup A-game is also what you need to bring to the table. We bring you makeup hacks to save your day.

Face Stories By Leena Bhushan

No matter how sorted you think you are when it comes to finding your makeup artist, often times there are situations when you have to ace your makeup game yourself. How to do that? Well, of course, first by building up your own makeup kit. You wouldn't want to run from one place to another trying to find a lip gloss or a strobing brush at the last minute. Would you now?

Secondly, by learning a few handy makeup hacks, so you can put your makeup on quick and easy. 

Makeup Hacks to Ace Your Makeup Look

Image Courtesy: Mehar Photography

You don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror to get your makeup spot on. While that might be the case sometimes but it isn't like that always. Imagine, attending your first family dinner post-wedding? You cannot afford to make a late entrance. Can you now? There are all kinds of makeup hacks you can use that will make applying cosmetics much easier and give you the desired look at the same time.

1. Oily Face Makeup Hack

Makeup Artistry by Latika Khurana

If you were born with oily skin then there isn't much that we can do about it. But, you, on the other hand, can surely make it less of a problem at least during times when you have to sport your makeup game face on. Use a primer for your face and then seal it with a setting spray. Then, you can apply your base of foundation and continue putting on makeup as you usually would. This makeup hack will ensure that your makeup stays put for longer hours without melting away because of sweat. 

2. Turn Your Liner Pencil Into Gel

Vows & Tales

Ran out of liquid eyeliner and have a pre-wedding function to attend? Don't worry we've got you. Pick any kohl pencil and hold in under the flame for 10 to 15 seconds.  This makeup hack would make your kohl work like a dark liner in less than 10 seconds. Let it cool down for a few seconds before you apply it on your upper eyelid. 

3. Makeup Hack to Make Your Eyes Look Wider

Makeup Artistry by Latika Khurana

Always wondered how to make your eyes appear bigger than they really are? We certainly do! Sweep your mascara towards the direction of your nose instead of moving upwards. This will help make your lashes look fuller and bigger. It will also help to make your eyes look bigger. To, avoid the clumping of your lashes you can pre-heat the mascara for a few seconds before actually applying it. 

4. How to Make Your Perfume Stay On for Long

Image courtesy: HighTide Photography

We all want to prolong the fragrance of our perfume. Don't we now? The key is to not bathe in it but smartly puff it on your pulse points. What are pulse points? Behind your ears, on the base of your throat, inside your wrist and elbow and behind your knees.

5. Get fuller Lips With Right Amount Of Contouring

Sakshi Sagar

Thought contouring was only for your face? Ahem, nope! Use a darker colour lip pencil and outline your lips using the same. The trick is to fill it in with a lighter shade lip colour pencil before you come down to apply the lipstick itself. This will give your lips a multidimensional effect and make them appear bigger than they already are. 

6. How To Intensify The Colour Of Your Eyeshadow

Misha Vig Makeup Studio

Headed towards your friends Haldi ceremony wearing a blue outfit and want to wear a similar shade of eyeshadow as well? We have a trick for you to make your cyan eyeshadow pop out even more. Apply white eyeliner all over your eyelid. The white will help intensify the colour of your eye tint. Lastly, apply a coat of your favourite eyeshadow and you're ready to kill them with your dramatic eyes. 

7. How To Wink With The Perfect Liner Wing

Beauty & Makeup Artist, Sirat Brar

I don't like a winged eyeliner, said no girl ever. But, it's such a hassle to perfect it every single time. Isn't it? We've got the perfect makeup hack for. Draw your cat-eye first, and then fill it in using a liquid gel liner. You will look fly with these wings.

8. Make Your Lipstick Stay On For Longer

Face Stories By Leena Bhushan

Believe in the power of red lipstick and the confidence that it brings along. To ensure that your lipstick stays on for long, there is a quick and easy makeup hack that you can try.  After you’ve applied your lipstick and blotted it, take a tissue and hold it over your lips, then use a brush to sweep setting powder over your lips. This will lock the tint of your lip colour and help it stay put for longer hours. 

9. Make Your Concealer Work Better

Simmy Makeup Studio

Forget about dotting your concealer. Instead, apply it in a triangle shape, with the base at your lash line and the tip at the bottom of your cheek. This will hide redness beneath the eyes, and brighten up your whole face in a quick swatch and brush. This technique promises better results. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself. 

10. How To Hide Your Love Bite

Image Courtesy: Nadine Paul

Ahem! Ahem! This tip will come in really handy girls! The day followed by your first wedding night, a bottle of concealer and some cotton pads would be your best pals in hiding those beautiful hickeys. A dab of concealer on the love bite. Blend it using a brush and overlay it with a layer of foundation. For, that final touch set it using a powder. 

11. Get full coverage - Hide acne, scarring and more

Dipak Studios

A basic bridal makeup first and foremost is about accentuating the best facial features for yourself and hiding your blemishes. And by blemishes, we mean everything - red acne breakouts and irritation, dry and dehydrated skin and uneven texture for the skin.

Here are some of the more common makeup hacks to help soothe all of these issues -

A. Safeguarding acne-prone skin

Before you begin priming acne-prone skin, apply an oil-based or a gel-based moisturiser. In fact, even go for an antiseptic cream to create a protective layer on top. In case there is an active breakout, work towards colour correction instead, possibly with a green colour corrector and concealer on top. Also, consider a matte finish or a satin-like finish for your look.

B. Working dry skin patches

Work in some moisturiser first - choose a deeply nourishing formula or even a few drops of face oil. Then begin with a dewy foundation, to fake the glowy, yet nourished look. Conceal with a creamy formula, possibly touching up with a translucent setting powder only in the T-zone. Finish with a hydrating spray.

12. Get your brows on point


Few brides think of giving more than a passing thought to their brows as part of crafting their bridal look, but this one area that requires one, especially if your set is thin or patchy. Embrace these features as they tend to frame your face.

For these makeup hacks work with two sets of brow colours, one light and one dark. Apply the lighter shade close to the inner lining of your brow bone and the darker one on the external side of your brow shape. To complete the look, begin by highlighting under the brow bone, though a modest metallic choice in shade would be a good idea.

Some Tricks and Tips for a Perfect Glow

Manan Photography

While each makeup tip can be customised with personal preferences, there are tons of tricks that you can opt for perfect makeup and glowing skin.

  1. Use an invisible or wax lip lining before applying your lipstick as it helps the colour stay on for longer and prevents feathering
  2. Check your makeup in different lights as in natural light you might see that you miss out on some spots and if your makeup is blended fully.
  3. Skip the base coat of your nail paint and instead apply a white nail colour first. This would help your nail paint stand out more. 
  4. You can use your makeup blender to apply a range of products like moisturiser, sunscreen, serum etc.
  5. Get more out of your liquid makeup by cutting the tubes and scooping out the remaining of it. It is also a great way to save money on expensive products.
  6. If you wish for your eye shadow to stand out, apply a white base coat before the colour pigments as it would intensify your chosen colour in great ways.
  7. For a perfect smoky eye, draw a hashtag on your eyelid and blend it in and it would offer you a subtle smoky effect without much effort. 
  8. Make your own lip gloss by combining your eye shadows with petroleum jelly.
  9. Achieve a perfect dewy look by combining a sheer foundation with a hydrating facial oil or moisturiser.
  10. Do not ever skip the setting spray as just a few spritzes would help your makeup stay for longer without any smudges. 

We hope you found this makeup hacks article useful and that it helped you save those long hours that you initially spent in fetching the right cosmetics or trying to apply them in an ace manner. Make use of these makeup hacks and enliven your makeup junkie avatar like a boss. 

Tell us through comments about your personal experiences in trying one of these makeup hacks.