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10 Bridal Facial Treatments for Radiant Skin and a Glowing Look

A right bridal facial helps you look your best on your big day. To help you get that, we share with you different kinds of treatments available.

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We all know that pampering your skin with some of the best bridal facial treatments can really help your skin glow and look gorgeous on your big day. But just as the right ones can help you transform your skin beyond recognition, the wrong ones can do the opposite and put your money down the drain. So with so many options available these days, which ones should you choose if you are a bride-to-be? 

Taking care of your skin becomes a hassle especially if you are the bride-to-be and there is still so much left for your wedding to be done. If you are wondering which bridal treatment would be suitable for you and your skin type so that it can offer you radiant and glowing skin, we have got you covered. We have enlisted a range of bridal facial treatments that truly transform you into a stunning beauty for your big day.

1. Basic Cleanup


For the brides who are blessed with amazing skin can opt for a basic cleanup instead of a complete facial. This classic treatment helps to clear the basic wear and tear of your daily life and is perfect for those who have low maintenance skin. During the cleanup session, the face is cleansed, massaged, and is deeply exfoliated using a scrub. This step is followed by the extraction of blackheads, whiteheads, and removal of dirt from the skin. Brides-to-be can opt for this beauty treatment every fifteen days.  

2. Gold Facial


This one is the most recommended for brides-to-be. It helps to promote glowing and healthy skin by removing the dirt and impurities, improving blood circulation, curing sunburn and pigmentation. The best feature of this facial is a soft golden glow. Although it is suitable for any skin type, it is most beneficial for women with dull skin.

3. Acne Reduction Bridal Facial Treatments


We cannot agree enough that having acne-prone skin can be really frustrating especially when acne decides to sprout up during your wedding festivities. So in order to minimise the chances of acne coming up around your big day and also help reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes opt for acne reduction facial. The treatment involves mild scrubbing and special steaming techniques to pull out the dirt from the skin. It is always advised to consult a skin specialist before opting for this facial.  

4. Anti-Tan Facial

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No bride wants to look tanned and dull on her wedding day. But amidst all the planning and wedding shopping it’s almost impossible to avoid the harmful UV rays. An anti-tan facial treatment is a must for those who have skin prone to sunburn. It helps to remove dark spots and achieve an even skin tone.

5. Collagen Facial

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Those suffering from ageing skin can opt for a collagen facial treatment. Perfect for rejuvenating the skin and making it feel younger, it helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles by repleting and rebuilding lost collagen. The facial session involves regular steps followed by a mask to repair damaged collagen.

6. Fruit Facial


Suitable for all skin types, it is one of the most popular facials for brides-to-be. It helps to deeply scrub the skin and promotes glowing skin. Vitamin C is one of the major ingredients of a fruit facial, it also helps to lighten the skin naturally.

7. Aromatherapy Facial


Aromatherapy is a luxurious bridal facial treatment that gives you impressive results. The primary ingredient used during the session is aromatherapy oil which helps to promote healthy, glowing, and naturally moisturised skin. The treatment also helps to relax your mind and calm your senses.

8. Galvanic Bridal Facial


For brides who can afford to splurge should opt for a galvanic facial if they have dry and dehydrated skin. By shrinking large size pores, it helps to retain moisture and leaves your skin hydrated. It also leads to an improved elasticity of the skin.

9. Bio-Lift Facial

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Apart from cleansing, massaging, and rejuvenating, a Bio-Lift facial includes steps that target under eye dark circles. One of the major USP’s of this treatment is the bio-mask which helps in toning and tightening the skin making it appear younger and healthier.

10. Organic Facials

Those who are sceptical of chemical products must go for organic treatments. These facials are done using natural items such as papaya, lemon, green tea, banana, honey, and more. It is a great option for brides with normal to dry skin. Depending on your requirement, it helps to remove tan, promotes naturally baby-soft moisturised skin, and eliminates acne.

The benefits of proper bridal facial treatments can be incredible especially when done regularly. And with so many options available, it is important to choose the right one according to your skin requirement and type. Find a suitable bridal makeup specialist and a bridal salon and get going. 

Have you tried any of the above facials? Which one is your favourite and why? Let us know through comments.