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You're beautiful and everybody is aware of that, but wedding planning can be a hectic process. We'll guide you through all the do's and don'ts so that your inner beauty reflects on the outside too.

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6 Latest Bridal Makeup Looks You’ve Got to Try This Wedding Season!
Beauty for brides
With the summer season rolling up its sleeves, new trends are blossoming under the sun. If you’re getting married this year, take a look at these the latest bridal makeup trends so you can look your best!
8 Beauty Parlour Makeup Details You Need To Consider To Nail The Best Package For Your Wedding
Beauty for brides
Make sure to include these few things in your beauty parlour makeup package and watch yourself look like a stunning bride just the way you dreamed of. Check out these smart ideas to get the most out of your beauty parlour makeup appointment.
5 Wheatish Skin Home Remedies to Make You Glow Before Your Wedding!
Beauty for brides
As the summer months arrive, your wheatish skin will require hydration and moisture to stay healthy in the sunny days and hot nights. You should use home remedies that can be easily made to restore your skin and help you become a beautiful bride.
Makeup Pro in the Making? Here Are Some Tips to Get You There!
Beauty for brides
Well, if you have been trying to become a makeup pro and falling flat on your face, then it’s time to hop on to unearth bridal makeup tips that can help you in the long run and turn you into a makeup pro as well.
6 Maang Tikka Hairstyles That Will Bring All the Right Kind of Attention to Your Face!
Beauty for brides
When you’re creating a bridal look for yourself, you must consider every little detail carefully in order to ensure you look perfect. When sporting a Maang Tikka, make sure you wear these Maang Tikka hairstyles for an amazing aesthetic!
Here Are the Top 7 Makeup Design Elements That You Need to Nail for That Picture Perfect Look
Beauty for brides
Your bridal look isn’t complete without the perfect makeup design. Get inspired by these chic and flawless makeup looks and shine like a star on your wedding day!
Try These Bengali Wedding Makeup Tips To Rock All Your Biye Like a True Bong Diva!
Beauty for brides
From Ai Buro Bhat to reception, you need different makeup with different outfits for all your wedding ceremonies. So here we are, with some helpful Bengali Wedding Makeup tips that you can try on each event. Give it a read!
The Wedding Makeup Salon Comes Second! First, Follow These Tips to Ensure a Good Experience!
Beauty for brides
Wedding makeup is not as easy as it may sound! Right from the outfit to the colour of the bindi, it is an extensive process. The following are a few pro tips from a wedding makeup salon that can help you get the desired results in no time.
Look Stunning by Trying out These Latest Makeup Trends for Brides!
Beauty for brides
A bride wants to look surreal on her wedding day. And it takes a lot of time and effort to get that perfect bridal look. Here, we share some of the latest makeup trends for all you brides to be.
9 Cosmetics Every Bridesmaid Must Add to Her Reception Makeup Kit to Raise the Fashion Bar at Her 'Veerey Di Wedding'
Beauty for brides
Your Sakhi just got married & you have to attend her reception party? Bring to life your 'Veere Di Wedding' makeup glam on point with our reception makeup kit for a flawless look & welcome a never-ending array of compliments flying in your way!
The Top 7 Picks for MAC Full Makeup Kit Price - Makeup Essentials You Need to Have in Your Vanity
Beauty for brides
Looking for the best makeup kits for the wedding and occasions right after? Here are 7 makeup kits from the renowned brand, MAC that will completely fit the bill!
Look out for These Professional Makeup Kits for an Effortless, Beautiful and Long Staying Bridal Look
Beauty for brides
Getting dolled up as a bride is one of the most exciting things. What is more exciting is the beautiful makeup that you get to put on. However, it can make or break you. Thus it’s essential to look at professional makeup kits that are long staying.
15 Chic Reception Hairstyle Trends for Brides Who're Bored of Buns
Beauty for brides
Your wedding reception is finally the time to let your hair down! If you're not a fan of typical, predictable buns, here are some stellar reception hairstyle ideas to delight your senses!
Makeup Parlour 101! Good Hygiene Practices That Must Be Followed at Makeup Parlours
Beauty for brides
Looking at top makeup parlours for your bridal makeup? Well, find one that follows good hygiene practices too. We’ve listed some of the basic hygiene standards that define a good makeup parlour and also ensure that you have a pleasant experience.
11 Drug Store Cosmetics That You Must Add in Your Bridal Makeup Kit List to Stock Your Handy Glam up Vanity 
Beauty for brides
Now that you have narrowed down on your lehenga and jewellery, it is time you perfect your bridal makeup! check out this bridal makeup kit list and learn 'what to' and 'what not to' add in your makeup vanity for that bridal glam up!
Complete Tutorial to Create the Perfect Pakistani Makeup for a Timeless Bridal Look
Beauty for brides
If you are in awe of Pakistani makeup trend that keeps a perfect blend of shimmer and elegance, here’s your tutorial to create the look for yourself on your D-Day!

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