For any bride or groom, one of the most important priorities is to look good. Who doesn’t dream of looking like a prince or princess at their wedding! Going to a wedding makeup salon is not the key to looking good, as you need to keep several other things in mind to create the big picture. The makeup does play a role but a lot of other factors like the outfit, jewellery, hairstyle and so on also play a massive role.

Therefore, we have come up with some of the crucial points you need to keep in mind before getting your appointment at a wedding makeup salon.

1. The makeup starts with your outfit

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Before going to any wedding makeup salon, remember that the most important thing you need to discuss with your beautician is the outfit you are planning to wear. Almost everything in bridal makeup depends on your attire. You should be very clear about the kind of makeup you need from the start and not make last minute changes. Of course, for this to happen, you should be ready with your outfit at least a month before the wedding. This would give you enough time to visit a wedding makeup salon that fits the bill.

2. Be subtle to look your best

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One of the most common mistakes most brides end up making is going a bit too extreme with the makeup. At times, it also depends on the makeup artist who is helping you as they go overboard with their skills and end up putting too much makeup on the bride. The key here is to be subtle. You should stick to a tone similar to your skin colour so that it looks as natural as possible. Moreover, going subtle or picking the minimalistic approach is the new trend.

3. The jewellery should be on point

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Another thing that is a crucial part of the wedding makeup is jewellery. Once the bride puts on the jewellery, it is important to find a wedding makeup salon that knows how to match the makeup with it in a way that nothing clashes. Furthermore, the jewellery should be on point with the outfit.

If you are wearing a red lehenga with silver embroidery, it is important that you wear more silver or pearl jewellery and not gold. Such small things have the potential of changing your look completely. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are wearing blingy jewellery, the makeup should match that energy. Otherwise, all the focus will shift to the jewellery instead of the bride.

4. The hairstyle matters a lot

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The hairdo you are opting for matters a lot. A lot more than you think. It defines how your dupatta will come around, it determines whether you can use flowers to accessorise it and, most importantly, determines the way your overall look turns out. Therefore, find a wedding makeup salon that has expertise in creating wonderful hairdos.

Another thing you need to keep in mind here is the use of Matha Patti. You need to make sure that the hairstyle you chose incorporates the ornament with ease. If you have to cover your head with a dupatta, then going for a beautiful rendition of a bun would be the best choice. If you just braid your hair in the classic South Indian style, you can easily use the flowers in multiple ways.

5. Tips for the groom


It’s not just the bride who needs attention when it comes to makeup, but also the groom! He needs to look perfect on his big day. The tips for men are quite similar to that of the bride. You do not need to go overboard with the makeup at all. Have a few minor adjustments to cover any scars or blemishes you have on your face and that’s it.

Trim your beard and keep it on point if you are not going for a clean-shaven look. Furthermore, if you are wearing a Pagdi, you need not worry that much about your hairstyle but if not, make sure that you set your hair set perfectly in a way that it does not move.

6. Do not forget to wear your smile


More than any makeup, outfit or jewellery the most important thing to look good is to wear a smile. There is no replacement for that and it is the key to looking your best at the wedding. Be happy and show that happiness through your smile then you would surely look your best!

Keep these tips in mind before you visit a wedding makeup salon as, without them, no amount of makeup will help you look great and feel confident!

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