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New Bridal Makeup Looks For Every Trending Wedding Saree Shades

This is the season of setting bridal trends. Here are a few new bridal makeup ideas to suit your wedding trousseau and switch up your look in minutes.

The Lightsmiths

Saree is the new lehenga. Or so to say, the old-time staple of the wedding trousseau is making a comeback. When it comes to sarees, along with wanting to try all the colours of the rainbow and beyond, the brides today are not afraid of going bold and new with the trending bridal makeup choices. They are in for the whole new look.

If you too are amongst the ones who want to take a bold bridal step ahead while making the right makeup choices, we are here for you. Find out what makeup suits perfectly with the sarees you have in mind. We are sure you will rock the wedding look. Take the guide to new bridal makeup trends that will not just match, but enhance your wedding trousseau.

1. Bronze Al Naturale

Israni Photography

If you are thinking of going all blush and pink this wedding season for your wedding look, this is the new bridal makeup you can ace with it. Go with a coral undertone which would add warmth to your look, complementing the pink ensemble. Use a matte bronzer along your hairline, bridge of the nose, and high points of your cheeks.

To accentuate the look, dust a bronze shadow into the crease of your eyes, and pat a highlighter, along the top of your cheekbones toward your temples to give your skin a sheen that will catch the light perfectly in your wedding pictures. Finally, top it off with liquid eyeliner for the fine look and finally blush pink lip colour. This look can also be used with a white or off white ensemble.

2. Gold & Red

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Next up is the wedding favourite, the perennial look of sheen, in golden and liquid black smoky eyes and red lips. This new bridal makeup can be tried either with a saree or lehenga, in darker colours like maroon, purple, navy blue or red with jewel or golden tones.

For this look, you start with fine golden dust on the eyelids and fine liquid black eyeliner. Add to it, subtle gold highlights on the top of the cheeks and matte red lips.

3. Brown Smokey Eyes With Nude Lips

Israni Photography

A lot of brides are reclaiming the embellished, traditional Banarasi silk sarees and the likes of it in shades which are rich and heavy like magentas and reds and greens this season. To match this look with the right kind of new bridal makeup is however a tricky treat. What you can do is, go for safe options like smokey eyes and nude lips.

Ditch the fan favourite black smokey eyes though, browns are much more versatile and suitable for different skin tones. You can begin with using the right shade of brown eyeshadow according to your skin tone and desired look and carefully create the dramatic smokey eye. With so much going on around those eyes, you can opt to let them be the showstoppers and go for a matte nude lips colour and bronze highlighter or a shimmery silver one.

4. Burgundies & Plum

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If your heart has set itself on shades like golden or brighter side of pink, this is what you should know about the makeup styling for that look. Usually burgundy goes well with plum or wine shades, and it absolutely sets the look for a golden saree, plain or embroidered.

What you can do is, go for dramatic burgundy shade on the eyes with plum or wine shade on lips along with a golden sheen and a deep red bindi adorning the look, completing it with the new bridal makeup choice.

5. Glittery Peach Eyes & Coral Lips

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If you are going for multi-toned attire, like a saree with a white base and multi-toned gems, you can go for peachy eyes with a dab of glitter and coral pink lips to complete this look. Go for an overall neutral vibe and basic contouring to create the chiselled look. Top it off with winged eyeliner and you have the perfect bridal makeup look to complement your bejewelled white ensemble.

6. Silver Eyes & Pink Lips

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Next up is a silver saree, an atypical colour for the wedding trousseau and yet you can do a lot about this colour in your saree. You can go for fine silk or net with embroidery and pair it up with eye makeup in silver dust, dab it into the crease of the eyelids and eyeliner of medium thickness. Put on a pink lip colour to contrast the look. Also, pay attention to the contouring and use good quality mascara in this new bridal makeup.

7. Champagne Glitter Eyes With Maroon Pout

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If you are going for a maroon or deep red saree with soft gold fittings or likewise, this is the kind of fresh yet warm look. You can start creating the look with champagne eye shadow, dabbed into the crease of the eyelids and brush it with golden glitter softly. To add some colour into the look, brush up on the top of the cheeks along with a sleek, powder sheen. Corner it off with a lush, maroon pout for this new bridal makeup look.

We hope these new bridal makeup tips will help you look your very best. Which of these looks will you try? Let us know in the comments section below!