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You're beautiful and everybody is aware of that, but wedding planning can be a hectic process. We'll guide you through all the do's and don'ts so that your inner beauty reflects on the outside too.

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Aloe Vera Hair Mask To Make Your Bridal Hairdo Stand Out
Beauty for brides
Aloe vera and home beauty remedies go hand in hand. Time to include this super plant in your pre-wedding beauty regime, especially for the beauty of your hair.
Beauty Parlour Vs Home Remedies - Here's Why the Former Wins
Beauty for brides
Every bride-to-be wants to look her absolute best for all her wedding ceremonies & the photographs! So, booking a beauty parlour well in advance is important. Confused? Find out why!
Beautiful Nail Art Ideas That Will Compliment Your Bridal Clothes!
Beauty for brides
We all love getting our nails done with beautiful nail art in different colours and accessories. Here are some gorgeous options that are perfect for a bride!
Wondering How To Do Makeup At Home For A Party? 6 Easy Tips To Try
Beauty for brides
Here is how to do makeup at home for a party which is exactly what you want in the least possible time. Just choose your style and rule the party in the quickest makeup routine!
Looking for the Best Foundation for Indian Skin? Here Are 10 Choices for Your Wedding Day!
Beauty for brides
Bridal makeup is an essential part of your look and the last thing you want is to sweat it off mid-ceremony! Let’s find out which is the best foundation for Indian skin! Let us know if we left something out!
These Brides Proved That Dusky Skin Is Beautiful In The Best Way Possible!
Beauty for brides
Dusky skin is beautiful and there is no arguing about that. We need to let go of archaic notions which we have formed against dusky skin. These brides blessed with an olive complexion embraced their natural beauty in the best way and nailed it.
10 Makeup Artist In Delhi Options You Can Call For Your Special Day's Extra-Special Look
Beauty for brides
Whether it is your own wedding, or you are planning to attend someone else's, acing your makeup is one of the most important things you must nail. So, if you happen to be on a lookout for a makeup artist in Delhi, then boy we've got you covered!
Bridal Makeup Prices Starting From ₹10k Only in Mumbai – It's Time to Glam Quick & Easy
Beauty for brides
Your wedding is approaching and you have a lot of work to do, and then suddenly you are asked to pick one makeup artist from thousands of them. Isn’t it one hell of a task? Look at the bridal makeup price list of these artists and pick one easily!
Fake Eyelashes Need To Feature In Your Makeup Kit! Here Are 5 Reasons Why!
Beauty for brides
No matter how much mascara you put on those lashes, it just won’t give that volume you can get with fake eyelashes. As a bride, you deserve beautiful looking eyes for good wedding photos. Let’s have a look at why you must wear them at your wedding.
Top Five Stunning South Indian Hairstyles That You Should Try In Your Wedding
Beauty for brides
Outfit? Checked! Jewellery? Checked! Makeup? Checked! Wait, aren’t you forgetting something? What about your hairstyle, gorgeous? Shouldn’t it be stunning too? Check out these beautiful South Indian Hairstyles which will do the trick.
6 Essential & Basic Makeup Things You Need on Your Honeymoon to Get Your Glam on!
Beauty for brides
When you’re not a professional makeup artist, or even someone who dabbles in makeup occasionally, all the different makeup things can seem overwhelming. We’re here to tell you how you can look amazing on your honeymoon with basic items!
5 Reasons Why Kashmiri Kahwa Will Prove To Be Your Best Friend During Your Engagement Period
Beauty for brides
Your engagement period can be very stressful with so many chores to take care of. Make sure that you’re taking care of your body and mind by indulging in a warm cup of Kashmiri Kahwa. Keep reading to know its benefits!
6 Latest Bridal Makeup Looks You’ve Got to Try This Wedding Season!
Beauty for brides
With the summer season rolling up its sleeves, new trends are blossoming under the sun. If you’re getting married this year, take a look at these the latest bridal makeup trends so you can look your best!
8 Beauty Parlour Makeup Details You Need To Consider To Nail The Best Package For Your Wedding
Beauty for brides
Make sure to include these few things in your beauty parlour makeup package and watch yourself look like a stunning bride just the way you dreamed of. Check out these smart ideas to get the most out of your beauty parlour makeup appointment.
5 Wheatish Skin Home Remedies to Make You Glow Before Your Wedding!
Beauty for brides
As the summer months arrive, your wheatish skin will require hydration and moisture to stay healthy in the sunny days and hot nights. You should use home remedies that can be easily made to restore your skin and help you become a beautiful bride.
Makeup Pro in the Making? Here Are Some Tips to Get You There!
Beauty for brides
Well, if you have been trying to become a makeup pro and falling flat on your face, then it’s time to hop on to unearth bridal makeup tips that can help you in the long run and turn you into a makeup pro as well.

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