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Makeup Pro in the Making? Here Are Some Tips to Get You There!

Well, if you have been trying to become a makeup pro and falling flat on your face, then it’s time to hop on to unearth bridal makeup tips that can help you in the long run and turn you into a makeup pro as well.

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Who doesn’t like to use a little bit of party makeup to make themselves appealing and adorable? A bit of kohl, blush and lipstick is all most women know how to use and it does make a big change, turning you into pretty women, from being stressed out and tired. Makeup, without a doubt, has a way of turning your 40-year-old aunt into your 25-year-old cousin, without anyone’s notice!

However, becoming a makeup pro needs a good amount of practice and knowledge about the makeup products needed in order to do a flawless job. Let’s have a look at some crucial makeup tips for all you brides who are hoping to become a makeup pro.

1. Skin Preparation

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Before you applying anything on your face, you need to prepare your skin for it. It needs to be a clean canvas for you to begin your art. So begin with cleaning your face with an exfoliating face wash. Apply the face wash on your face and rinse a few times to ensure that nothing is left behind. Always buy a face wash that suits your skin type.

Now, you need a skin toner. It balances the pH levels of your skin and tightens your pores before you start applying makeup. Although many women consider it a waste of time and money, a toner can do wonders for your skin.

Finally, make sure you moisturise your skin with a suitable moisturiser to hydrate your face. You should also apply a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun and the possibility of tanning. With your skin looking great, it won’t be long before you become a makeup pro!

2. Base of the Makeup

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You all must have made the mistake of applying the foundation straightaway on your face at least once in your life! Many women still do it, without knowing that it’s not the correct way! However, to become a makeup pro, you need to first apply a primer on your face before the foundation. It eases the coverage and balances the texture of your skin. Along with that, it will make your makeup stay for as long as you want. The primer takes care of sweating and other issues as well.

The foundation that you choose needs to be of a shade that completely matches your skin tone to get a flawless look. Do not use a lot of product on your face; the less it is, the better. Start applying with a makeup brush or a beauty blender. As you apply, keep blending it on your face and neck so that the skin tones do not look different later on.

You can start with the concealer next, using it on the stubborn spots, blemishes and dark circles to cover them up. A concealer is always a lighter shade than the foundation and is supposed to be blended in evenly. We always recommend a liquid concealer rather than a stick one as it reaches the problem areas easily.

3. The Perfect Eyes

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As a makeup pro, you should start using eyeliner to dramatize the eyes and enhance their beauty. You can use gel eyeliners or liquid eyeliners according to your choice, however, using a waterproof product would be our recommendation! Along with the eyeliner, you can also curl your eyelashes and use a mascara to make them look awake and brightened.

A lot of fake eyelashes are also available and you can apply them during an important event to add volume to your eyelashes for a night makeup look. Also, when it comes to the eyes, you can’t forget eye shadows. A huge number of eye shadow palettes are available in the market and you can try them on your eyes to see what colours suit you. You can even experiment with more than one shade to create an appealing eye look.

4. Blushed Cheeks

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The right way of applying the blush is the key to becoming a makeup pro. A part of makeup since ages, it adds a bit of colour to our faces, instead of letting it be bland with foundation. The way of applying it ranges from colour to colour. If you choose a pink blush, it needs to be placed on the apples of your cheeks as a substitute for a natural flush. Similarly, the application is different in the case of a plum blush. It is supposed to be used only on darker skin tones. A peach blush is used to sculpt your face with its hint of colour at the cheekbones of your face.

With a treasure of makeup tips out in the open, you will certainly be a makeup pro once you start trying them out. However, makeup isn’t supposed to be left on once you’re done. Make sure that your remove it and wash your face to give your pores some air to breathe!

Think this is too complicated? Get in touch with our makeup artists!