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Getting married? Congratulations! Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life and everyone's gaze will be set on your bridal attire, makeup amongst many other things. Now that you have decided which makeup artist to get on board we will prepare for what will come your way when you are out and about in your wedding venue. No matter how careful you have been in applying makeup sometimes the weather gets the best of us. Read these makeup tips for a wedding if you are hosting your ceremony during winters and learn some hacks that will help your makeup stay put amidst in the snow and fierce winds!
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Makeup Tips for Wedding During Winter Season

Tripti Malhotra

Hosting an outdoor wedding or perhaps attending one this winter season? Well, brace yourself and prepare yourself for the chilly winds that await you! No matter how perfect your makeup is the weather might not always agree with what your face has to say. No matter how much we love to enjoy the winter sun, the cold weather presents a few challenges such as dry skin, chapped lips and excessive blush thanks to the chilly winds. Read these makeup tips for a wedding and learn some hacks as how you can get the best of your makeup amidst it all!

1. What to Do with Your Static Hair?

Now that you don't have to worry about sweating and making your hair look oily you have bigger fish to fry this winter season. When there's no humidity, hair tends to get dry, dull and static. Ever seen a bride-to-be with static hair? Definitely not a pleasant sight! We suggest you opt for a hairstyle that leaves lesser hair open! Perhaps, a bun or a half updo and you're sorted!

2. Moisturise Your Dry Skin

Your skin tends to get dry during adverse winters! And, nobody wants a dry and chapped skin! Right? Redness and dullness are two of the most recurring things that happen to the best of us. So moisturising your skin from time to time is your new way to combat this woe. Start moisturising and exfoliating regularly in weeks leading up to the wedding and say bye bye to a flaky skin!

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3. Hydrate Your Skin

If you have dry skin then hydrate your skin with a hydrating quality foundation. Using a foundation which has hydrating properties will bar your skin from appearing dry and flaky.

4. Correct Type of Primer

Opt for a hydrating primer. You must use a primer that is most suited to your skin type. A primer helps your makeup stay on for longer, sit better, and hold up through any weather condition. Using a hydrating primer will make your skin pearly white and silky smooth at the same time. You can also go for a silicon-based foundation and primer and switch to a powder based makeup product as they work wonderfully well in the adverse climate.

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5. Say Bye Bye to Chapped Lips

You wouldn't want to have chapped lips on your wedding. Right? Well, you wouldn't want to have chapped lips in life. Period! Make sure you include exfoliating and moisturising your lips in your daily prepping up regime leading up to your big day. And, always use a lip balm before bed and after you have removed your makeup! For your winter wedding, go for a beeswax-infused lipstick in bright colours to look like a beauty! And, do wear a lip liner as it will be a life saver and keep your lipstick from bleeding out!

6. Waterproof It!

Tearjerker moments run free and wild at weddings! The bride or her best friend or her family members, it really doesn't matter since all of us tend to cry a river when thinking of a wedding or the Vidaai! So, waterproof eye makeup is a must!

Tripti Malhotra

7. Blush Me Not!

Thanks to those winter season you might just have a naturally blushed complexion. to be on the safer end of the road avoid going a full spree on blush. Use a minimal quantity on your skin just in case mother nature shows no mercy and it becomes unbearable cold! Also, avoid cream-based blushes during winter and go for a mousse as they will not dry your skin.  

8. Water!

We know its cold and you forget to drink water! We do too! But, if you want clear and glowing skin as Jennifer Lopez then you cannot forget to down a bottle of water or two! This is one of the most important of all the tips for a wedding we have to offer!
Tripti Malhotra
These eight makeup tips for a wedding will make your winter wedding makeup woes take a backseat! Follow these makeup tips for a wedding and forget all about dry skin, flaky skin, patchy lips and make the most of your winter wedding!
Thanks to these makeup tips for a wedding, now it is easier than ever to look gorgeous. Tell us what you think of these makeup tips for a wedding through comments!