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6 Maang Tikka Hairstyles That Will Bring All the Right Kind of Attention to Your Face!

When you’re creating a bridal look for yourself, you must consider every little detail carefully in order to ensure you look perfect. When sporting a Maang Tikka, make sure you wear these Maang Tikka hairstyles for an amazing aesthetic!

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Facebook page

A Maang Tikka is a classically ethnic jewellery piece that dates back to the time of Rajas and Ranis. Traditionally set on the parting of the hair, this jewellery has seen many modern contemporaries, including lightweight variants, Jhoomars, and elaborate pieces with multiple strands of jewellery covering the head.

From guests to the bride, anyone can use this beautiful accessory to amp up their look. However, while you may have the jewellery piece sorted, selecting a matching hairstyle that does justice to the piece can be challenging! So, let’s take a look at a few Maang Tikka hairstyles that you can try out this wedding season, starting with simple DIY ones to more elaborate styles that may just require professional help!

1. Open hair


One of the simplest Maang Tikka hairstyles, this one is a tried and tested classic for many reasons. The first is that you literally don’t have to do anything except brush your hair! The second is that the angular nature of the jewellery creates a fantastic visual juxtaposition when set against the texture of your hair, and nothing highlights this texture as much as leaving it open. It makes the jewellery shine brighter and even makes your hair look softer.

2. High buns

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Many brides opt for the high bun hairstyle as it gives their dupatta a place to rest and creates an interesting silhouette. This is why the high bun is one of the prettiest Maang Tikka hairstyles. With the dupatta resting on the bun, the rest of the head and hair is left exposed and this is where the jewellery pieces sits and shines. It’s a great way to bring even more attention to the Maang Tikka designs you’ve chosen, and it even goes a long way in highlighting your eyes.

3. Hair pulled back

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Now whether you want a light braid or a low bun, the effect of pulled back hair looks lovely when paired with an elaborate Maang tikka. If your design has a central chain that goes along the length of your head, then wearing a braid is a great option because the chain will then rest along the length of the parting. A low bun with a parting can also work. These Maang Tikka hairstyles are perfect for temple jewellery.

4. Covered head


If you think that you cannot cover your hair while wearing a Maang tikka, think again! A light dupatta that allows this jewellery piece to be the hero of the look is the perfect way to go when you’re thinking of covering your head. If you can score a dupatta that has a border that matches your jewellery, then this can be one of the best Maang Tikka hairstyles you’ll have ever don in your life. The easiest way to do the same is by creating a low bun, or leaving it open. Make sure you use Bobby pins to keep the dupatta on your head no matter how much you move or dance.

5. Elaborate coils

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Facebook page

Now here’s a look that’s totally different and unique. By creating these heavy coils around the head, the stylist has ensured that the Maang tikka and the hairstyle both look like they were made for each other. The overall silhouette and aesthetic that this creates is a really imperial yet modern one, making this something that all brides need to try at some point during their wedding functions!

Such Maang Tikka hairstyles serve two purposes – they ensure that your hair and Maang tikka look great and they also pull the hair away from the face and body so that you can show off all your bridal jewellery.

6. Gorgeous roses

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Facebook page

When you are wearing a very heavy Maang tikka, you cannot just straighten your hair and call it a day. This is because such Maang Tikka hairstyles end up looking a bit flat and a bit dull in the face of such an elaborate jewellery piece. Your hair needs to command as much attention and a very simple way to ensure that it does so is by creating a bun and adding big red roses all around it. The overall effect should be that they cover your head like a halo almost. For a look like this, the bigger the flowers, the better!

Make sure that your Maang Tikka hairstyles are worthy of the jewellery that you are planning to sport. Remember that all elements of your look must work in tandem to create a lovely ensemble, and this does not happen when anything ends up looking a bit off. As your face commands the most attention while you’re talking to people, ensure that your hairstyle and jewellery work together to create an unparalleled aesthetic!

Does this sound too complicated? Get in touch with our expert hairstylists and let them make your hair look amazing!