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Wedding decoration 101+ Rangoli Designs Handpicked to Inspire Beautiful Wedding Decor

Looking for awe-inspiring rangoli designs for your wedding decor? Say no more! We’ve got 101 of the most beautiful, detailed and Instagram-worthy rangoli designs for you.

Tips for married life Karwa Chauth 2019: Ace Your First Fast After Marriage

Trying to keep the thoughts of food at bay as you tackle your first Karwa Chauth while at work? Don't worry sister, we've got your back!

The Bride #4 Awesome Ways In Which You Can Restyle Your Wedding Outfit

Love that designer lehenga but can't wear it post your D-day? Fret not! We've got you covered on how you can restyle your bridal outfit for all occasions.

Wedding traditions Who Runs the World? Girls! - From Planning to Slaying a Picture Perfect Wedding Where the Bride Tribe Did It All

'I am a woman, what's your superpower?' The perfect way to describe our real bride Shreshi Singh, who organised her wedding like none other, from DIY wedding outfits to an all women crew. Read and learn how.

Planning your wedding The Life Of The Party Gemini Woman & How She Is Likely To Plan Her Own Wedding

Curious, caring and quintessentially quirky - these are the traits that define a Gemini woman. If you are a Gemini bride and want to make sure that all your wedding celebrations have your distinctive flair, here's a quick guide on how to do it right....

Wedding traditions How to Write Wedding Wishes for Best Friend to Let Her Know How Much She Means to You

Your BFF is simultaneously exhilarated and nervous as she embarks on this brand new journey. It is only natural for you to want the best wedding wishes for a best friend to send her on her way. Read on for some heartwarming wishes.

Wedding photography #PartyEssentials: A Wedding Photo Booth to Capture All the Awesome Memories of Your Wedding Night

Wondering about the most fun ways of making your wedding a memorable and eventful evening for your guests? How about an automated wedding photo booth for them to go crazy over and pose to their heart's content!

Wedding decoration 21 Wedding Decoration Images to Feast Your Eyes on - Take Notes

Whether you are planning your wedding or are a fan of the big fat Indian wedding, we bring to you some of the best wedding decoration images that have caught our fancy. Scroll on for some #decorgoals!

Wedding photography 7 Marriage Poses Ideas Which Are Perfect to Show Your Love for Each Other Without Saying a Word

Marriage poses have become a huge part of the wedding tradition. Here are some ideas which will help you capture the best of your newlywed glow.

Places to celebrate your wedding A Picturesque Destination Wedding at Jai Mahal Palace - Host the Kind of Wedding You've Always Dreamt Of

Solemnise your vows surrounded by splendour and opulence, have your destination wedding at hotel Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur.

Places to celebrate your wedding Host Your Destination Wedding at Pushkar Fort Rajasthan for a Unique and Soulful Experience

Always wanted to celebrate your destination wedding but with your own unique touch? Try the Pushkar fort in Rajasthan for a serene experience.

The Bride Your Best Bets for Lehenga on Rent in Jaipur - for the Stylish and Savvy Bride and Bridesmaids

Whether it is your own wedding, or you are planning to attend someone else's, renting a lehenga is a smart move. Looking for a lehenga on rent in Jaipur, we've got your back.

Wedding photography Here's Why Jal Mahal Would Be the Perfect Location for Your Magnificent Pre-Wedding Shoot

Want a royal pre-wedding shoot but don't want the same old palaces and forts? How about a palace in the middle of the water? All you need to know about the Jal Mahal and pick it as the backdrop for your pre-wedding photos.

The wedding guests Easy Arabic Mehndi Inspiration for the Bridesmaids to Look Effortlessly Chic While You Save Time

It is your BFF's big day and you want to look your best, but need to save up on time? Easy Arabic mehndi designs will save the day. Read on to know how.

Wedding music The Nagin Dance Routine: 4 Ways In Which This Is A Part Of Every Indian Wedding

Every age-group in India, in every decade, has had their fair share of viral dance steps. And today we are going to talk about the (in)famous Nagin Dance which is taking the internet by storm.

Wedding invitations Designing Your Friend's Wedding Card? The Only Comprehensive List of Do's and Don't You Need to Keep in Mind

You have been put in charge of your friend’s wedding card and you are at your wit’s end on where to begin. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Leave the fretting and worrying to the bride/groom and read on.

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