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7 Marriage Poses Ideas Which Are Perfect to Show Your Love for Each Other Without Saying a Word

Marriage poses have become a huge part of the wedding tradition. Here are some ideas which will help you capture the best of your newlywed glow.

Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha

The wedding day is one of the most important milestones for any individual. For the newlyweds, the significance of the day is something very different than their individual accomplishments in the past. It is not just one ceremony or event to look pretty at, it is the start of a beautiful journey as soul mates and companions. 

Because this is the day where their individual lives join together and they start a new phase, now harking on a shared journey. From here on, all their good days and bad, wins and losses will not be just their own. This mutual existence is more beautiful and empowering than whatever they might have experienced on their own. It is only natural to want to keep this day etched in their memories forever. And thus the importance of marriage poses.

We live in a time where #DidItForTheGram is trending, and every moment - big or small can be captured. Isn't it only obvious then that you'd want only the best marriage poses in your wedding album? Of course, there are going to a lot of posed smiles as every family member, relative, friend and frankly, strangers as well, congratulate the two of you. So before the well-meaning masses tire you out, grab your spouse and the photographer and pose away to glory.

1. Bride peeping over the groom's shoulders

Knot Just Pictures

This is such a romantic and cute marriage pose and is, therefore, one of our favourites from the marriage poses lot. It at once gives an impression of trust, intimacy and love. The way the groom holds her in his arm is just so adorable. Even though you cannot completely see the faces of either the bride or the groom, their body language and ease of pose is enough to give an impression of contentment and joy.

And the bonus point! This is a very subtle pose for the bride to flaunt her on point makeup and Matha Patti!

2. The bridal twirl as the groom looks on

Knot Just Pictures

This is quintessentially one of the cutest marriage poses. The bride twirls without a care in the world as the groom look on with absolute joy to see her happy. This carefully posed candid picture is a great way to capture the bride and the groom in one of their lighter moments, amidst the chaos of the wedding arrangements.

We love how the lehenga of the bride is matched with the groom's outfit, all brought out beautifully by the decor.

3. Whispering sweet nothings

Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha

The bride and groom are under tremendous pressure during the wedding because of the million little things that need to be taken care of. And yet the moment they see each other, all the worries melt away. This marriage pose where the bride and the groom share a private joke is such a sweetheart moment and deserves to be captured in all its renditions.

4. The classic 'look-into-my-eyes'

Knot Just Pictures

This marriage pose is seen in almost every wedding album and with every possible permutation and combination. Our pick of the lot is this adorable portrait where the groom lifts the bride and she trustingly has her arms around him. At this moment, it is quite possible that they are the only two people left in the world. Hands down, one of our favourite Indian wedding couple photos.

5. The age-old throne pose

Knot Just Pictures

This marriage pose is perhaps older than photography itself. Back in the day when artists used to hand paint portraits, this was a staple and it hasn't lost its charm even today. And all the 90's kids grew up seeing the legendary Amitabh Bachchan and  Jaya Bachchan posing regally exactly like this on the posters of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. 

6. Hawa me udta jaaye...

CoolBluez Photography

The bride flaunts her wedding ensemble as the groom looks on. Decked up to the nines, this bride is absolutely breathtaking to behold and the marriage pose works great as a candid one which puts a fresh twist to the demure bride standing next to the groom pose. The bridal Kalire are the showstoppers and the sea in the backdrop sure looks amazing. But even if you don't have a beach wedding planned, don't lose heart. This pose works on all backdrops and locations.

7. Loose control

Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha

A truly joyful marriage pose indeed. This set of newlyweds is truly #couplegoals. Just looking at this picture you get the sense of how happy and excited they are to start this new journey with each other and how much fun they are going to have on the way. Cute couple poses are made of this energy. This pose might take a few takes to get right, so make sure you stay hydrated and your bridal makeup is waterproof. Don't worry, it will all be worth it because this is clearly a winner.

Marriage poses might seem like a lot of work right now when you are tired and overworked with wedding preparations, but in the long run, they will prove to be a doorway to a million happy and warm memories of the special day when the two of you decided to say those magic words, 'I do'. So which one of these marriage poses would you recreate?

Tell us your favourite marriage poses in the comments below!