Infinite Memories
Infinite Memories

Making a wedding album or a wedding film is just about preserving your fondest memories forever, right? Well, not quite! It’s also about preserving those memories in style and glamorising the moments and make your whole wedding look like a Walt Disney Fantasy Film! That is where your marriage videos come into play.

Creating the Perfect Marriage Videos


Every wedding ceremony needs special attention. So do the guests, what they wear, how they look and their bond with you! But they are all supporting casts, of course. You and your partner are in the lead roles and that’s exactly how you must look! So sit back with some popcorn and enjoy these stunning marriage videos for some inspiration.

1. Pre-Wedding Videos


Being a significant part of marriage videos, a classy pre-wedding video shoot is quite a rage among the millennial couples. Wedding photographers and the couples go an extra mile to make their pre-wedding videos look smashing. Here are a few steal-worthy ideas for you:

A. Make your own Music Video

Shooting at different locations in gorgeous outfits with a romantic song in the background- isn’t that the dream? Videogrpahers Flintstones production has beautifully captured the emotions of this couple by using slow-motion effects, candid photography shots and a song that starts with soft music then gains rhythm, making the video look more interesting.

B. Confess your love

The core ingredient of successful marriage videos is an expression of emotions. Bare your heart out, like the guy in the video does for his fiancée as a narrative. Rangresa Pictures also shows the couple riding through the roads of Ladakh representing their new journey together!

C. Invite in style

Couples who want to go digital with their wedding invitations have another subject to add to their marriage videos. The “Save the Date” film! Use fun, catchy music with quirky visuals, along with stop-motion like Flintstone productions did with this couple, for your own wedding invitation video with a creative edge.

2. Wedding Videos

Flash Fusion Studios
Flash Fusion Studios

Fun ceremonies, cultural richness, traditional rituals and ocean of emotions...all amalgamated in one video. Not an easy task! Tight editing, smart shots, apt music-these are the major important aspects to be taken care of while creating marriage videos. Take a look at some of the handpicked ones:

A. Release the ‘First Look’ Teaser

A gorgeous destination wedding of the Diwan and Chawla families in Thailand had all kinds of wedding moments. Exotic location, fun pool parties, underwater shoot, emotional family traditions and rituals. A Wedding Tale Production has very smartly created a three-minute teaser of their entire wedding, giving glimpses of every event.

B. The Whole Package

How do you make super-hit marriage videos? Candid shots, narrations from friends and family, a little bit about the couple’s love story, clips of wedding ceremonies, great music and editing excellent camera work! This video prepared by Weva Photography happens to have all those factors. There are some killer wedding choreography shots of the groom and super cute romantic moments of the couple which are worth special mention.

C. Music for every mood

Watch this gorgeous wedding film by Coolbluez Photography and you’d know why some marriage videos simply look exceptional. With “Channa Mereya Mereya” playing at the background from Haldi ceremony to Sindoordan and “Bonfire Heart” for the Sangeet and reception till the end - this video is a work of art! Choosing the right music for every mood and occasion is absolutely vital for any wedding video.

D. The Graceful Traditions

Get a closer look at the beautiful wedding traditions through marriage videos. Weva Photography has gracefully arrested the traditional rituals and customs for this beautiful wedding. Keeping in perfect sync with the cultural vibes, the music in the video just adorns the entire film.

3. Something extra

Jodi Clickers
Jodi Clickers

Other than the usual marriage videos, let’s have a look at some exclusive, crazy and bizarre videos too! Have fun watching:

A. Let the Music Play!

A Sangeet ceremony is one of those wedding functions, where everyone sings, dances, laughs and cheers! That’s exactly the whole essence of this stunning video created by Wedding Flicks. Sizzling dance performances, cheering crowd, entertaining emcees on a glorious Sangeet night!

B. Bride to be (Or not to be?)

Here’s a sassy bride who just doesn’t want to get married! With a smashing lip-dub, this bride simply killed the 'Single Rehne de' number. Another Coolbluez production, this is one of their most viewed marriage videos.

C. Dial up the Crazy!

Cool snippets of a bachelor/bachelorette or a cocktail party that precisely portray the huge degree of fun they had! Using just one song as the background the magic of this video is in the weirdness and craziness of all the characters. We all love some madness in marriage videos after all, don’t we?

Get comfortable with your wedding videographers and photographers before you start shooting for your marriage videos. The key point to remember is let go of inhibitions and forget the camera is rolling! Have loads of fun and you will have some of the best candid photographs and videos for your album. Use fun pre-wedding photoshoot props and dress up! Make your wedding film a blockbuster that everyone in the family will talk for years!

Do share your ideas on making a stunning wedding video with us in the comment section below.