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8 New Generation Wedding Video Inspirations to Check Out

Wedding videos are surely a boon that technology has blessed us with. Here is some new generation wedding video inspiration that will leave you speechless!

Gautam Khullar Photography

Pre-wedding and wedding videos have always been filled with music, love, laughter, and happily-ever-after but new-age couples desire something more. Along with these basic elements, couples expect a boost of editing with a lot of personalisation and customisation in their new generation wedding video. We have compiled a list of some of the most heart-warming and soul-pleasing wedding videos that will inspire couples and wedding videographers to up their games! 

1. Larger than life reality

If you have a fairytale love story, why not celebrate it with dreamy songs and Bollywood inspired, larger-than-life sequences. This new generation wedding video features various excerpts from the grand wedding of this madly-in-love couple. Small special moments, be it from the bridal makeup session or groom's sweet words about his bride, are sprinkled tastefully throughout this video. Music, comedy, emotions, drama, and romantic song placements - this style of new generation wedding video could leave anyone awe-struck.

2. Short and sweet

Running in slow motion, faking a "candid" pictures or drone shots of the bride twirling - if these are NOT your idea of a perfect new generation wedding video, here is something for you. This video opens with the shots of the couple as soothing, almost magical, music starts to play in the background. Enriched with shots of prayers and rituals, this video takes breath away with its simplicity. This video also features a dreamlike sequence of the couple colouring each other giving "apne hi rang mein mujhko rang de" a heavenly meaning.

3. Beautiful Beginnings

This video begins with the black and white visual love story of the couple as Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra plays in the background. All this while, this introduction shot has a beautiful voiceover by the bride and the groom. As the video progresses, it gets enriched with colours and the deeper layers of their love story are explored. The song changes to a beautiful Bollywood melody, giving us the glimpses of the Nikaah ceremony, and we get to experience the raw emotions of the couple.

4. Your own custom song

Bollywood has blessed us with infinite soulful melodies, but nothing beats the beauty of a song specially curated for your wedding. This video has this special song playing throughout the video while we get to witness the deep love and emotions of the couple and their families. Moments from the wedding, candid shots of the couple, an adorably emotional brother and the bride sealing it with a kiss - all these emotions come alive, thanks to the mesmerising track.

5. Of friends and friendships

Every once in a while we come across the unique concept that outnumbers everything! The same goes for this unique new generation wedding video dedicated to friends, friendship and, of course, weddings. This new-age sangeet video is a perfect concept if you have friends and cousins who love to dance, booze and repeat! Use of props, carefree vibes and some dope editing skills have ended up making this video a masterpiece.

6. Crazy and casual

A lot of couples like to keep it casual and carefree. If your idea of a unique wedding video involves capturing raw emotions and moments, do not miss this. Let the videographer capture unadulterated and unorchestrated moments and put them all together to form a series of beautiful shots. Don't miss the adorable shots of the beloved pet dog and dreamy ones of the couple at their wedding. With some strong editing skills, such simple moments can surely turn magical!

7. The simplest beauty

Remember the time when Virushka got married in a scenic town of Italy, leaving everyone lovesick? Well, we must take a moment to appreciate their beautiful new generation wedding video as it captures the true essence of love in every single frame. Although a super short video, it takes us to a dreamland where all love stories look like fairytales. Super simple but sophisticated, this video also features a song curated specially for the couple.

8. Lip Dubs

Since Indian weddings are all about celebrations and love, give your loved ones a chance to enjoy too. Lip dub style videos not only give the filmy souls a chance to showcase their talent but can be a lot of fun while shooting too. A super fun song, a lot of enthusiastic relatives and a little practice are all it takes to create an awesome lip dub style video.

This cute video features all the relatives from the groom's side dancing to a fun Bollywood number. Don't forget to add some bloopers at the end for a memorable video.

So, here you go! Whether your go-to style is soulful or fun-filled, we're sure you'll be inspired to create a wedding video that speaks volume about your personality as a couple and you can get your wedding photographers ready. Wedding is one of the biggest events in anyone's life and must be treasured in the form of lovely wedding videos. Give these cues a try or get inspired to create your own after taking a look at these videos!

Which new generation wedding video was your favourite from this list? Let us know in the comments!