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Sangeet Video Tips and Ideas That You Can Incorporate in Your Wedding Video!

A Sangeet night is something that everyone enjoys to the fullest before the marriage. Some would say that it is a mini wedding before the big day. So make sure that you capture great memories through a perfect Sangeet video you can make using the fol


A big fat Indian wedding has quite a few events before the actual wedding takes place and sangeet night is one function that almost no one ever skips. People are coming up with different ways to make it more fun by setting up wedding DJ nights or including the cocktail party on the same day as well. The idea behind the night is to help the close-knit family enjoy themselves the most. To capture those moments, you need great sangeet video and photography ideas. This is because making perfect videos of every event you host is important in keeping the memories fresh.

With the lines of tradition blurring these days, people are hosting Sangeet nights that the families of both the bride and the groom attend. People call it the mini wedding before the big day. We believe that this is a great way of breaking the ice for both families. When the fun starts, no one thinks much and lets loose. These are the moments that are actually precious and need to be captured beautifully. Therefore, we have come up with a list of tips or ideas that would help you make your sangeet video great.

1. Be carefree and enjoy the moment

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The most important thing that people forget to do in such events is being their own self. This tip sounds basic but makes a huge difference when incorporated in such events. We see the problem commonly in people who are shy, as they are not able to interact and enjoy with others. These people are especially uncomfortable when in a smaller group of people. This shows in the video!

Try to be as casual and candid as you can be. Do not think about cameras following you. The same goes for all the near and dear ones, as the focus of the camera would be on them for the most part of the video. Once you do this, the cinematographer would be able to produce a sangeet video that is not just visually stunning but also filled with pure emotions.

2. Enjoy with your family

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Most Sangeet nights have only the people who are the closest to the bride and the groom. This is the perfect time for everyone to bond and make some great memories. Make sure that the photography team captures all the wonderful moments shared between different members of the family. A sangeet video is not something that has a ton of footage of the bride. It should also include other members of the family. Here the cinematographer has to be creative and be ready to capture all the available candid moments.

3. Let your pet be a part showstopper

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Now, this is a great sangeet video idea that allows you to allow your beloved pet to feature in the video as well. Who does not love a pet and that too if it appears in a slow-motion video? Oh, the cute quotient just rose to another level in your sangeet video! You can let your ball of love do some small activity, like bringing the mic to the stage or escorting the bride-to-be to the stage. All such gestures are a great idea to include in your video.

4. Friends can make the fun bigger

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For many, the Sangeet night is the most entertaining night among all the events in the wedding. The friends of the bride or the groom can come up with a performance of their own. A flash mob performance is an excellent idea that would leave everyone surprised and mesmerised at the same time. You just need to make sure that the cinematographer knows about it well in advance. This would help you get the full footage of the performance. Post that, snippets from the performance can be used for the Hindu wedding video trailer.

5. Use hashtags for different themes


The best and easiest way to make a sangeet video different from others is by having a theme for the event. You can get even more innovative with it by having multiple themes for the same event. All the men can have one theme and the women can have one. Even the kids can have an exclusive theme for themselves as well. Have a hashtag for each of the themes and announce it in the invitation cards as well. Have huge placards with the hashtags on it. Another cool option is it have it on the mehndi design if you are having the Mehndi on the same night as well.

Making your video a hit can be a difficult process, as the video is something that you’ll watch and re-watch for the rest of your lives. So, make sure you focus more on the memories, rather than the frills of the wedding. Each and every scene should resonate with you later!

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