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The Most Viewed Indian Wedding Videos on Social Media

We have picked up the hottest wedding videos of India that social media cannot stop talking about! This year has seen many wedding videos, but which ones have made it to our list? Find out!

Knotting Bells

Indian wedding videos are the biggest trendsetters on social media nowadays. Every year, we see some videos that get reshared and loved for their uniqueness. This year too has seen many wedding videos that have caught the attention of Indians and have trended on various social media platforms.

Bringing the top viral wedding videos of 2019, we present to you a collection that will surely make you happy, give you goosebumps, will make you emotional and give you laughter. These videos are a compilation of real and un-cut videos captured candidly at various Indian weddings, sharing a glimpse of different emotions of a wedding.

These wedding videos have been loved, shared, replicated and appreciated by viewers and we feel that you too should check them out and get inspired for your own wedding, or simply relive your wedding days.

and her bridesmaids performing a dance number dedicated to the groom. Brides-to-be, are you looking forward to performing for your groom as well?

A Music Video

When you are hiring a videographer to create some video memories of the wedding, how about discussing a possible music video collaboration to make the wedding memories more fun?

This is the new trend that is catching up in India, as far as wedding videos are concerned. Just like the bride and the groom have done it here, you too can select your favourite dance song and convert it into a music video with the help of your friends and family.

Mother’s Emotional Speech

At a wedding, the most emotional connection that is felt is between the bride-to-be and her mother. This speech by a loving mother in Hindi is heart-warming and something that will make every mother and daughter emotional.

The mother in this video shares the story of her daughter, recollecting memories of her childhood and the bond bride-to-be and her family members share with a slide show of old photographs supporting the speech script. For the bride, groom and their families, a wedding is the best time to express their love for each other. So it is only ideal that everyone prepares a short speech to share with the audience at the wedding with such wedding videos.

Bride’s Sister Performance A Medley

A bride’s sister shares a special brother-sister bond with her brother-in-law. This sweet and tangy bond is described best with some fun songs combined into a medley and performed by the bride’s sister for her Jija Ji. This medley is also a great time to lighten up the emotional ambience and let everyone get into the party mood by supporting the performance with some catchy songs.

The Ambani Wedding

Since Ambani wedding was one of the fattest Indian weddings of the year, rumour mills had to churn out all the information that they could gather about the wedding before, during and after the wedding had concluded.

This video on an international platform did put Ambani’s wedding on the worldwide front, making it a highly viewed video of the year. The video gave a brief glimpse into the wedding preparations that were being done at the time this video was released. The highlight of this video? News that Beyonce was going to perform at the wedding!

Bride And The Groom Sing A Fun Duet

They created their own customised lyrics, the musical face-off was fun, taunting and quite a memorable performance by the bride and the groom. This video went viral across the nation in no time, with TV news channels picking it up and re-sharing it everywhere. Punjabis are known to have a melodious wedding celebration and such wedding videos only make witnessing Punjabi weddings all the more fun. Isn’t it?

The Bhangra Performance

Wedding videos with powerful dance performances have a separate fan base! This Bhangra performance by the groom and his crew have been one of the highlights of 2019. The dance steps are power-packed, with immense hooting in the background. This video has given dance goals to many grooms-to-be for their own group performance at their wedding! A compilation of the latest Punjabi dance songs can be considered as a great idea to prepare for the dance performance.

We won’t deny that all these videos have been bookmarked and played back-to-back by us while compiling them for you. The emotions that come with these videos are what connects first with the Indian audience, making such wedding videos the most viewed and shared Indian videos of a kind. Hope these videos will inspire you to create some candid wedding videos at your own celebrations as well.

If you wish to leave behind something out-of-the-box from your wedding, then creating trend-worthy wedding videos will be a great idea to achieve that! Simply gather your besties plan out a couple of wedding videos to show the world what viral-content have you got.

Tell us which among these wedding videos is your personal favourite. You can also check out our talented photographers and videographers who will bring life to your wedding videos and turn them into viral content for the world to see!