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Need a Grand Pre-Wedding Video Shoot? Here Are the Secrets and Tips to Make It an Unforgettable One

Your pre-wedding video shoot is as important as your wedding day shoot. Getting it right, might just be trickier. We’ve got you covered with our list of secret hacks for an Oscar-worthy film!

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Lights, camera and action. We all aspire for a chance to be in the spotlight. And being a bride is definitely one of these chances, especially if you’re going for a stylised pre-wedding video shoot to capture your relationship forever and ever. So, to nail your pre-wedding video shoot give these pointers a very careful read and you will be amazed by how spectacular your pre-wedding video shoot turns out to be with a bare minimum input from your side!

All those Bollywood and Hollywood movies that swept you off your feet and the inner actor in you decided to enact them sometime in life, this is your chance! From subtle poses to the ones that bring out the queen of drama from within you, you can have it all captured in one place. A pre-wedding video shoot is all about helping you narrate your story better and to make this happen you will need experts behind the camera and of course your comfort with the lenses and light pointing at you while you can tell your story and cherish it in the tapes forever.

Wanting a good pre-wedding video and getting the right one are two different things. The second happens when you pay a lot of effort and attention to these specific details:  

1. Understanding the Theme & Concept

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Knowing your theme and concept is pretty easy - just find out what kind of a couple you are. To understand what the concept of your pre-wedding video shoot is going to be is one of the most basic things every couple needs to understand. Is it dramatic or is it a blend of emotions or romance, you need to get this right and then it will be a cake walk for you and your partner to nail your pre-wedding video shoot. These could be:

  1. The PDA-type
  2. The Shy-type
  3. The Cultural-type
  4. The Bollywood-type

Next, express it in your pre-wedding video shoot.

Here’s how knowing your type will help you lay out a wedding theme or even a pre-wedding shoot theme:

If you're more of a traditional couple, you can pick a location that has the antique vibes, you can wear traditional attire while keeping it very simple and sweet.

If you enjoy elegance and sophistication, then you are the glamorous couple who want to go out loud to the world and announce your wedding! In that case, don on a gorgeous wardrobe that creates a statement, even if it's a classic black and white theme. Showcase all this at a stunning location and make your dream of a grand pre-wedding video shoot come true. The new #followmeto videos are a waging rage among the millennials.

2. Essential segments of a pre-wedding video

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Try to break down your pre-wedding video shoot planning into these areas:

  • Wedding Teaser

Video credit: Candid Tales

You should have a 30-second sneak peek into what your pre-wedding video shoot would look like. The idea is to wet the appetite of the viewer and creating an air of anticipation and suspense of the upcoming release. Basically, it should have a look and feel of a movie release.

  • Pre-Wedding Video

Video credit: Candid Tales

The pre-wedding video is a great way to showcase the common ground between you both, what you love, who you are, how you met and know each other’s family and friends, all those special moments that led to this amazing relation.

  • E-Invite video

Video credit: Candid Tales

Wedding invitations don’t essentially have to be printed. They can be romantic, or a lovely affair just like their physical counterparts. Also, whether online or in print, they are the first piece of interaction for your guests and intent to set the tone for your wedding as to what your guests can expect at the wedding. Having a right approach and a good attention to detail, a panache of traditional invitation can be made at a significantly lower cost.

3. The Right Person Behind the Camera

Sandeep Sahdev Photography

The overall atmosphere and the style of your wedding should be clearly conveyed in your pre-wedding video shoot. A video is the best way to relive the wedding day forever and share it with your future generation. Moving visual of your family and friends with audio is certainly a memory to cherish for life.

We already know how important it is to have photographs on the day of your wedding and even in your everyday life. Gauge your videographer by checking out their website, if the person doesn't have a decent looking website design, then take it as a sign of the videographer not being updated and keep looking!

Your pre-wedding video shoot will be seen by your close relatives, your family and friends; make sure it is out of the box. Along with that it should have your story in it and should describe you as a couple to makes people understand why you’re meant to be together.

4. The Importance of Outfits!

You must dress according to the theme and ensure that your outfit is a blend of a dreamy effect with comfort. Wear a classic white flared-dress or colours that stand out. Wearing outfits that complement each other along with the right mix of trendy and elegant makes your shoot look romantic and a visual delight for the guests.

For example, a short wedding dress gives a flirty, playful vibe while giving you the opportunity to have more fun with the shots. Your partner can, on the other hand, choose to wear a loose jacket. Be so detail-oriented to make sure that his socks also match your casual look.

Keep it original and be comfortable. Wear what you like to wear! Just because you’re in a suit and gown doesn’t mean you have to pose and give the shoot a formal look. Make your own styling choices, loosen your tie, let your hair down and make the relationship look more fun. Did you forget the Jab We Met romance of a lifetime between the two? It is only fair to show the world yours.

5. Lookout for the Comfort Zone

Video Credits: Ozen Studios

Facing a camera is usually uneasy for most people especially for our dear grooms; they feel awkward, shy or just freeze when in front of the lens. Pro tip - find a photographer/videographer who is a chatterbox, one who keeps a constant flow. That will make you feel involved in the process and it gradually gets you into a comfort zone where you can put your ideas forward and find common ground. Instead of just asking you to pose for the camera and being distant to the couple makes you even more conscious and uncomfortable to a point where you cannot show your emotions rightly. You can, however, get friendly and as he talks and tells you what he is looking for, you can give him gorgeous candids too.

6. Your Videographer is your Guru!

Video Credits: Wedding Nama

If you’re the only one talking throughout the shoot, it’s gonna be an utter mess. You have to talk things through, make a connection with your videographer and religiously follow whatever they say. We understand it is your day, but they have done this a lot and know the right way to do it. If you like their style and you want your idea to be implemented in that, you will have to elaborate on it. Let them take a call on how to go about it and what will be the best way forward.

So now that we know the ingredients that help you whip up a secret sauce to spice up your pre-wedding video shoot, let's try to put them in place. And garnish, with some tender love and fun. You're bound to get an amazing video.

Tell us in the comments about how the whole experience was and how much di you enjoy yourpre-wedding video shoot.