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Rely on solid research

You may know about and love certain traditions but that’s not enough. Get to know them better, understand why they are important and proceed accordingly. You don’t want to offend certain guests but you don’t need to hold yourself back either. Know what you’re getting into and take it from there.

Talk to your family members

Chances are people who’ve already been through this before and are experienced will have a good idea about what works and what can be avoided. If there is a tradition you particularly love like hiding the groom’s shoes and playing games with the extended families, ask your parents once whether this can work at your wedding and if there are any particular red flags you need to avoid. You’ll be better prepared that way and know what to do.

Make a list

Now that you’ve done your research and spoken to the right people, you need to prepare a list of your favourites. Focus on the pros and cons to zero down on the most practical and doable options for your wedding. Keep several factors in mind such as costs, willingness to participate if it involves other guests and more. If something seems too difficult to pull off, you’ll have better luck sticking to a safer and simpler choice.

Take inspiration from the movies

Popular Indian films like Hum Aapke Hai Kaun have super fun wedding scenes and are a great way to get some inspiration for your own wedding if you’re not sure. This especially makes sense if you and your partner love cinema and Bollywood. It’ll be relatable for most of your guests too who are familiar with the films and know what to expect. Do cross-check once with your wedding planner for authenticity, though.

Be respectful

If you’re not sure or confused at any point, confirm things and get slightly inconvenienced if necessary. Ask experts such as a priest for help. You’re better off treading cautiously than making a major mistake and upsetting someone. It’s advisable to respect the fact that these traditions are there for a reason and make sure you find out the right way to follow them at your own ceremony to avoid problems later.