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9 Spectacular Wall Decor Ideas for Your Reception Event

Decorating a venue wall in creative ways is quite a trend. If you're looking for some unique & stunning Wall Decor Ideas, check out some images for inspiration

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Wedding decoration is that aspect in the whole wedding planning, that involves lot of creativity, aesthetics and innovation. Wedding planners and decorators all over the world put in a great deal of effort to make your wedding look like a dream.

Decorating the wall of your wedding or reception venue in creatively has lately become quite a significant area that decorators are exploring. Paper flower decoration, drapes, flower decor, colurful lights, candles, artifacts...the artistic scope is vast. So how about we share some trendy & fabulous wall decor ideas with you and you could try them on your own wedding? Keep reading to know more!

Drape-flower-frame combo

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Can't decide whether to go for drapes, flowers or designed frames? Here's an idea: go for a combo! When you love all these three kinds of wall decor ideas, you can opt for a combination where there are red drapes as the base with coordinated red flowers in between.

The white elongated frames with designed cut outs would give it the perfect artistic touch it needs. Don't forget the soft amber lights for a dramatic ambiance.

Some names to remember: Vision Vivaah (West Delhi), Marigold Pages- The Wedding Company (Mumbai), Wedding Chakra (Chennai).

Little picture frames

Amor Paradise Events

Hang little photos or real life paintings in beautiful decorative frames on your venue wall. Choose the photos/paintings keeping your wedding theme in mind. For example, if you're having a royal theme wedding, you can maybe, go with Rajasthani folk paintings or paintings of Maharajas.

Hanging attractive frames is one of the most loved wall decor ideas and it's also easy to attain.

Some names to remember: Amor Paradise Events (East Delhi), Morning Glory (Chennai), Fulsojja (Kolkata).

Flowers & mirrors

Amor Paradise Events

Check out this amazing wall decor idea where large clusters of pink, purple, orange and white flowers are arranged in diamond shaped structures. The centre of the wall is filled with similar shaped mirrors to add a reflective drama. If you're looking for wall decor ideas that are simple yet stunning, try this smart combination!

Some names to remember: Dream Themes (Chandigarh), Gupta Flowers (Kolkata), Elysian Weddings (South Delhi).

Radha-Krishna paintings

Amor Paradise Events

Who doesn't know the epic love story of Radha-Krishna? And to decorate your wedding venue with their paintings will only establish the symbol of love stronger! One of the most adored wall decor ideas in India is using paintings of Radha-Krishna as it signifies eternal love. It's also quite easy to achieve as you can get beautiful paintings from gift shops. Coordinate your wall colour with the paintings using appropriate drapes and lights.

Some names to remember: Mindspinerz (Kolkata), Kreative Events (Chandigarh), Your Dream Decor (Noida).

Red drapes & huge carved artifacts

Nuptials by Priyanka Pandey

Prepare to get amazed by one of the most magnificent wall decor ideas you'll see today! This particular design is created using red drapes as the background and a few scattered floral streamers. But the real show-stoppers are the enormous carved artefacts in contrasting copper shade in different shapes and styles. The sheer idea and OTT elegance give this whole stage decoration outlook a touch of grandiose.

Some names to remember: Nuptials by Priyanka Pandey (Gurgaon), Artageous (Kolkata), Karma (Mumbai).

Tuberose curtain & candles

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Using white Tuberose flowers in weddings is a tradition that has been in style since ages. The beautiful sleek white strings of aromatic flower naturally enhances the merriness in weddings. So why not using them in your wall decor as well?

Cover the whole wall with a tuberose curtain and place broad white candles on both sides. This is a particularly serene decoration idea that only fills the whole area with positivity.

Some names to remember: Deccan Flowers (Chennai), Mosiom Flori (Mumbai), Just Florist (West Delhi).

Flower overload


If you can't have enough flowers, you'd love this one! An overload of lovely flowers is one of the most popular wall decor ideas and for good reason. Who doesn't love a beautifully decorated wall filled with sweet-smelling lilacs, roses and carnations? So fill every inch up with flowers and make sure you coordinate the colours to make it look aesthetically right.

Some names to remember: Insiya Events (Mumbai), Kalikaar (South Delhi), Exquisite Petals (Bangalore).

Fresco style

Theming Ideas

Want to witness one of the most fascinating wall decor ideas? How about styling your stage wall in a fresco fashion? Decorating the whole wall with beautiful wallpaper with floral prints with occasional real flowers pasted in between- this might be just the right kind of decor for your forest theme wedding!

Some names to remember: The Frontier Events (South Delhi), Mrudula Decorators (Bangalore), Artis Events (Satara).

Floral streamers & green bed

Vision Vivaah

Imagine a lush green bed of grass at the background with floral streamers hanging at a front gate...doesn't it sound just like a dreamy fairy tale wedding? One of the simplest yet gorgeous wall decor ideas is the combination of green grass and white flower streamers. You can also go for non floral background using an alternative green bed, it would still look just as beautiful.

Some names to remember: Jessica Decorators (Ahmedabad), Kraftstar Management (Bangalore), Protima Florist (Kolkata).

Try out different combinations and patterns as wall decor ideas on your wedding. You can also look for eco-friendly decoration ideas that's what you want. Paper, old dupattas, earthen lamps or diya decoration instead of electric lights...there are endless options if you decide to go green. Consult with your wedding planner about what exactly are you looking for, what are the elements you want to incorporate and what you specifically don't want. Maintain the aesthetic balance between your wall decor and your entire wedding venue decor. Stick to one particular theme and avoid mixing them.

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