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Make an Epic Love Story With the Best Proposal Ideas & Lines

Not a fan of the cliche? Then why proposing in the usual ways? Ask your partner "The Question" using some of the best proposal ideas & lines that aren’t cliche! 

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Ever since the two of you have met, you've known that you're meant for each other. And now it's finally the time to make it official. You must have expressed your love for your partner and how much they mean to you in your own romantic ways.

But asking your partner to marry is a completely different ballgame altogether! Especially when you want to do something unconventional and unique! So if you're looking for such off-beat non-cliche best proposal ideas and proposal lines, here we are! Read, learn and do try these best proposal ideas for some fun & epic proposal stories!

1. Show the desperation, the Vulnerability - best proposal idea

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Make your partner feel that your life won't really mean anything without them. But to do so, you don't have to follow the conventional marriage proposal methods.

Take her to a cafe where you usually go, strike a casual conversation and say the magical words in your usual charming way! Make your partner feel how much you need her in your life and that too amidst a coffee date! Try these best proposal lines:

  1. "Listen, if somebody gave me the choice right now, of to never see you again or to marry you, alright, I would marry you, alright" -Before Sunrise.
  2. "If you want true love, then this is it. This is real life. It’s not perfect, but it’s real"-Before Midnight.
  3. "You're the morning coffee that I can't do without. Let me be yours too. Let's be each other's morning coffee for the rest of our lives"!
  4. "Feel this moment. Right here right now. Do you feel that this is how you want your whole life to be like? Because I do. I want you and I to live in this moment forever".
  5. "Every date with you is an adventure. Would you be my forever date"?

2. Be Weird, if that's what works! 

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Not every love story involves a prince charming and a fairy-tale princess. So your love story is a little quirky! Take that to your advantage while proposing. Every couple has a different dynamic, a different genre of love story! So, if saying funny lines and making your partner laugh hard is your idea of best proposal, so be it! Try them:

  1. "I think we both are unusually weird. It would be a waste not to explore our weirdness more. So I was thinking, would you like to explore it, for the rest of our lives, together? Would you be my partner in weirdness forever"?
  2. "Every time I've asked you whether it's "me or Pizza" you've always said "pizza"! So here is a whole pizza all yours...because I love you more than I love my slice! And if you let me, I'll try to change your mind about me for the rest of our lives"! (Hide your wedding ring inside her pizza slice!)
  3. Drop a fake ring accidentally from over a bridge right before you propose. When she starts to freak out and panic, sit on your knee, pull out the real one from your sock and say..."hey it's ok! Good thing that I always carry a spare for everything! Will you marry me?"
  4. Take your partner on a roller coaster ride and propose right before the ride begins. "Being with you has been a roller coaster ride. But, it turns out, I'm not interested in settling for anything less. Would you be interested to take accompany me in this mad ride called life? Would you be my co-rider forever"?

3. Take a Nostalgia trip

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Visit your first date location with your partner and mention every little thing that you remember her for. The cute banter, the silly jokes, the laughing out loud...because the magic of nostalgia never fails as the best proposal idea:

  1. "This is where you yawned when I was showing you the flowers. This is where you laughed hysterically when I told you how beautiful you look. This is where you made a joke about my long nose. This is where I want to ask you to marry me....will you"?
  2. "I came here tonight because when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"- When Harry met Sally.
  3. "I've loved every second of our haphazard lives. I've loved every little goof-up we made together. I love how we always end up making a mess out of everything. I love living with you...would you be my permanent roommate"?
  4. "When I kept telling you how much I loved your eyes, you kept talking about the weather. When you were trying to teach me how to use chopsticks I kept staring at your dimples. I guess we're meant to be doing different things...together! That's how I want to spend my doing your own thing and me just looking at you, forever and ever"!

4. Shock & Awe  - best proposal idea

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Catching your partner by a surprise is probably one of the best proposal ideas ever. Drop the "P" bomb when he/she's expecting it the least. And adding a little drama while you do it, always works as an icing on the cake! Add the perfect amount of surprise element to your best proposal ideas and lines to make it a success! 

Take your partner along with a group of your common friends to a karaoke bar and propose her on stage after your song! You're sure to enjoy her reaction, especially if you've always made it clear how much you dislike singing! If you plan on proposing your partner on his//her birthday, hide the ring inside the birthday cake. Start the cake dabbing among everyone and let your partner pick the part of cake that has the ring!

Always try to gauge the water before you decide to propose. It's absolutely essential that both of you are on the same page on marriage before you start planning your proposal. Try being innovative with your best proposal ideas and creative with your lines. Even if you use some popular love quotes or famous movie lines, try to own them.

Make sure you choose lines that are relevant to your own story! And if you can be completely original, nothing like it! Be genuine, mean every word and make your unique proposal story a love tale to remember!

Do tell us how you proposed or got proposed! Share your unique love story with us in the comment section below!