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10 Latest Half Hand Mehndi Design Ideas for Bridesmaids

Floral jewellery, check! Manicure, check! Mehndi design, still in progress? 10 stylish half hand mehndi designs are handpicked for you to flaunt on your BFF’s wedding!

Image Courtesy: Ksway Films

The Mehndi ceremony sure sets the mood for the entire three-day celebration to follow! With music, dancing, and elaborate outfits, a full-blown mehndi design that takes hours to dry can be really annoying. While you research the designs you’d like to replicate, we have curated a quick list for you to refer to in case you haven’t settled on one yet.

A half hand mehndi design is getting increasingly popular considering it is quick, eye-catching, and gives you a chance to enjoy that garden setup with a cocktail in your hand, instead of sitting opposite a fan eagerly waiting for your hands to dry.

Let’s walk you through 10 of our favourite picks!

Mughal inspired motifs with diagonal patterns


This stunning henna design is as if its custom made for bridesmaids. We love the neatly done diagonal lines across the fingers encapsulating Mughal motifs. See how appealing this minimalist design looks? Don’t forget to get yourself a manicure to flaunt your pretty hands!

Pakistani mehndi design for a deeper stain

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Art by Arpit

Who isn’t fond of a deeper stain? Get yourself a Pakistani half hand mehndi but with super neat mandalas with a criss-cross grid jaal on the fingers. The over-sized lotus designs extending towards the end of the palms visually balance the look. Do try out this henna design on your BFF’s wedding.

Geometric patterns with clean lines 

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Not a fan of circular or done-to-death patterns? Try this Aztec style mehndi design that is perfect for millennial bridesmaids. The neatly spaced-out lines with tiny dots spread out in proportion make a classic case of a minimalist design with a stunning, new pattern. This tribal mehndi design is worth being the head-turner!

Half-and-half symmetrical semicircles

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

A spaced-out henna design with floral patterns like the one in the image above is a great contemporary pick if you want to shine at bridesmaids galore. Don’t forget to keep your hands away from water for at least a few hours post the henna dries up if you want a darker stain. 

A mix of floral and Jaal patterns

Image Courtesy: Henna by Payal

If you are someone who can’t put a finger on a single style of henna, pick out this mix of floral mandalas, leaves, and semi-circular floral patterns. Criss-cross grids are also a part of this henna style with a well-placed negative space giving it a unique look!

Floral chadar with leaves 

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

Making a strong case of flower power, another great option for millennial bridesmaids is this half hand mehndi design with all things floral. Chic flower patterns starting from the thumb all the way down to the fingers, to a connecting flower chadar lined with petite leaves is a visual treat.  

Bird design with cages and leaves

Image Courtesy: Henna by Payal

This half-and-half pattern henna style looks so pretty! Closely made with bareekh patterns, the style is minimalist yet beautifully placed across the palms. The palms put together come off beautifully as a story.

Minimal storytelling henna design 

Vows & Tales

This henna style can be your dedication to the bride and her mister perfect. It might look simple because of the minimal space it takes, but the accuracy in the art is impeccable. The bridesmaid in the picture chose to get a pattern on the backhand and a minimal Arabic style on the fingers. Replicate this design for a fuss-free chic look. 

An intricate design with bolder strokes

Image courtesy: Nashwah Khan

Trust us when we tell you, henna artists are usually very adaptive. Show this striking intricate design for bridesmaids who love the idea of henna! These patterns will come out stunning, given the bolder strokes and closely-knit patterns. The fuller designs and the flowers and jaal and the mandalas fit in like a puzzle. We love it, don’t you?

Roses and backhand floral mandalas

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

Roses set on a criss-cross jaal on your fingers, connecting circular floral patterns is a beautiful mehndi design for longer hands. While this half hand mehndi design can be replicated on anyone, longer hands can ace it better considering the over-sized circular design and finger jaals.

If you do not like to sit through a dedicated session of the tiresome henna making for at least five to six hours, then pick styles from our list for a quick henna style that is elegant yet in vogue, along with being so precise at the same time. Forget the long miles of endless scrolling through the Pinterest boards looking for your henna designs and have your mehndi artists take a look at these delicate patterns for your BFFs big day. 

Which style did you like the best? Let us know which style you’d pick for your BFF’s big day and get in touch with the talented mehndi artists on board to get some pretty palms this wedding season!