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12 Kurta Pajama With Jacket for Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

Grooms, you have many options available to you for your wedding attire, then a crisp suit. Take a look at these uber cool kurta pajama with jacket for wedding styles.

Aditi Jhalani
Aditi Jhalani

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Your wedding is around the corner and if you haven’t yet decided the outfit you are going to wear for your nuptial ceremonies, we have some help to offer in hand. Here we are, sharing with you some of the most voguish kurta pajama designs. Select a kurta pajama with jacket for wedding from these and become the most stylish groom ever.

12 Grooms Who Chose Kurta Pajama with Jacket for Wedding

Photoz Aapki

A kurta pajama is a very simple and decent outfit. It is also an evergreen outfit that fits every occasion like coriander to Indian food. However, you can jazz up this subtle and conventional look by adding a modish jacket (even a Nehru jacket does wonders).

Take a cue from these 12 dapper grooms who shunned the suits for the ever-stylish kurta pajamas. Here we go:

1. Classic Cream Kurta Pajama with Maroon Jacket

Simplicity at its best; the classic cream kurta pajama never fails to impress us. The look is crisp and elegant. The addition of a maroon jacket adds on the glamour quotient of the attire.

The subtle colour of this palette is the right fit for a sunny day and you can opt for this look for any daytime casual ceremony.

Do not use any additional adornment to retain the simplicity and timeless appeal of this attire except maybe a watch to keep up the bling for a special day. Put on some cool sunnies and you're ready to roll.

2. Yellow and Cream Kurta Pajama with Jacket for Wedding

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Yellow kurta with a cream jacket qualifies as a perfect look for the Haldi ceremony. The sunshine yellow colour of the kurta lifts up the mood and the cream jacket tones down the overall look making it very subtle and stylish.

The light floral print scattered evenly along the hem of the jacket is intricate and adds to the styling elements while keeping the subtlety intact for the soothing affect. The colour of the kurta pajama with jacket is too bright and only fits the day ceremony.

This uber groom went on to contrast his look with his bride-to-be's nude lehenga and the yellow decor at their venue. A sunshine yellow was also seen on many of the wedding guests. Isn't yellow the colour for Haldi ceremony forever?

3. Blue Kurta Pajama with Embroidered Jacket

The soothing blue colour of the kurta is a thumbs-up but what works amazingly in the outfit is the jazzy blue jacket with fine embroidery. The intricate embroidery with white thread brings out a beautiful design pattern.

The jacket lifts the overall look of the kurta pajama with jacket. The groom avoided using any contrasting pop-up colours for the jacket to highlight the embroidery that is so beautifully placed in the traditional art form.

Apt for any daytime ceremony, the blue kurta pajama is a dapper option. If you are going with this look, do not add any accessory. Let the attire stand-out.

4. Kurta Pajama with Velvet Jacket

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Another classic in the list is this crisp cream kurta pajama. The USP of this look is the dark blue velvet jacket.

The use of velvet jacket adds to the regal appeal of the outfit and hence, the entire look appears classic. The sheen of velvet with colours from the brightest and darkest palettes will only make sure how unique each combination is for the man of the hour.

You can go with this look for ceremonies like mehndi or sangeet.

5. All Yellow Kurta Pajama

Anoop Photography

Rock your haldi look with this all-yellow kurta pajama. Simple, elegant, and very upscale; this look gives out major wedding attire goals.

A well-fitted yellow plain cotton kurta is super comfortable. You can also opt for embroidered kurta of the same tones. The look is enhanced by a textured jacket. The paisley textured jacket gives the regular kurta a touch of traditional ceremonies.

You can opt for a textured jacket in different shades of yellow and finish the look with a yellow stole, just like the dapper groom did it. This look can also be donned by the groom on his Mehndi ceremony even if it is an established fact that Haldi ceremony and yellow are meant to be.

6. Cream Kurta Pajama with Printed Jacket

CoolBluez Photography

This is one of the snazziest kurta pajama with jacket for wedding. Classic cream kurta pajama with a dapper printed jacket is a must-try wedding outfit for the groom. The printed jacket over a one-toned kurta and pajama with the leafy designs on it is a show stopper.

The full length of the sleeves will only make it more formal for the occasion. The bandhgala is makes you look more elegant and ready for a formal occasion like the engagement.

The talking point of this attire is the full-sleeves jacket with floral motifs. You can add a pocket square to finish the look.

7. Orange Kurta with Printed Jacket

Nitin Arora Photography

This orange kurta with a floral print jacket is another dashing outfit for the groom. The plain orange kurta with a floral printed sleeveless jacket is a great pick for casual daytime ceremonies.

It is also a good choice for the pre-wedding photo shoots and ceremonies. You can keep it low, but the bright orange will speak for itself. 

8. Kurta Pajama with Golden Jacket

Manan Photography

If you haven’t yet decided your sangeet look, take a cue from this a la mode outfit. The dark coloured kurta is a great pick for night functions. The golden jacket amplifies the look and the lights around the groom make the jacket all the more magnificent.

9. Royal Blue Kurta Pajama with Jacket for Wedding

Manan Photography

A royal blue kurta pajama speaks royalty. The colour looks amazing and the outfit goes well for any wedding ceremony. The blue combination of kurta pajama with jacket for wedding is enhanced with a printed jacket.

10. Sherwani Style Kurta Pajama

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi on Facebook

This sherwani style Kurta Pajama jacket is both modish and sophisticated. You can wear this attire on your wedding reception.

The silhouette is fabulous and the sherwani style jacket adds a glamour quotient to the outfit.

11. Yellow Kurta and Blue Jacket


Anoop Photography

Be a playful groom with this bright yellow kurta and blue jacket. The bright plain yellow kurta is a spirited pick with a dose of the royal blue jacket with intricate work.

You can wear this look in your Haldi ceremony, Mehndi ceremony, or even sangeet.

12. Turquoise Kurta and Jacket

Nitin Arora Photography

The colour of this kurta pajama with jacket for wedding is the focal point.

We loved how the groom has co-ordinated the colour of his outfit with that of the bride’s. You can opt for a similar look.

Kurta Pajama with Jackets: The Best Outfit for Weddings

Generally, the grooms prefer to wear fine suits or tuxedos for their wedding. You can be the trendsetter by opting for a kurta pajama with jacket for wedding. Kurta pajamas look uber chic and keep you close to the true traditional wear. A plus point with wearing kurta pajamas is that you will be at utmost comfort even if you wear the outfit for a longer duration of time. So, if you are getting hitched in hot summers, fret not! You have the most stylish and comfortable wedding garment to wear.

Have you selected a kurta pajama with jacket for wedding? Let us know your preference for your dream groom outfit.