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9 Latest Blazer Designs For Wedding For The 'It' Groom

We know how brides take away all the limelight at weddings. But don't worry guys, we have got you covered. We curate the latest blazer designs for wedding, so that you will look oh so dapper!


We know how men are all about comfort and being all cool, even when it comes to their wedding outfits; and that, 'effortless' should be at the heart of all groom fashion. So, this wedding season, we gave sherwanis a miss and thought of compiling some latest blazer designs for wedding that will make the groom look amazing. Check out some blazer designs that are rocking the wedding circuit for every kind of groom.

1. The Floral Look


If someone told you that florals are too girly, then prove them wrong on your wedding day. Florals look stunning on grooms as well and florals in latest blazer designs for wedding will make your D-Day perfect.

2. The Plaid Look

Candid Tales

The plaids are the classiest look that suits the blazers and is just the right fit for the grooms and groomsmen. If you're looking for something new to try then plaids are the latest blazer design for wedding.

3. The Right Shades of Yellow

Don & Julio

Yellows are back in vogue and look how! If you are a guy who loves to experiments with colours, then this trend is the right approach for you. Go for latest blazer design for wedding in the shades of yellow and simply rock the wedding!

4. Going the Tux-Way

Mahima Bhatia Photography

The classic James Bond way of putting on that tux look is 'oh-so-hot'. But simply wearing a tux without the right etiquette might screw up your look. So, put on that bow-tie and show off everyone at the wedding your elegant ensemble. Choose from the all-white refined look or maybe you can go the usual black-tie way!

5. Minting Around

VAV Pixels by Ashish Uppal

Look at this absolutely dapper and quirky groom who managed to steal some heartbeats of his bride in his mint-coloured blazer look. This could be one of the best latest blazer design for wedding that we have seen! And do not miss that tiny detail of the most epic bow-tie we have ever seen!

6. Violet and Ultraviolet

Mahima Bhatia Photography

From slates, blacks and whites, we now transition into deeper colours like the violet and it's uber peppy cousin, ultraviolet! We loved how this groom wore a violet blazer so that he could do match up to his pretty bride's stunning outfit. Don't they look just so adorable! *sigh*

The next step up would be to go ultraviolet, the shade chosen as the Pantone colour of the year for 2018!

7. Midnight Blue Blazer

Our Wedding Chapter

Navy blue blazer worn as a formal attire is a must-have fashion item in every guy's wardrobe. So when it comes to the latest blazer design for wedding, we HAD to put a blue blazer. This groom paired his all-blue blazer with a white-coloured shirt and a skinny tie that makes him look uber chic in his own way!

8. The Slim-Fit Blazer

Delhigraphers Production

You can easily amp up the dapper quotient of an outfit by making it fit right. And what better than a slim-fit blazer option that highlights your body that you made spending all those days in the gym before your wedding day? Go for a good fit blazer in a different colour and look on point!

9. The Classic Black

The Photo Diary

You can never go wrong with black, and for men, blazers in black are the perfect outfit for their wedding. There might be a lot of latest blazer design for wedding, but black remains an all-time favourite for every body type. Pair it up with a nice white collared shirt and rock the trend!

So guys, remember that the D-Day is as much yours as it is your bride's. So go give her some healthy competition on this day and stand out with one of these latest blazer design for wedding. Take some major style inspiration from our Real Wedding grooms and rock the Shaadi look by looking your absolute best!

Also, later when it comes to the wedding night, it is easiest to take off a blazer. *wink* (just saying!) Take inspiration from these latest blazer designs for wedding and stop at nothing unless you find some of the best and latest blazer designs for wedding to look absolutely dapper.

Let's wrap it up by saying: When in doubt, don a blazer! And you can select some amazing blazer designs with our groom fashion designers.