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Bridal Games for Girls to Make the Night an Unforgettable One

Looking to have a fun night in with your girls before the big day? These bridal games for girls can guarantee a night of laughter and love!

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The journey to ‘I do’ is never easy but with your ‘Team Bride’ by your side, you’re never alone. As the girl of the hour, you want your bridesmaids to have the time of their lives while remaining stress-free and calm.

To help ease any last-minute wedding planning nerves, you can organise a fun night in for your girls with some games and food. This can ensure that they’re comfortable and relaxed on the big day!

In your quest to plan the perfect evening, here are some unique bridal games for girls that will definitely bring the fun and excitement to the party.

Bingo- Bridal style

Knotting Bells

The classic game of Bingo is a fan favourite so why not host one for your bridesmaids but with a unique twist. Instead of the traditional numbers, you can fill in the boxes with bridal trivia. This includes things like the cut of the engagement ring or where the couple will honeymoon after the wedding.

Like traditional Bingo, the first person to get the answers right on the card wins the game. Bridal games for girls like this one also serve as an ice-breaker where your bridesmaids can work in teams as well. You can even personalise the Bingo cards with pretty flowers or diamond-shaped rings.

What’s in your purse?

Plush Affairs

The goal of your fun night in with the girls is to relax and have some fun. Alternatively, some of your bridesmaids may not have met each other prior to the wedding so these bridal games for girls also serve as an ice-breaker. Another fun game is ‘What’s in your purse’. This is similar to an interactive scavenger hunt but involves things in your purse.

To make the game more collaborative, you can divide the bridesmaids into teams since the goal is to have fun together. Before the game, make a list of all the items you typically find in a purse like lipstick, phone, wallet etc….

Also, make sure to include more random things like a kid’s toy or a band-aid. The host of the game calls out each item and the group that has the most number of objects wins a prize!

Jeopardy- Wedding Edition

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We all know and love the classic game, Jeopardy that has us on the edge of our seats as we try to guess the right answers. You can incorporate Jeopardy into bridal games for girls with a ‘Wedding Edition.’ Like the game, have the main title (which would be the bride’s name) and write down various wedding-related categories under this.

These could range from wedding flowers to destinations and even movies). For each title, come up with a set of difficult questions and you’re all set to play the game. Hand our notecards and a pen to each player and once the category is called out, the host reads the question.

Each player has 1-2 minutes to write down the answer. The person with the most right answers wins!

Bridesmaid Pictionary

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From kids to adults, a game of Pictionary can get any party started- making this a great addition to your bridal games for girls' on bachelorette night! To make things more exciting, you can include wedding-related phrases like ‘always the bridesmaid’ or ‘here comes the bride’.

In a bowl, place pieces of paper with the phrases written on them. Divide the attendees into two teams and assign one person from each group to act out the phrases. Next, start the clock and the group that guesses the most phrases in 60 seconds wins. You can even hand out a fun gift to the winning team!

Name That Celebrity

Bridal games for girls like this one are totally fun and a favourite among movie-buffs. This game is super simple and requires almost no preparation. Ask your bridesmaids to write down 20-30 of their favourite celebrities and add it to the bowl.

Split the girls into two teams and have a person from one team pick a name from the bowl. The goal is to get the team members to guess the celebrity’s name without actually saying the person’s name. The team that gets the most celebrity names right in one-minute wins.

The teams can play 2-3 rounds before the final winner is crowned.

Guess the Flavour

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This might be one of the best bridal games for girls that you play all night because it includes some delicious food. Set up a food bar complete with some of your bridesmaids’ favourites like cakes and ice-creams of different flavours.

Make sure to write down the name of each flavour on cards and place them under the plate. The player is blindfolded and takes a bite of the food and tries to guess the flavour of the food. They get one point for each right guess and the player with the most points wins!

What’s That Tradition?

The Wedding Salad

This game is not only fun but educational as well. Indian weddings are rich with culture and each state has their own traditions when it comes to the wedding. We may not always know what each tradition signifies so why not take this night to learn more about this.

Write down the traditions and the significance on a card and have the bridesmaids match the right tradition and meaning. The girl who get the most answers right wins.

Fun fact: The reason we have a designated ring finger is that the vein in this finger is connected to the heart! As the girls who’ve been with you through thick and thin on your wedding journey, your bridesmaids deserve a ‘thank you’ for all their hard work.

Knotting Bells

A fun bridal games for girls night where you can just kick back and relax with your peeps is a sure-fire way to make sure everyone (including yourself) is calm and stress-free before the big day. While having all your besties in one place can guarantee fun, a few bridal games for girls added to the mix can make a good party even better. These 7 games can keep your guests entertained all night long!

Have any more bridal games for girls ideas? Let us know your favourite wedding games in the comments below!