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Check This List of Wedding Games: Traditionally Fun for the D-day

As old as wedding rituals and ceremonies, the list of wedding games is a means to keep everyone entertained. So, are you game?

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There’s something special about Indian weddings - it's not just the Band, Baja and Baraat and dance or the wedding paraphernalia that sets our weddings apart. But also, it’s got to do with our elaborate ceremonies and traditional list of wedding games that set the scene for fun unlimited.

In fact, these playful wedding games add an extra dose of laughter and help to break the ice between two sides of the families. And, if you've ever got a chance to be a bridesmaid - be it at your sibling’s or bestie’s wedding, we bet you know what exactly we mean.

Take a look at our curated list of wedding games that will add Mauj, Masti and double the Maza of your wedding guests.

1. Ring Fishing


This is one of the oldest games on our list of wedding games where after marriage, the newlywed bride and groom is presented with a bowl filled with milk, turmeric, rose petals and lots of coins, nuts, bolts and their rings.

The couple is then asked to find their rings without looking into it. One who finds the ring is said to dominate the married life. This makes the game all the more important and fun.

2. Spot Thy Name

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This one’s the most popular wedding game. It's also called as 'mehndi maize' where bride while getting her bridal mehndi done, ensures to get her groom’s name inscribed, but it should be not that evident.

After marriage, the groom has to find where his name is hidden and he better find it, or he is in serious trouble!

3. Joota Chhupai

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This one’s the most interesting games on the list of wedding games and we are sure everyone must have played it at least once in their lifetime. So while the bride and groom are busy taking their wedding vows, the bride’s tribe gets on to the business of locating the groom’s shoes and hide them at some safe place.

What follows next is total fun! Post-wedding, when the groom is all set to take his bride home, he has no choice but to pay joota chhupai Sagan to get his shoes back.

4. Adjustment Test

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This popular game is common in Bihar where soon after the wedding, the mother-in-law places an earthen pot on the newly wedded bride’s head. She may or may not add a pile of pots - but the bride is expected to bend and touch feet of the elders to show her balancing act.

This is a game to test the new bride’s accommodating or adjusting skills. Fun, isn't it?

5. Nose Pulling

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Commonly seen in Gujarati weddings, this wedding game is called Ponkvu or Ponkhana. As part of this game, mother-in-law first performs aarti of her son-in-law on his arrival and then she playfully pulls the groom's nose.

This is an interesting game where the groom is reminded that he has come to their doorstep to marry their daughter and therefore, he better be grateful about it and value their girl.

6. Who’s Next


This wedding game is performed at the bride’s side where after the Kalire are tied to the Chura, the bride makes her unmarried friends gather at a place and she shakes her hands on their heads. If any part of Kalire falls on any girl’s head then it is believed that she is the next one to get married.

7. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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This is the most common of all the games and the idea is to add some fun to the groom’s grand welcome. This game is usually played at the entrance of the wedding venue and the groom is expected to pay some Sagan to his bride’s tribe if he wants to gain entry to the wedding mandap.

8. Exchange The Garlands

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The list of wedding games is literally incomplete without this one. The game is played while the bride and groom gather on stage/mandap to exchange flower garlands as part of customary rituals.

Both bride and groom in playfulness try to evade or sometimes they are held high by their relatives and families making it difficult for the other person to put the garland around.

It is said that the one who garlands first will always listen to the other person throughout their married life.

9. Fish The Toy

This is something very similar to ring fishing game. Instead of fishing out a ring, while playing this game the newly married couple has to find a tiny toy from a pot of water.

This ritual signifies that the one who finds the toy first will have a say on the gender of their first-born. Sometimes, the priest pretends to drop the toy and the couple search for it unaware of this trick.

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This wedding game is played with an intention to add some playfulness into the lives of newlyweds.

Do you think our list of wedding games is still incomplete? Feel free to share your favourite traditional wedding game below.