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Unique & Fun Games for Couples to Spice the Traditions Up a Little

Wedding is a time that gives everyone a chance to be together. Why not make the most of the moments you share with a few fun games for couples?


Gone are the days when weddings used to be nothing more than the fulfilling of traditions, dancing to folk numbers and performing the necessary rituals. The weddings today have transformed into something that makes memories worth cherishing for the rest of your life! One of the ways the youngsters are doing that is by indulging in fun games for couples to play at various pre-wedding events.

We have catalogued a few of the unique wedding games that you may enjoy.

"Blast" from The Past

The Wedding Salad

Where and when to play: At the reception or the wedding itself, where the guests from both the sides are present and the atmosphere is relaxed.

What you need: Old and unique objects that people used back in the old days (or their pictures, if you can’t find things). Millennials, who have no clue about them and elderly members of the family to their rescue (as they always do!)

How to play: An object is placed at the centre stage and the bride has to identify it. Hints can be given by an elderly member from her side of the family. If not possible, any millennial from her side of the family can guess the answer. The process is repeated on the groom’s side too. Points are deducted for every hint taken and each candidate (the groom or the bride) can take a maximum of 3 hints for each object. In the end, total points are counted and the winner is announced and rewarded too.

This interesting game makes you aware of the era that has gone by but has not lost its significance. Though it is counted amongst fun games for couples it’s an all-inclusive game where no one feels left out, especially the elderly people of the family.

Happy Haldi (Holi?)

The Cheesecake Project

Where and when to play: At the Mehndi or the Haldi ceremony during destination weddings, where both the families are together and where getting dirty does not spoil the dress (or the mood)!

What you need: A few over-enthusiastic guests with a penchant for being painted with colours!

How to play: The guest who is there to apply the Haldi asks a question to the bride about the groom’s childhood (or any other personal question) that she has then to answer. If the bride fails to answer the question, a glass of cold water mixed with Haldi is poured over her. If she does, the guest gets the same treatment. Ditto happens for the groom and his guests as well.

Indulging in colours has always been one of the fun games for couples. Plus this is akin to the ice bucket challenge that the youngsters are already familiar with. Imagine the amount of fun and frolic that mixing the two would give to the participants and the audience alike.


The Cheesecake Project

Where and when to play: On the wedding night, when love is in the air and the atmosphere has a traditional vibe to it.

What you need: A few Shayars from your clan or some wannabe individuals who are dying for a platform to display their skills (and fulfilling their fantasy with WhatsApp and facebook) and an unbiased moderator!

How to play: Someone from the groom’s side asks a question from the bride in the manner of a Sher (poetry). The answer too has to be given in a poetic manner by the bride. If the answer gets a lot of applause from the audience the bride gets the point. Otherwise, the point goes to the groom. Same happens for the other side. The moderator grasps the judgement of the audience and assigns a point for every answer. In the end, the total tally is announced with the name of the winner.

Again, although this game is included in fun games for couples, it requires the participation of the audience as well.

Dumb Charades

The Wedding Salad

Where and when to play: On the Sangeet night when the atmosphere is charged with enthusiasm!

What you need: Intelligent audience (to avoid the couple from answering stupid questions and creating embarrassing moments for everyone)

How to play: A member of the groom’s side asks a question from the bride that she has to answer without uttering a word. Use of objects and expressions is allowed as long as it does not involve speech. Then comes the turn for the bride’s side to ask and for the groom to answer. Keeping tabs and including a point system is optional.

Expect a lot of laughs from the audience as the bride and groom blush, twitch and smirk over the questions. Though the Sangeet night is about dance and music, these activities can be performed as fun games for couples to fill the gap in case the food arrangement is running late (All hail the holy caterer!)

Drinking Game (With a Twist)


Where and when to play: On your first wedding night (already imagining a few blushes).

What you need: Cue cards for your better half with questions that you want them to answer, drinks that suit both of you (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, your choice).

How to play: Prepare beautiful cue cards (hand-made or printed), along with drinks (milk is history). The bride has to ask a question to the groom. If the groom answers satisfactorily, he can have a sip. A similar rule applies to the bride in these fun games for couples. The one who finishes the drink first wins. Or just pour another drink, and let it continue (we, bet you will).

This game has no reward other than your questions being answered (as if that’s not enough?).

Since you are stepping into a new phase of life together, you might want to know more about your partner. Games such as this one are exclusively designed as fun games for couples. As our last pick, it had to be the one with which the couple can create intimate memories with each other.

Fun games for couples are multipurpose as well. They can be used to fill the gap when things are running late, to create a vibrant atmosphere when the surrounding ambience seems dull or to serve the very purpose they are supposed to: have fun. So which one do you wish to be a part of?

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