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Make it Beautiful! Here Are The Best Decoration Themes To Inspire 2019 Weddings

The first thing that makes a wedding look like a joyous occasion is the decor of the functions. Since we know the importance of the set-up of a wedding, we have put together some of the best wedding decoration themes for 2019.

Image courtesy: Wizkim Weddings

Just like your wedding outfits and jewellery, the decor of your wedding shows who you really are as a person. Whether you like subtle details or are someone who believes in the 'all-things-grand' theory, it shows in everything you do at your wedding.

Details first: Decoration Themes For Weddings

You put in a lot of efforts when deciding every other detail of your wedding, then why not the decoration theme? If you don't have the slightest clue about what decoration themes will go with your personality or what are the different kinds of wedding decoration themes people are opting for these days, then you don't have to worry at all.

We did all the work and put together a list of all the decoration themes that were a rage in 2018 or are in for 2019 weddings. All you have to do is go through these decoration themes and pick the one which you think suits you and your partner's personality and brings out the best of both of you. Well, choosing a decoration theme that you both love is a task so let's get on with the planning. Ready? Awesome, let's go.

1. Colour Of The Year

Devika Narain and Company

Pantone has selected 'Living Coral' as the colour of the year and if you want to be the trendiest couple in town, you should definitely incorporate coral coloured elements in your decor.

The flowers, table settings, marriage Mandap and every other element of your wedding decor can have something or the other in the colour scheme of coral. It is a very lively and refreshing colour and if you want, you can also coordinate your outfits, the guests' Pagdi and other elements with the decoration theme.

2. Mesmerising Ceiling

Studio Zeppic

Another super sought after decoration theme this year is going to be grand make-shift ceilings. Wedding decorators are all for these beauties because they do not only give a stunning look to the wedding venue but are also synonymous with grandeur.

Your guests will be mesmerised by the beauty of this and just imagine what a great feeling it will be to walk the aisle and take your wedding vows under such a ceiling.

3. Classy Backgrounds

Infinite Memories

Discussing wedding decoration themes is completely unfruitful without mentioning a beautiful background at least once. This is one of the classic decoration themes - having a picture-perfect, gorgeous background which will not only make a great backdrop for pictures but also give a stunning feel to your venue.

You can customise the background according to your taste. You can have your wedding hashtag fashioned into it too if you have one that is.

4. Elements Galore

Image courtesy: Wizkim Weddings

Another one of the best and most loved decoration themes is adding many small elements to the wedding venue. These elements can be tiny ones or grand, based on what you want. You can opt for candles, lamps, disco balls, anything really that goes with the look and feel of your function. All you need to make sure of is that there has to be a good balance of these extra elements.

You can neither have too many of them, nor too little, so it's best to take advise from a good wedding decorator on things like this.

5. A Pop Of Colours

Devika Narain and Company

Again, this decoration theme is a no-brainer but one that looks stunning always, no matter what. You can achieve a bright and colourful setting with the help of flowers, ribbons, cushions, colourful crockery, lamps, furniture and so many more things. Just tell your wedding decorator that you are looking for something which is very vibrant and he will know what to do.

6. Canopies, Oh My Heart!

Image courtesy: Wizkim Weddings

Do you remember the gorgeous canopy that Anushka Sharma created for the royal wedding in Band Baaja Baaraat? Well, seems like she wasn't the only one who loved the concept. People are really digging the canopy concept, especially for outdoor daytime functions. Not only do they look pretty, but also give a very serene glow to the aura. Not to mention, canopies make great backdrops for pictures and work amazingly with natural light.

7. Floral Extravaganza

Image courtesy: Rani Pink on Instagram

And last but not the least, floral arrangements are one of the decoration themes that have, are and will always be a staple for any wedding, worldwide. Although flowers are inevitably a part of every wedding anyway, if you are a big fan of these beauties, then you can ask your wedding decorator to go a little OTT with them. But hey, make sure you tell him what colour combinations etc. you prefer because you don't want a crazy mix of everything at your wedding venue.

Didn't you just love all these gorgeous wedding decoration themes? We had a lot of fun looking at all the stunning pictures and we hope you did too. These decoration themes are the most in for 2019 weddings. You can also mix-and-match two themes and create something unique of your own. It will just show your creative side and look pretty at the same time. All the best!

Which of these gorgeous decoration themes did you like best? Do let us know what you think of them in the comments section and also feel free to drop in any questions or suggestions you have for us!