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COVID-19 Weddings Advice Guide

Amidst the second wave of Coronavirus, your happiness & wellbeing is our top priority. For the couples, families & our business partners, here's a complete COVID-19 wedding advice guide to help you steer through the difficult times.

covid 19 weddings advice guide

covid 19 weddings advice guide

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The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted weddings in ways we could not have fathomed. The pandemic has left us all sailing in uncharted waters and while there is always light at the end of the tunnel, with the sudden surge of COVID 19 cases in 2021, we know it's taking unexpectedly long to find the end of this tunnel. At WeddingWire India, we are constantly working towards assisting couples, partners, and employees with updated news and resources. 

Your wedding might have been around the corner or two months down the line. No matter which phase of planning you are at, we are here to help with resources, expert advice and so much more to help you through these rough times.

covid 19 weddings advice guide

While you pave your way through wedding planning in the time of coronavirus, we want to help with your #ShaadikiTaiyari with the following pieces of expert advice on how to tackle the situation in the best ways possible.

This article features - 

1.Wedding Planning for Couples

2. For Our Vendor Partners 

3. Webinars on Dealing with COVID-19 & Way Forward 

Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona

covid 19 weddings advice guide

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It might be overwhelming beyond expression - the sudden plan cancellation chaos, the blues of watching your plan fall apart, the phase where you ask "what next". We get it. That is why we have tapped the wedding planners, the vendor partners and other experts to help the couples beat the blues and move forward with vigour because even if not right away, your wedding will happen soon.

If your wedding is still a month away or farther and you are wondering if you should also consider postponing your wedding ceremonies, we have some red flags to look out for.

Wedding Planning For Couples

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Postponing your Wedding in the Time of Corona 

Government Guidelines for Weddings in the Time of Corona

The Government has set out guidelines that are a must-follow throughout the nation. There might be a separate set of guidelines for each state too.

Expert Advice on Weddings in The Time of Corona

You must have tons of questions as you try to figure out the new normal. Here is some expert assistance.

Planning A Wedding From Home in The Time of Corona

You can still be home and keep planning your wedding from the comforts of your beds and couches. The ease of wedding planning will be at your fingertips with WeddingWire India.

Navigating Wedding Postponement Emotions & Events

Social distancing and self-isolation might not sound all that fun when you have just got off the phone after postponing your wedding and the wedding postponement blues can be a real pain. There are a million ways to kick the blues away!

Future of Weddings

Once the pandemic phase passes us, the way weddings will be is something to look forward to.

If you are planning to host a wedding post the lockdown under certain regulations laid down by the government, you might want some guidance regarding how to plan a guest list.

For Our Vendor Partners 

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First and foremost you will have to call the vendors involved and let them know about your decision of postponement. You can even immediately speak to them about the budget of the new dates and requirements.

Tips to Help Business in the Time of Corona 

Our vendor partners might face difficulties and they might be required to make some unforeseen changes in their business plans for the coming months. This will require a backup plan to stay strong.

Webinars on Dealing with COVID-19 & Way Forward

Here are the links to the useful webinars to assist you through the uncharted waters:

It is very important to stand together in these times of absolute uncertainty and support each other. We are here to constantly update the information with recent happenings and guidelines to help you plan it better.

If you have any queries about your wedding planning or are looking for expert advice in these difficult times, you can write to us at You can also visit the WeddingWire Community page to connect with couples like you who have postponed their wedding and discuss wedding planning ideas with them and support each other through these ungodly hours.