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9 Tips to Kick Wedding Postponement Blues

Wedding postponement might not be the ideal plan, but it is the need of the hour. Here are some ways you can beat the wedding postponement blues & be happier for the new date!

Tips to Kick Wedding Postponement Blues

Wedding postponement is not a happy scenario and an obviously unseen one. While we are emotionally and physically unprepared for it, we might have to consider it as an option given the current situation of sailing through unchartered waters. If your wedding was around the corner, or maybe two months away, the decision to postpone it until the pandemic secedes is a great and selfless decision not just for you and your family, but for many.

However, it might not feel all that great after postponing the biggest celebration of your life. The journey of wedding planning is tough. We understand. While keeping in mind that there is a bigger cause behind, it is bound to be a gloomy affair.

To make sure that you kick off your wedding postponement blues, here are some things that might just cheer you up and help you focus on the good. Relax, it is still happening!

Bridesmaids to the rescue

The bridesmaids have been through it all with you. From holding shopping bags to enjoying a spa retreat of relaxation and now through the lockdown too. Wondering how with all the social distancing? Well, we will always have the technology to thank. Download some apps like the HouseParty or Bunch and get on a video call with them. Pour your heart out and some wine in your glass too. Cheers to better times ahead and maybe play a game of Trivia or UNO while at it.

Family to rely on

If all is in place or not, you will always have your family to rely on. With a full house during the social distancing, bring out the chef in you and your fam, put on your aprons and get set go. Spend fun time and stay occupied with cooking or gardening. Before you realise, you’ll be singing Sasural Genda Phool with your in-laws or your mister perfect. This is the perfect time for you to spend time with your parents, siblings and pets. 

An On-screen date

The first few days go by, letting people know that the wedding has been postponed. While that has been dealt with, you will both need your time together for comfort. If he stays with you, JACKPOT, if not? On-screen date! Prepare his favourite dish and let him do his part, pick a spot in your house, use candles and mood lights too. Get dressed and look pretty. Make a Skype call or video call and pour yourselves some wine with your fine dining. Cheers!

Ps you can do the dishes together, bonus!

Binge-Watch on Netflix

No better time to binge-watch on Netflix. You’re home with your mama bear and waking up at 10 am is no big deal (oh the pampering since school days were over) with breakfast on the bed too maybe. You can stay cooped up in your couch or your bed and binge-watch your favourite show or find a new one. Why do it alone when your fam can join in too!

A romantic Movie night

When the virtual date night was so beautiful, then why not plan a movie night with him on a serene Saturday night. Put on the same movies on your screens and stay connected through a video call. The self-isolation will probably start feeling like a much-needed time to realise how much you love each other! Awww…

Game Nights with the Fam

While cooking and gardening are fun, your evenings can be made all the more fun with board games and other indoor games that can be played like Scrabble, cards, UNO, Ludo and so on. If you want the presence of your extended families and friends too, play it online and make sure your spirits are still high because nobody tolerates cheating!

Walk down the memory lane

This is a great time for you to take a jog down the memory lane. Bring out all your old photographs from albums that Mumma has treasured since forever. Take a look at how cute your first day of school was or how your cousin fed you the cake on your second birthday. Maybe make a WhatsApp group once you are done reminiscing and share the most embarrassing childhood pictures with the stories behind it. Sunday is a fun day!

Spa-at-Home Day

All those YouTube tutorials on DIY skincare and hair care routines to do at home with natural ingredients can finally find a way into your life. Take your mom and your dad or in fact, your whole family can put on some hair mask and shower caps and lie down sipping fresh juice or tea. Being home only means no more exposure to pollution and dust or excessive dust and that is the perfect time to enjoy some rejuvenating healthcare routines. 

More to your wedding planning

Looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, this time of the lockdown can be used for further planning. Do you want to recheck the guest list? If your friends couldn't make it to your wedding earlier for other commitments maybe they can come now. You can take your time to study the trends for the wedding season and make a Pinterest board inspired by WeddingWire, India. Plan on fixing a new date and start the invitations and save the dates already!

You can plan better final touches and so much more from the comfort of your couches. Your bridesmaids get time to brush up the thumkas and your groom's squad can plan better to save the shoes from Joota Chhupai.

You can also get in touch with other brides on our Community platform or on other social media spaces and discuss your situation. If you and the other brides are on the same page, it might even feel good to know that you are not alone in this. Share your thoughts and raise your queries. Pick up your old half-read book or maybe the paintbrush from the shelves and a white canvas to relive your hobbies. Make it count!

The list of things that you can do to keep you occupied initially to get rid of the wedding postponement blues is long. And once you start feeling better, you can always look at the silver lining and realise how fantastic a day it will be when you finally exchange your vows and walk down the aisle to take your pheras.

Until then, you can stay home and wear your invisible cape to do your bit in saving the world, rediscover your zen and come out stronger and more loved. Share your hobbies in the comments below that helps you beat the blues!