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Seal the Deal With Stunning Ways to Use Fairy Light at Weddings

Wedding decoration can add a whole new ambience to your wedding venue. Check out some interesting ways to use fairy lights at weddings to make it dreamy.

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 are like a magic wand that changes a wedding venue with its touch! Whether it's a  or grand chandeliers or graceful ,  has a huge part in creating the atmosphere. One of the popular choices of lights in weddings is the small glittering . The reason is simple. They're easy to obtain, looks heavenly and there is so much you could do with streamers of fairy lights.

So take a look at some creative and gorgeous ways to use fairy lights at weddings to add some extra gleam to your wedding decoration!

Wedding lights are like a magic wand that changes a wedding venue with its touch! Whether it's Diya decorationwedding lighting plays an important role in amping up the ambience. One of the popular choices of lights in weddings is the small glittering fairy lights.

You could have a gorgeous chandelier above the centrepiece and still pick fairy lights to deck up the rest of the wedding venue effortlessly. The reason behind picking fairy lights for wedding decor is simple. They're easy to obtain, look dreamy and there is so much you could do with streamers of glimmering fairy lights.

Take a look at some creative and gorgeous ways to use fairy lights at weddings to add some extra twinkle to your wedding decoration.

Light Up A Tree

Image Courtesy: Architectural Design India

If you're planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, using a tree to for fairy lights at weddings would be an excellent choice. The branches and the stem of a tree naturally provides a beautiful shape to fashion your fairy lights. Spiral them up all over with a few streamers hanging down and you got a breathtaking light decor!

Light Up The Drapes

Image Courtesy: Elysian Weddings

Dial-up the elegance of your wedding decor by simply combining drapes with fairy lights at weddings. Wrapping white transparent drapes with tiny fairy lights will add a subtle yet charming vibe. Drapes and fairy lights can be used for decoration on both indoor as well as outdoor events. If you'd like to add some colours to it, go for vibrant drapes or dupatta decoration and mix them up with fairy light streamers for an opulent finesse.

Bottle Up

Image Courtesy: Lifechanging Productions

Here's a brilliant idea to incorporate fairy lights at weddings to deck up your wedding venue. Especially, if you're thinking to opt for DIY decor all by yourself. This simple idea can single-handedly add oodles of glam to your wedding venue. All you've got to do is, fill up glass bottles with colourful fairy lights and place them on dinner tables. You could also hang bottles all around the venue for a Boho feel.

Cage Up The Lights

Image Courtesy: The Frontier Events

Want a dreamy wedding decor? Add huge spheres or other shapes of cane cages all lit up with twinkling lights rolling over the garden. This is a creative way to use fairy lights at weddings especially for a garden decor event. Up your garden decor game with fairy lights spun around spherical cages for a romantic wedding evening.

Starry Canopy


Who doesn't love to sit under a starry sky? And even if there are no real stars visible, why not create them? Using fairy lights at weddings to create a wide canopy covering the entire event area would work exactly like a starry sky. Whether it's a Cocktail party or an outdoor reception ceremony, everyone loves to stand under a sky full of stars!

Adorn The Tables


Another smart yet simple way to use fairy lights at weddings is by decorating the dinner tables with them. There are endless options where you can integrate fairy lights. Use them to decorate the flower vase or simply put the glimmering lights in a glass or glass jug to use as centrepieces for the table. Think creative and you could turn your table decor into the talk of the town!

Grand Tunnel Entrance

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One of the areas to use fairy lights at weddings that everyone can't help but notice is the venue entrance. Make it large, make it grand! Cover the whole entrance with a large blanket of fairy lights giving the area an illusion of a fantasy tunnel. Give your guests a grand welcome with a wide fairy light canopy!

Blur Lights for Photography

Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha

Fairy lights at weddings aren't just used for decoration purposes. They are excellent for wedding photography as well. Simply using blurred fairy lights in the backdrop with foliage decor would enhance the bridal portrait complementing her pastel lehenga or even a multicolour lehenga and gorgeous bridal jewellery.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Prop


Speaking of creative wedding photography, fairy lights are also one of the photographers' favourite props for a pre-wedding shoot! Simply wrapping them around a couple adds so much romance and tranquillity to the photo. Specially ideal for a romantic couple shoot! The pre-designed photo studios in Delhi NCR have special setups with beautiful fairy lights to create aesthetic sceneries for your pre-wedding shoot.

Light trails on the garden floor, icicles made of lights decorating umbrellas and fashioning Kalash decoration are some of the ideas to use fairy lights at weddings. The best thing about fairy lights is they are flexible in terms of using them for different purposes. Whether it's a homey Sangeet or a grand reception party, the scope of using fairy lights is enormous. Photobooth decor is another fun way to incorporate them. So talk to your wedding decorator about options or try them out yourself- glitter up the whole place with these tiny twinkling stars!

Be it a simple minimalist wedding or an OTT big fat wedding ceremony, if you want to know more ways to use fairy lights for wedding events, consult the wedding decorators!