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Out Is 'In'! Plan Your Outdoor Wedding like a Pro with These Tips and Ideas

Planning to get hitched right under the blue sky? Getting married in the open is possibly the most romantic as well as a popular way to go. So, before you start planning your own outdoor wedding, go through our little guide that might save your day

The Lightsmiths

If you've been binging on romantic movies all your life, getting married by a beach in Goa or a hilltop or maybe in the lush green meadows must have been a constant wedding fantasy of yours! Nothing can come close to the romanticism of saying your "I do"s under millions of stars or right before the ocean waves. And now the time has finally come, when you actually get to live your dream. However, there are certain details you must take care of while you plan your gorgeous outdoor wedding. So, here we are! With the only checklist you'll need for your wedding in the open. Read and take notes!

1. Outdoor Decor Needs

The Lightsmiths

As beautiful as it may look, an outdoor wedding needs some extra work. Especially when it comes to the wedding decor. Make sure you have taken these points into consideration while choosing your open-air decor:

  • Always choose your decor keeping the climate in mind. If you're having an outdoor summer wedding, ensure there are enough shades to protect from the sun.
  • You can use colourful umbrellas as a part of your decoration that would also give your guests some shade.
  • In case of a winter wedding, you can go for light drapes allowing some sun during a day event.
  • Get heating arrangements like bonfires or little stoves to keep your guests warm.
  • Choose your decoration flowers wisely so that they last longer in the sun. Talk to your wedding florist and ask about the longevity of flowers. Alternatively, you can opt for paper or synthetic flowers too.
  • Keep comfortable chairs for the elderly guests who may not be able to sit on floor seating arrangements or stand for long weddings.
  • Always keep waterproof tents as a part of your "rain emergency". Be sure to communicate this with your wedding planner.
  • In case of an evening event, check the lighting arrangement. Set up the mood with some creative lights.

2. Outdoor Catering Needs

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You have the opportunity to get creative with your food and drinks menu while planning an outdoor wedding. Think barbecue, roasts or hookah bars! Let's have a look at the points to remember for an outdoor catering:

  • Since you're opting for an open area catering service, you can go for grilled foods like Seekh Kebabs, barbecue and open flame food items. Just make sure your catering service has experience in organising a wedding in the open air and has sufficient recommendations.
  • Also, make sure your catering service or your wedding planner are experienced in handling tented functions. Have a clear conversation on your requirements and their packages.
  • Provide plenty of water and beverages to your guests as they might get dehydrated being exposed to the sun for a long duration, especially on a summer wedding. Set up a table only for fresh juices, lemonades and mocktails.
  • Ask your caterer about their backup plan on sudden rains or storm situations. Go for it only when you're fully convinced. Or else you can set up just the food table indoors.
  • Show your wedding venue to the caterer or wedding planner a few days beforehand. This would help them to get an idea on how to use the available space.

3. Outdoor Outfit and more

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However romantic it may sound, an outdoor wedding can sometimes become a little challenging, especially if you're not careful with your wedding outfit and jewellery. Here are the things to watch out for:

  • For a summer wedding, choose soft fabrics for your wedding dress that won't cause sweat or irritation.
  • Go for light lehenga which is easy to carry for long hours.
  • If you're opting for artificial jewellery on your wedding day, always check for any allergic reactions from the metal and avoid any sub-standard jewellery material.
  • For winter weddings, be prepared with wraps and stoles in case of sudden cold winds.
  • Wear light water-based makeup for summers. However, moisturise and exfoliate your skin well and avoid too much blush as your winter wedding makeup.
  • Try out different bun styles or tie up your hair as much as possible, because you don't want the winds or sweat result in a messy loose hairdo.

4. Outdoor Music Needs

If you're having an outdoor wedding, it's important you consider certain things in terms of your wedding music. Dedicate an exclusive area for the wedding DJ to do their set up. Arrange for an extra generator as a power back up system in case of shortage of supply. And also, check for the time allowances for live music at your wedding venue and communicate them with your vendors.

5. Outdoor Utilities and more

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Now here is the part that deals with the practical elements. Let's take a look at the basic utilities and needs to be taken care of in case of an outdoor wedding:

  • Ensure there are restrooms and toilets within close proximity to the wedding mandap. You can also ask your wedding planner for arranging portable restrooms with all the necessary toiletries and towels.
  • An open area could also mean bugs and mosquitoes. Especially if it's a monsoon wedding or a destination wedding at a humid place. Be well equipped with repellents. You can also hand out tiny bottles of mosquito repelling lotions to your guests.
  • Hand fans, umbrellas, sunglasses and sunblock - keep all of them handy for a beach wedding. Hand them out to your guests in little gift pouches while they enter the wedding venue.

Now you can plan your outdoor wedding in the most romantic location, just like you've been dreaming of all your life. Just keep these pointers in mind, communicate with your wedding vendors about your needs and the backup plans, and you're all set! Try to choose a venue that has an option of a shaded area that can accommodate your guests. That way, you don't have to worry about any climatic surprises to ruin your outdoor settings. Include your plan to recreate the fairy tale wedding magic scenario by the sea in your wedding invitation as a special mention!

Have you attended an outdoor wedding in an exotic location lately? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.