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Tress Care! Traditional Hairstyles of Lovely Gujarati Brides

Buns, braids and fishtails! Take a look at some of the traditional hairstyles that Gujarati brides love to sport on their wedding events & get inspired!

Osum Salon & Spa

So far, we've been awestruck by the beautiful Gujarati wedding photos! The gorgeous Gujarati sarees, the rituals and Gujarati food menu...we've got some insight on the wedding traditions. So how about we give you a fresh piece on traditional hairstyles that our Gujarati brides love to sport? From pre-wedding photo shoots, Mehndi to post-wedding Arti and Tilak...all events covered with different hairdos and styling. Watch the photos, learn how to accessorise them and rock your own wedding functions by experimenting with your lovely locks. Also, take note of some hair experts you might want to get in touch with!

1. Loose Hair with hard curls

Jignesh Ashara Fotography

Mix grace with attitude by sporting those hard curls. This is one of the traditional hairstyles that a Gujarati bride loves to flaunt as it gives you a look that's a blend of coy and sass! This is also one of the simplest hairstyles that you can do all by yourself too. All you need is curl brush, heat protectant spray, blow dryer, curling irons or wand and a good quality hairspray. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair well and then untangle them properly before you begin the curling.

Ideal Occasion: Pre-wedding shoot, Mehndi function, Cocktail, Engagement and reception.

Whom to call: Hema Watsons Salon, Amaya Salon & Spa, Brilliant Hair & Beauty Lounge.

2. Puff Bun with roses

Navratna Photo Studio

If you are a fan of puff hairstyles, this is one of the traditional hairstyles that you will absolutely love. Just like numerous brides across the country, Gujarati brides too love to go for a puffed bun adorned with flowers, especially roses. However, the special extra element in this particular bun hairstyle is the layering done at the front and puff with such finesse. Take a cue from this bride's elaborate puffed bun and ask your stylist to replicate the same for you!

Ideal Occasion: Engagement, wedding, reception.

Whom to call: Osum Salon & Spa, Enrich, Textor by Ishani.

3. Messy Puff Braid

Osum Salon & Spa

Amplify the fun quotient of your bridal look! A messy puff braid is one of the traditional hairstyles that has been immensely loved by brides since forever! It's easy to attain, looks super chic and therefore is an instant favourite. Adorn your braid with tiny beads or flowers and sport some stunning flower jewellery and you're sorted for your special pre-wedding events.

Ideal Occasion: Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet ceremony.

Whom to call: Golden Touch Beauty salon and Spa, Jasmine Beauty Care, Final Touch.

4. Soft Cascading loose hair

Priyam Parikh Pictures

Flaunting your long tresses by setting them free is always a winning choice! Among all the other traditional hairstyles, open cascading hair with soft waves works almost for every wedding event. So whether you're a Gujarati bride, Punjabi bride, a Bengali bride or a bride from Kerala...this is one bridal hairstyle that would look gorgeous on brides donning any regional bridal attire! Just use a few bobby pins to keep your hair from getting messy and good quality hair products to keep them set.

Ideal Occasion: Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Reception.

Whom to call: T'Amour- The professional Salon Hub, Unique Beauty Parlour, Bridal Beauty by Shahin Shaikh.

5. Fishtail or Khajuri Braid

Sandip Patel Photography

When we're talking about traditional hairstyles that Gujarati brides love, a neat fishtail braid or commonly known as a Khajuri braid needs a special mention. This finely created braid beautifully goes with Anarkali frocks, Lehenga choli, Lancha dresses, dhoti patterns and almost every other outfit. You can get some variations like pinning up a section of front hair with a side-parting or making a puff.

Ideal Occasion: Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Reception.

Whom to call: Honey Beauty Care, Orchid Bridal Studio, Spotlight Makeup studio & Hair Academy.

6. Neat high Bun

Slideshot Productions

Accentuate your elegance up a notch with one of the classic traditional hairstyles of brides across the globe. A neatly tied high bun with multiple rolls will not just enhance your bridal look but will also compliment your outfit. And if you're using these small rolls of hair, it would make your bridal bun look voluminous and thick. Throw in a stunning evening gown for that dreamy Audrey Hepburn magic!

Ideal Occasion: Engagement, Christian wedding, Reception.

Whom to call: Le Shiven, Pahechan Beauty care, Leeza- The Family Salon.

Look for more such Indian traditional hairstyles for short hair, straight hair, curly hair or long hair. You should also take a look at some tips on which hairstyle to choose for different face shapes. Although, it's your wedding and you have the final call on what you really want. So just go ahead and get those gorgeous tresses done just how you want them to. However, always make sure you use high-quality hair products and lesser chemicals on your hair. Give your scalp oil massages a few days before the event. Stay healthy and hydrated. Eat and sleep well. Because, it's not just important to look good on your wedding, but also feel good!

So which one of these traditional hairstyles caught your fancy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!