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Check out the Complete List of Duties for Your Sister's Engagement

Your sister is getting engaged and you can't keep calm! One of the most awaited events in your life is your sister's engagement. So what's your role in it? A huge one! Take a look at the whole list of duties for you on your sister's big day.

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Haven't you always waited eagerly for this day to come? Watching your sister begin this exciting new chapter of her life. And you being her only sister, have loads to do! Sure it's stressful but way more thrilling to plan your sister's engagement, isn't it? From choosing her (and yours, of course!) engagement outfit, the food menu and selecting her favourite romantic dance songs for her and her fiance, to deciding an engagement have a huge to-do list of responsibilities to carry out. So, let's get started already! Here's a list of areas you might want to take care of while planning your sister's ring ceremony.

1. Pick your Guests

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Engagement is the first official event once the wedding has been fixed. It's a big event. But that doesn't mean you have to invite each and everyone you know on your sister's engagement. Being the bride, she might get stuck between social protocols and emotional dilemma like "should I or should I not invite my second cousin's friend who's also my friend on social media!" Your job as a sister is to calm her and be brutal with the guest list. Sit with her, discuss and help her decide who are the people she really wants to see on her engagement ceremony. And stick to that list.

2. Shop, Shop, Shop

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Well, what's the point of getting engaged if there's no shopping involved, right! Make your sister's engagement be a grand opportunity to go on a shopping spree with her. Have a fun day (and night out) dedicated only to shopping. Whether it's the bride's designer engagement outfit, the sister special dress jewellery, shoes, hair accessory or the complete makeup kit for you as well your sister. Don't leave a single leaf unturned! Help your sister find her perfect look for the ceremony while you bond with her over shopping!

3. Choose the Vendors

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This is very tedious and at the same time enjoyable part of an engagement planning. Picking the vendors! And since it's none other than your sister's engagement, searching the right people for the right jobs is a crucial part of your duty-list. Here a few steps that might help:

  • Make a list of all the areas you need help with.
  • From catering services to wedding decorators, once you have a clear picture of what your sister and both the families want, start the hunt.
  • Scan the internet, look for online reviews and feedback even consider word of mouth recommendations while going through every vendor's list. Trust us, this one needs time!
  • However, here's a genius idea: Hire a highly recommended wedding planner and offer their services to your sister as an engagement gift!

4. Ideate and Visualise


When you're planning your sister's engagement or wedding, you definitely don't want to miss the part that involves creativity and innovation. Whether it's deciding the theme of the engagement, using old bangles as a part of the decor or personalising some DIY decor ideas- your options are endless if you're up for some experimentation. You can even think of some unique props to go with your decided theme. For example, if you're going with a Bollywood theme engagement function, get your sister and her fiance's favourite celebrity's pictures printed on the engagement trays! Add a touch of funk in the whole engagement aura!

5. Tune it right!

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Choosing the right music for your sister's engagement party is a super important task for you! And who other than yourself would know all her favourite songs? Remember all those late night dancing in your pyjamas on Bollywood numbers? Put those memories to use and instruct your wedding DJ to play all the nostalgic dance numbers you both loved. Also, don't forget to add some romantic couple songs, naughty numbers for the Aunties and Uncles and an exclusive Jeeju special for your brother-in-law!

6. Delegate and Coordinate

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Being the bride's sibling, you need to build up a team! So far, you've understood that it's not a "one man's job" to carry out all those tasks on your sister's engagement. So delegate. Assign jobs to your friends, younger siblings, nephews and nieces and keep coordinating. For example, you can ask your team of nieces to throw rose petals and sprinkle rosewater while welcoming the guests! Ask one of your friends to keep checking the couple's food and beverage requirements. For a successful event, it's important you lead a well-trained team and give the right instructions!

7. Backup Plan


Always...always be ready with a backup plan for everything. It's your sister's engagement and you cannot afford to err. Whether it's the vendor or a person you've delegated some task, or an engagement Thali item essential for the ring ceremony, make sure you have a backup arrangement up your sleeve in case of an emergency.

Try unique and unconventional engagement cake ideas as a surprise for your sister. Make your sister's engagement party a fun fest with by adding fun elements. Hire a wedding entertainer or live musicians to keep the party going. Add an extempore Antakshari, fashion show or quirky games and liven up the ambience. The sky is your limit if you want to make your sister's big night super special. Just keep the creative juices flowing, go with your instincts and you're sure to make the evening a huge success!

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