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Rock Your Mehndi Dance By Checking These 5 Essential Event Details Before You Hit The Floor

It's your most awaited Mehndi dance night and you want it to be just perfect! The moves, the outfits, makeup, hairstyles and interesting ideas to include all your loved ones in your special event. Read on to know in details to ace your Mehndi!


A Mehndi ceremony is so much more than getting your hands and feet painted with beautiful henna designs. It's also about having your friends, siblings, family and all close ones by your side, and turning it into a big gala of music, fun and playfulness. And a huge part of this Mehndi ceremony involves a lot of dancing! Because, how can you even imagine any Indian wedding celebration without the Dhol beats and Thumkas?

So without much further ado, let's get down to the best part already! We have prepared an extensive list of guidelines you might need to have a super rocking Mehndi Dance event. From your Mehndi dress to the must-add songs on your playlist-we've got it all covered! Keep reading to know more!

1. The Mehndi Outfit

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Let's start with the most tricky question every girl has to face: "What should I wear"? Whether you're having a poolside event during the day, or an evening ceremony at the open gardens, your Mehndi dance outfit must be chosen on the basis of the following factors:

  • Climate- Keep in mind the temperature and humidity before picking your Mehndi outfit.
  • You dance- Make sure you are comfortable in your dress and shoes especially while dancing. Pick heels only if you've practised in those well before the main event. Otherwise, go for flats.
  • Day or Night- Choose bright & vibrant coloured outfits for a day event and darker shades for evenings. It's important to keep the ambience lights in mind while choosing your bridal wear.
  • The occasion- Since it Mehndi special, try keeping up with the theme of the occasion. Whatever colour you choose, keep a little shade of green in your outfit dedicated to the event!
  • Pick those gorgeous Lanchas in your favourite shades paired with stunning Juttis and begin the foot-tapping!

2. The Mehndi Makeup & Hair


Now that you've won over your "what to wear" hurdle, let's take a look at the makeup tips and hairstyles for your Mehndi dance! So what's your style? Open tresses, fishtail braids or side bun? You can choose whatever hairstyle or makeup you want, just keep these points in mind:

  • There will be dancing. Which may mean a little bit of sweating too. Apply oil-free matte makeup to avoid bleeding, especially during the summers. Avoid liquid bronzers and creamy eye shadow formula.
  • Fishtail braids are quite advisable for your Mehndi especially when you have to shake a leg! Basically tying up your hair would keep you hassle-free. However, if you want to go for a straight open hair look, make sure you use a good quality serum or hairspray to avoid fizz.
  • Match your eye makeup and lips with your overall attire. Speak to your bridal MUA for suggestions referring to your Mehndi attire.
  • Take a quick look at some valuable tips on summer hairstyles & makeup and choose the one that suits you the best.

3. The Mehndi Music


Let the fun part begin! One of your major tasks while organising the Mehndi Dance event is choosing the song playlist. You could take a look at some of the popular Mehndi songs that are raging this season. Or you can come up with your own list. Here are a few tips while choosing your Mehndi music:

  • Sit with your sisters and friends and make a whole playlist that would simply burn your Mehndi dance floor!
  • Select songs that everyone can dance to. Keep some songs on your playlist for the kids and your grandparents too, who'd just love to shake a leg on your Mehndi!
  • Consult with your wedding DJ before requesting the playlist and give clear instructions in case of any particular sequences.
  • Do have "family-exclusive", "bridesmaids only" "uncle-aunty special" songs to dial up the fun!
  • If you're having a Green themed wedding, you can also go for live wedding musicians instead of a DJ. Just wait until you hear Dhol beats and the whole party will start grooving to that classic Nagin dance music!

4. The Mehndi Games


Whether it's a homey Antakshari, a glam Karaoke contest or some Pani Puri competition...playing games is the best way to bring every guest together on your Mehndi dance ceremony! After all, there is no such thing as too much fun! Here are a few things to remember:

  • Mention on your wedding invitation about the games if you want maximum participation. Ask your guests to come prepared for the battle! Use quirky language on your card to raise the excitement.
  • Keep all necessary props and equipment handy before beginning the games. For example, if you're having a Karaoke game check with your sound technician to see everything is set.
  • Discuss and decide the prizes or return gifts beforehand. Take help from your bridesmaids and friends in gift wrapping them! Or you can call an expert.
  • Consider hiring a wedding entertainer for emceeing your whole Mehndi games show.

5. The Mehndi Menu


Finally the sip & bite part! Arranging for the right kind of food and beverages on your Mehndi dance function is quite important. Based on the guest list and your budget, choose your menu keeping these things in mind:

  • Keep large variety of finger foods and quick bites. You can keep a modest main course lunch or dinner.
  • If it's a day event, especially during the summers, keep abundant juices, lemonades and coconut water. If you're merging your Cocktail party with the Mehndi, keep beer and refreshing cocktails! Buttermilk, Chaach or lassi are also great alternatives.
  •  Don't keep an elaborate food menu for your Mehndi. Especially, if there are too many activities and games on your event. You can compensate on your wedding menu instead.

If you're aiming to give a smashing performance on your Mehndi dance night, you must rehearse well. Coordinate with your wedding choreographer and practice your moves. And not just you, make sure all your family members are not skipping their rehearsals! Weddings are fun only because of these ceremonies and hundreds of moments attached to them. Enjoy every second of your pre-wedding prep sessions! The outfit trials, the dance steps, the Mehndi song selection, the food tastings...have fun experiencing all of that. After all, these golden moments are the ones that will make your wedding album an asset you'd treasure!

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