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Tips for Beautiful Eye Makeup That Will Make Sure You Ace the Bridal Look

As the makeup industry keeps on evolving, there are some basic tips that never change. Know about these beautiful eye makeup tips to play up your eyes on the D-Day.

Through the Barrel

Whether or not you are new to the world of makeup, you definitely have an idea of how much difference a good eye makeup makes in building the whole look. The eye makeup you go for provides the perfect drama and base for the wedding trousseau and you can definitely make use of some time tested tips when it comes to makeup. So, whether you are thinking of DIYing your way through it or hire a make-up artist for your wedding look, here are certain tips which will come in handy for your beautiful eye makeup to set the tone for your wedding look. Take the guide:

1. Relaxation

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There are certain given rules for a glowing look, like getting enough sleep, hydrating yourself and moisturizing. Apart from all of this too, to achieve your beautiful eye makeup, you need to relax your eyes or the tiredness will show definitely. Ditch the cosmetics to remove dark circles for once and go for natural remedies which actually work. You can use cucumber pieces on the eyes, twice a day for the relaxing effect. To remove dark circles, the best remedy is to use the mixture of baking soda and tea liquor once a day for twenty minutes, starting two weeks prior to the wedding.

2. Concealer


Now let's get to the real action, and we start the low down on beautiful eye makeup, with the essential here. If the skin around your eyes matches in colour to your forehead and cheek, you don't really have to use the concealer. However, if there is a difference, you must use one and of the right consistency and shade. If the concealer around your eyes is too light or too dark, that will be all that you see in the wedding pictures later. Do some research before hiring an expert. Remember, knowledge is power and knowing the dos and don'ts of bridal makeup will go a long way in making your special day memorable.

3. Eyeshadow

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The most beautiful eye makeup can be achieved by picking the right eye shadow. First and foremost rule of the application of eye shadow is that you must not reuse a brush previously used by anyone else. Buy your own brushes and stick to using them. While buying brushes, keep in mind that for blending, a dome-shaped brush is the best bet. If you are doing it yourself, the key is to start from the inside and move outwards in the first coat, while the second coat should be from the middle of the eyelids. Blend in and fade out towards the top while using a single shade darker for the outer part if you are looking to achieve a smokey eye look. Choose an eye shadow that matches your dress colour. If not, a golden eye shadow with a smoky black combination can suit most of the dress colours. 

4. Kohl


Kohl is a necessity for adding definition to the beautiful eye makeup for the wedding day. What you need to keep in mind though, is that the lines should not be too thick and the inner part of the waterline should be left for white kohl. After applying white kohl, it needs to be blended with the black or blue kohl on the outside, to the middle.

5. Eyeliner

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Always, as the golden rule for a beautiful eye makeup goes, use a waterproof liquid liner for your wedding day. You do not want any accidents and black bleedings. Also, keep your hands steady and practice the eyeliner beforehand, multiple times to ace the look. Depending on the pattern you choose including winged, double winged or stretched, base your entire makeup accordingly. You may also complete it with the false lashes. If you are the glitter queen, decorative lashes are just your thing. However, your focus should mainly be perfecting the eyeliner for your D-Day.

6. Mascara

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Mascara is to be used to add volume to the eyelashes, in case you are not using fake lashes to enhance the beautiful eye makeup look. It is important that the mascara is applied in single long strokes, for one area and that you start from the inside, moving outwards. Most importantly, do not go for second coats. In the end, use an eyelash curler to shape the lashes and complete the look.

The most important tip, for acing the beautiful eye makeup you are looking at, for your wedding, is to practice. If you are hiring make-up professionals, you need to sit with the makeup artist and determine the whole look. Tell them your needs and certain details which you would need to tell about your skin type and preferences. Also, bring pictures of your bridal outfit for them to create a look based on the outfit. Also, ask them for a sample so that you know well in advance what you are in for. Don't give in to experimenting with the look on the final day. There are also some tips you can follow, to make sure your bridal look lasts through the day.

What is your go-to eye makeup look? If you know more about some beautiful eye makeup tips, let us know in the comments below.