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Essential Bridal Dulhan Makeup Tips Dos & Don'Ts for a Ramp-Ready Look on Your Big Day

Maximise your bridal dulhan makeup look by keeping these dos and don’ts in mind to look your gorgeous best on your big day.

Dhanika Choksi Photography

For the new bride, the wedding day is equal parts exciting and confusing. There's just too much to decide, and anything that goes wrong will remain set in stone, and come back to haunt you every time you think of your wedding memories. While some mistakes and mishaps make for great stories later, your bridal jewellery and makeup should not be one of them.

A fluke in this area can go a long way to spoil your look (and mood!) especially when you are going for the classic, traditional bridal Dulhan makeup look as it has so many elements.

Don't fret though, you should know you have struck gold because we have come up with some secret dos and don'ts you can keep in mind while going around from bridal sites to aesthetic Pinterest boards to shopping. Take the guide:

1. Makeup

Dhanika Choksi Photography

A. Balance the base

Do use bronzing powder to warm your skin tone and select more golden tones bases and concealer for an ideal bridal dulhan makeup look so that it all looks balanced in the wedding pictures, and videos.
Don't get all carried away by the shimmer highlights, no matter what that article on bridal look says. In the pictures, too much shimmer can easily turn into unflattering and highly reflective shine.

B. Be Natural

Do use more natural colours, for a washed out look in your wedding pictures. It also provides a subtler and less jarring contrast to the outfit and a natural radiance to your bridal dulhan makeup look.  
While on it, Don't over correct or over camouflage under eye circles to achieve that perfect bridal Dulhan makeup look, because that lighter shade of concealer will show.

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C. Mind your lipliner

Do, apply lip liner evenly all over the lips, to make the lipstick last longer and fade evenly when it does. Go for brighter shades like red and bright pinks if your outfit permits it.
Don't wear a lip liner which is much darker than your lipstick. Once again, that difference in shade will show in all your pictures and might ruin your entire bridal dulhan makeup look.

D. Go for classic shades

Time tested trick, Do stick to classics and neutrals. Go for golden and bronze with your red lehenga if you cannot decide about it anyway, contour and highlight with neutrals too, and go for classic blacks for the liner.
Don't go too trendy with your bridal dulhan makeup altogether. That shiny eyeliner in quirky blue might look happening today but will soon start looking dated in your wedding pictures.

2. Jewellery And Accessories

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A. Time-tested heirlooms are the best:

Do try the heirloom jewellery while deciding the bridal dulhan makeup look for your wedding. If you are going for traditional colours, this might give you all the right, royal vibes here. Before running for new jewels, check in with the grandma for original beauties. You can even give them a slightly modern touch.
Don't go for things too trendy, which might not look good in the long run, because jewels are timeless creations. Always remember, if you are not too comfortable with the new trends, it’s completely okay to stick to the traditional. Do not attempt it for the sake of trends, you should be comfortable on your big day. Trends can be reset.

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B. Choose them in advance

Do pick your accessories before your dress to ace your bridal dulhan makeup look perfectly. Once you are done with accessories, you can accordingly set tones for the dress and decide the neckline and the whole vibe of the outfit.
Don't go all clueless either. Have an image of the look you want while shopping for either and start early, it is not easy to find the perfect accessory if you leave it to the very last.

C. Choose classic statements

Do stick to original and timeless pieces like Diamond, Jadau haars and Polki designs with single coloured gemstones. You can also go for your regional or family heirlooms to perk up your bridal dulhan makeup look.
Don't overdo the look. While being OTT on your wedding day might seem natural and warranted for this one day. Still, do not weigh yourself down with too many haar or both maang tikka and passa if you think you cannot handle it or if it overwhelms your outfit.

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C. Choose pieces you can reuse

Do go for the pieces you will be able to wear later too. It is a long term investment.
Once again, Don't go for bulky and gaudy pieces which will not only weigh down your bridal dulhan makeup but also later won't be an excellent choice to be worn in family functions and otherwise. Don't buy jewellery just to be kept in a box.

D. Choose with your face shape in mind

Before you begin with your jewellery shopping, Do be aware of your face shape and shop accordingly. For a round shaped face, a long necklace that extends below the neckline, along with chandelier earrings in different shapes and cuts will look great. An oval-shaped face goes well with most of the jewellery and choker-style necklaces with short or round earrings work well for rectangular face shape.
Don't buy jewellery without trying it on and being sure that it suits you and the bridal dulhan makeup look you are going for.

Ta-da! These essential dos and don’ts will help you achieve an on-point bridal dulhan makeup look without breaking the bank. Remember, it is your big day so you need to prepare well in advance. Rely on your instincts, take a deep breath, RELAX! You got this.

Got more ideas to share? Help other brides-to-be buy listing down your tips in the comments below!