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Know the Significance of Different Accessories for Indian Bride from Poppy Bangles to Tinkling Anklets

You have always dreamt of walking down the aisle in stunning makeup and dazzling jewellery but do you know every bridal accessory holds a significance? Know the importance of different accessories for Indian bride here.

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An Indian wedding trousseau for the bride is so much more than just finding the right outfit. It is about all the vibrant and colourful accessories which complete an Indian bride. From nose ring to anklet and everything sparkly, each of these accessories for Indian bride have a special reason and significance attached to them which makes them a part of the bridal look, say, the number of pearls in the wedding nose ring accounts for the husband's wealth in some cultures and bangles signify the husband’s well being.


All of these ornaments hold an essential part and place for not just the newlyweds but married Indian women too. How many of them are on point? Well, no doubt it can be contested but who wouldn't want to know the cultural explanation of the whole wedding memorabilia after all! So, here is a list of wedding accessories for Indian bride from wedding nose ring, Maang Tikka and Bajuband, down to the toe ring with explanations offered for wearing them. Take the guide:

1. Gajra (Flower Garland)

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The usual look for a bride includes a traditional bun or coiled braid, and this is where the Gajra comes in as an adornment for the hairdo. It generally makes use of flowers like jasmine as its fragrance is explained as helping the bride to feel refreshed throughout the ceremony.

2. Bindi


A wedding is an extravagant affair not only because of the customs and rituals but because every ounce of it highlights pious exquisiteness, whether it is the colours attached to wedding or accessories for Indian bride. Bindi, too,  has an essential significance for the bride, new or old. It is said to ward off bad luck and bring in good fortune and happy times as it symbolises Goddess Parvati. Although, a Bindi is usually a plain red dot, but with times changing, it has evolved into various designs to multiply a woman’s beauty.

3. Maang Tikka

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A hair accessory worn in the middle of the parting and usually made of gold and gems, the Maang Tikka again is not only something that adds to the charm of an Indian bride and beautifies her look but also has a significance like controlling the heat of the body. Maang Tikka for a bride usually consists of a chain with a large pendant falling at the centre of the forehead. It is believed that the point of placement of the pendant is also the place of the Ajna Chakra, which in Sanskrit means “to know or perceive”. It is at this point that the holy union of the male and female on a spiritual, physical and emotional level is symbolically said to have taken place.

4. Nose Ring (Nath)

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Usually made of gold or silver with a gem or a cluster of gem and worn on the left nostril, a wedding nose ring has different ritual beliefs attached to it, in different cultures. However, like everything else, this is one of those wedding accessories for Indian bride which is not just a symbol of marriage but has an Ayurvedic significance too. The customary spot for the wedding nose ring done in the left nostril is supposed to have relevance to the reproductive organs of women and supposedly, eases the menstrual and labour pains.

5. Mangalsutra

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Mangalsutra is a part of the ritual of tying around the neck of the bride, a golden chain or a chain with black glass beads. Considered one of the important accessories for Indian bride and a mark of being married, Mangalsutra is believed to control blood pressure levels and regularise blood circulation.

6. Bajuband (Armlets)

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Considered as one of the important parts of wedding accessories for Indian bride in Rajasthan and South India, Bajuband is worn on the upper part of the arm. Usually, it is either made of gold or silver and can be embellished with gems or pearls. Additionally, it is believed that it regulates the blood circulation in the arms.

7. Bangles

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It is only ritualistically pertinent for newlywed brides and would-be-brides in India to wear bangles made of glass, gold or other metals. Mythically, it is related to the long life of the husband and good fortune and prosperity. The bangles complement the bridal trousseau by adding a dash of colour and sparkle to the look, while the material of bangles, especially silver and gold, according to Ayurveda, strengthens the bones of the hand.

8. Anklets

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Anklets are worn around the ankles by Indian brides and include a chain culminating into a bunch of jingling bells called Ghunghroos and made up of silver mostly. It can be a single chain or multiple chains and can be found in intricate designs. Just like the other accessories for Indian bride, it has a unique significance. It is believed to help in getting relief from SCIATICA, which is the pain, tingling and weakness in the legs. In addition to this, it is also said to be regulating blood circulation and aiding in curing swollen heels.

9. Toe Rings

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Last but not least, the list of accessories for Indian bride is incomplete without toe rings. Bichchiya or the toe ring is seen as a mark of a married Indian woman. Usually, they are made of silver, for it considered to be inauspicious to wear gold on feet. Toe rings are worn on the second finger of the feet, the blood vessels of which are supposed to be connected to the uterus and heart. The toe ring helps in maintaining the blood flow and regulating the menstrual cycle.

So, it’s time to sparkle your way down the aisle bejewelled in glittering accessories for Indian bride that not only help you achieve a standout style but hold significance too.

Do you know more about their significance? Let us know below!