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Check This List of Telugu Marriage Dates 2021 for a Perfect Muhurtham

Here is a list of all the pious dates that are perfect to host a Telugu wedding in 2021, according to the Panchangam, for your reference. Read to know more.

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2020 has been a hectic year for many in various ways. The pandemic was instrumental in delaying many celebrations or changing the course of these celebrations. However, looking at the brighter side of 2020, intimate weddings have picked up the pace and become a trend loved and opted by many. The Telugu marriage calendar 2020 has been looked up quite often to pick the ideal dates.

However many couples are on the lookout for newer wedding dates in 2021 to make sure that their wedding celebrations are unhindered by the pandemic that broke out early in 2020. 

The Telugu marriage dates are very popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in general, as the Panchangam calendar provides the dates that follow the Amavasyath calendar - where the month begins the day after no-moon or Amavasya

For the couples who are still on the lookout for auspicious dates to celebrate their wedding and follow the Telugu dates of Panchangam, we have listed all the Telugu marriage dates in 2021 for you to have it easy breezy. Make sure to book your wedding venue well in advance to avoid any glitches.

Telugu Wedding Dates In January

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January is usually a busy month for weddings in accordance with other auspicious or regional calendars. However, according to the Telugu marriage dates 2021, only one date is available in January for a Telugu wedding. The month of January is a solar month according to the Panchangam and hence weddings are usually not celebrated during this time. However, you can opt for an early bird opportunity before all the venues and vendors become unavailable. Here is the one date that is available in January.

  • 18th January  – Monday

Telugu Wedding Dates In February

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What better day would you find in February to tie the knot than Valentine's day! You can plan your wedding and pre-weddings in such a way that you can walk down the aisle to make the 2021 Valentine's day legendary. The weather will be perfect for a winter wedding and with so much love in the air, you better start planning ASAP because February 2021 is not far away. Here are the Muhurtham dates available in February 2021.

  • 14th February – Sunday
  • 15th February – Monday
  • 16th February – Tuesday

Weddings Dates In The Month Of April

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For the couples who are planning a summer wedding, you'll have to admit Indian summers can be a mood-killer at times. However, with the onset of summers and the wind still not very warm, April can be the perfect time to host your summer wedding at an open-air venue. To enhance the fun of the summer wedding you can even plan a gorgeous day wedding with the sun still subtle for you to flaunt your beautiful floral lehengas. You can also check out the consecutive dates available and listed below.

  • 17th April – Saturday
  • 22nd April – Thursday
  • 24th April – Saturday
  • 25th April – Sunday
  • 26th April – Monday
  • 28th April – Wednesday
  • 29th April – Thursday
  • 30th April – Friday

The Muhurthams In May

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The month of May is an absolute blessing in the Telugu marriage dates 2021. How convenient is it to host a weekend wedding with nobody having to cancel their presence last minute because of office or their kids' schools the next day? Absolute bliss! With every date rolled out in the weekends, May is THE month to host your wedding. You could do a destination wedding or carry on with the celebrations and after-party all weekend long without any second thoughts. Here are the perfect dates for a peak summer wedding.

  • 1st May – Saturday
  • 2nd May – Sunday
  • 7th May – Friday
  • 8th May – Saturday
  • 9th May – Sunday
  • 13th May – Thursday
  • 14th May – Friday
  • 21st May – Friday
  • 22nd May – Saturday
  • 23rd May – Sunday
  • 24th May – Monday
  • 26th May – Wednesday
  • 28th May – Friday
  • 29th May – Saturday
  • 30th May – Sunday

Telugu Wedding Dates In June

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The craze of a bright summer wedding where you get to flaunt your organza sarees and lightweight lehengas is a hit among Indians. To meet this craze, June is another Indian summer month perfect for weddings according to the Telugu wedding calendar 2021. If May seemed too much to handle, June definitely will have your ideal dates laid out nicely. Take a look at the auspicious Telugu marriage dates 2021 in June.

  • 3rd June – Thursday
  • 4th June – Friday
  • 5th June – Saturday  
  • 16th June – Wednesday
  • 19th June – Saturday
  • 20th June – Sunday
  • 22nd June – Tuesday
  • 23rd June – Wednesday
  • 24th June – Thursday

Telugu Marriage Dates In July 2021

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Millennials love monsoon weddings. The monsoon pre-wedding shoots or the wedding shoots taken out into the wild to capture the best of the romance, while the raindrops make for breathtaking weather, July is the ideal time to tie the knot. Get your hands on a transparent tent decor to enjoy an enchanting wedding ceremony. Make sure you pick your monsoon wedding outfits wisely to avoid any wardrobe malfunction. The dates available in July are listed here.

  • 1st July – Thursday
  • 2nd July – Friday
  • 7th July – Wednesday
  • 13th July – Tuesday
  • 15th July – Thursday

Telugu Wedding Dates In November

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With the onset of mild winters throughout the country and a perfect time to flaunt some fancy blouse designs or full-sleeve saree blouses, the sombre wind of November is perfect for a cosy outdoor wedding. Use all the gorgeous flowers available in the winters to deck up your wedding venue an plan for a mesmerising wedding ceremony. This is also a great time to plan a destination wedding flawlessly. Here are the dates in November according to the Telugu Muhurtham 2021.

  • 15th November – Monday
  • 16th November – Tuesday
  • 20th November – Saturday
  • 21st November – Sunday
  • 28th November – Sunday
  • 29th November – Monday
  • 30th November – Tuesday    

Best Telugu Wedding Dates In December


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Bring out your best silk sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees, the Pattu silk drapes and your velvet lehengas to style it perfectly for a December wedding. The decor gets cosy and the sun is just perfect to start your forever. Especially with the holiday season ahead, the availability of your guests will increase ten-fold. Here are the perfect December dates for hosting a Telugu wedding.

  • 1st December – Wednesday
  • 2nd December – Thursday
  • 6th December – Monday
  • 7th December – Tuesday
  • 11th December – Saturday
  • 13th December – Monday

March, August September & October

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The Telugu marriage dates in 2021 have given you these months to rest and plan your dream day perfectly. With the following months being heavily loaded with auspicious dates, you could actually take time out to finish the final touchups and make sure your dream wedding turns into a reality for all to behold. You can, however, plan for some budget-friendly weddings during these times if you are not a fan of splurging into a big fat D-day.

These are the generic auspicious dates as shown on the Muhurtham calendar according to the Panchangam. However, Telugu weddings are heavily dependent on matching horoscopes to determine the perfect wedding date that fits the couple best. This is why we would suggest you shortlist a few dates and check with a priest or an astrologer to make it all the more perfect. 

If you have finally figured out your wedding date, get in touch with WeddingWire India or download the app from PlayStore and App Store to let the professionals guide you in planning the picture-perfect wedding of your dreams.