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Simple Mehndi Designs for Left Hand Palm by Henna Artists

These designs are minimalistic in nature and quick to achieve. So are you ready for a girl’s only mehndi wedding party? Because we are!

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Whether you plan on booking a henna artist to do your wedding mehndi or you have decided on helping each other getting henna tattoed for an upcoming wedding, we present to you simple mehndi designs for left hand palm that will be easy flatterers to achieve on a time crunch. The beauty of these simple mehndi designs for left hand palm is that almost all of them are till the wrists only, making them ideal for all bridesmaids to get stained with for the wedding.

The designs listed below are a mix of trendy designs, Arabic designs, Indian designs and some unique arts done by henna artists from across the globe. This means that you will get to go through some of the latest globally done henna designs that are easy to replicate.

Browse through this list of simple mehndi designs for left hand palm and bookmark the ones you would love to get solo for the upcoming wedding or you would love to share with your girlfriends for the wedding season.

The English Rose

Image Courtesy: Girly Henna

As the name suggests, this henna art consists of decorating the hands with shaded rose flowers on the palms, with the stems of the leaves decorating the wrist and the fingers to complete the look.

These kinds of simple mehndi designs for left hand palm are perfect if you plan on wearing more of western outfits to a wedding, as the English rose will be embraced by the western silhouettes elegantly. Palm Cuff You might have been acquainted with the palm cuff jewellery that fashionistas can be seen flaunting at fashion weeks and Instagramming about it everywhere.

Taking the style of a palm cuff, ask your henna artist to work up simple mehndi designs for left hand palm across the palm area only. Starting from the base of the thumb stretching all the way across the palm area right under the pinky finger of your hand, create in-loop or unique design patterns in this borderline only. Repeat the process on the other hand and at the back of both the hands as well. Voila! Your palm cuff mehndi design is complete.

3D Flower Design

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Just like the English rose, this mehndi design too works on the lines of creating realistic looking floral art with henna on the hands. But what distinguishes this design from the English rose pattern is the shading on the flower which makes it appear more 3-dimensional. The  Jaali work around the 3D flower pattern makes such simple mehndi designs for left hand palm appear more beautiful once the stain settles in.

Shaded Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

The henna artist can begin this style by creating boundaries of motifs all over the hand and then apply different application pressures to create shaded mehndi design all over the hand.

If you wish to achieve different hues of mehndi stain colour on both of your hands, then shaded simple mehndi designs for left hand palm are surely going to give you the perfect end result. You can decide on the length of a shaded mehndi design depending on how detailed you want the mehndi to appear.

Mandala Henna Design

Image Courtesy: Neeta Desai Sharma

Possibly the most popular simple mehndi designs for left hand palm among bridesmaids and henna artists is a Mandala henna design. Beginning the course of the mehndi pattern by working from the middle-most point of the palm and working all the way to the corners of the palm with designs in circular motions is what creates beautiful Mandala henna designs.

To conclude the art, the henna artists often create a pattern on one finger, duplicating it on all 10 fingers for a beautiful looking mehndi design.

Garden Print Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Neeta Desai Sharma

Garden print simple mehndi designs for left hand palm consists of a variety of flower and leaf patterns combined together to form one beautiful looking mehndi art.

What makes this mehndi style stand out from the rest is the variety of mehndi techniques used to achieve garden motifs and how they all combine together to create one uniform looking mehndi pattern.

Half And Half Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Sonia's Henna Art

This is another very interesting style of simple mehndi designs for left hand palm. You can decide on a pattern of mehndi art that you wish to achieve on your hands, divide the pattern into two halves and henna map them half on each of your hands. The outcome? Whenever you will join both the hands together, one beautiful henna design will come into being. Interesting, isn’t it?

Matching Bridesmaids

Image Courtesy: Sonia's Henna Art

If your best friend is getting married and you wish to express how happy you are for the bride and the groom, then you can simply decide on giving an ode to her wedding by doing something like this with the henna art.

Surprise her by getting the names of the couple, the wedding hashtag and the date of the wedding etched on your hands for the wedding with the help of henna. Such simple mehndi designs for left hand palm will surely create a memory that the bride and you all bridesmaids will cherish forever.

Heart And Jaali Work

Image Courtesy: Neeta Desai Sharma

You might have seen many Jaali work simple mehndi designs for left hand palm, but we are sure that you haven’t come across any such designs that have been decorated with silhouettes of hearts all over for a beautiful mehndi creation. This repetitive pattern of heart and Jaali work will cover up the entire space of your palm in no time, giving you a quick and yet beautiful mehndi design for the wedding.

All of these simple mehndi designs for left hand palm will dry out soon, which means that you will be able to participate in the wedding celebrations and help the bride-to-be out for her own extensive wedding, fuss-free and will ample time on hand. These designs are also unique much that can be replicated on both fronts as well as the back of the hands.

Either opt to get similar design patterns done on both the hands or go for a mix of two of these simple mehndi designs for left hand palm and the right-hand palm. From the bridal jewellery department, you can select a pair of colourful bangles and a cocktail ring to enhance the beauty of these mehndi designs.

The talented henna artists listed on our vendor’s panel are experts in recreating such designs with a touch of their own personal creativity. Do check them out!