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30 Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands That Work Wonders For The Bride And Bridesmaids

Once you’re done with this list of simple mehndi designs for hands, you’ll have a lot of favourites. Get ready to create your own masterpiece mehndi!

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If you’re on a spree and on the lookout for unique mehndi designs for yourself and your friends/family, you’ve come to the right place. These simple mehndi designs for hands are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also are different from everything you’ve seen so far.

Get ready to rock your mehndi with these simple mehndi designs for hands.

20 Simple Mehndi Designs for Front Hands

1) Personalised charm

Perfect Pixels Production

Bridal Mehndi is all about weaving stories - all you have to do is tell your mehndi artist, what you'd like to include in your mehndi and it'll be done! This particular design combines the Jaimala motifs, aeroplanes (we're looking at you - travel-loving brides) and a lot of other mehndi elements that have been combined to create an intricate design!

2. Checkered patterns? Check!

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

There is something unique and elegant about checkered patterns - it does the job of standing out and yet manages to look simple! While your main theme could be checks and Arabic mehndi design meshwork, you could also add personal favourite elements to spruce it up!

3. Floral beauty at its best!

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Hayat

Love flowers and floral patterns? Show your love by including them in your list of simple mehndi designs for hands! Your entire mehndi could just be a combination of floral elements!

4. The Bridal mehndi doodle

Image courtesy: Black Tie Project

Here's an idea: Include art and designs in your mehndi as well! It will create something personal, fun and unique! From favourite doodles to dates and mantras, get your own new bridal mehndi doodle!

5. Bridal aesthetics - max!

Image courtesy: Henna by Pallavi

This one tops the list of our simple mehndi designs for hands - be it the paisley motifs or the peacocks and leaves, this exquisite mehndi design screams bridal elegance!

6. Leafy Love!

Image courtesy: Henna Paradise

You could also create an entire design based on leaves! Look at this mehndi design with leaves at every step of the way. Gorgeous, isn't it?

7. Mix of Minimal & Maximal!

Image courtesy: Henna by Jesma Mithun

Can't choose between exquisite and simple mehndi designs for hands? This one is for you!

Keep the design on your palms to a minimum and space them out. Include an exquisite pattern starting from your wrists! The perfect way to get the best of both worlds.

8. All about the elephant element

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

It's time for a cute mehndi design - while the rest of your mehndi could include different mehndi patterns, you could have an adorable elephant in the centre of your palms. Traditional plus cute? Oh yes!

9. Mandalas forever

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Hayat

Have nothing specific in mind? Go for the mandala motif mehndi design! It tells a story of traditions and elegance - the right mix for your wedding!

10. Give it a break

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Hayat

For this mehndi design, it's the clean breaks bang in the middle of the patterns, that makes all the difference! Definitely worth a try.

11. All hearts for the Heart design

Image courtesy: Henna by Hayat

While your entire mehndi doesn't have to be about the heart pattern but dedicating just a corner of your palms to the heart pattern can work wonders. Weddings are all about love and romance - why not include something to symbolise that?

12. Just the wrists this time

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Hayat

Not to big on mehndi throughout your palms? The solution is simple! Choose simple mehndi designs for hands that adorn your wrists. It could be a combination of clean checks with some floral motifs for added intricacy!

13. Jewellery Loving

Image courtesy: Henna by Hayat

There is a mehndi style dedicated just to jewellery-like patterns. The wrist bands that you see here is a classic example of traditional jewellery mehndi designs!

14. Of Paisleys & Beauty

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Hayat

Paisley motifs are so stunning in themselves, that you don't need much else to surround them with. We can't take our eyes off this simple paisley mehndi design!

15) In for some mirror magic?

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Pav

The mirrored mehndi pattern is usually spread across both hands - keeping true to its name, one hand mirrors the mehndi design of the other hand! Fascinating, right?

16. Art it up!

Image courtesy: De’ Green Henna

This mehndi design is a work of art in itself - look at how beautifully the rose is shaded!

17. Play with the hues

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Sofia Haque

You could experiment with your mehndi not only in terms of the patterns but also in terms of the hues.  A few elements could be dark in the shade while the rest could be of a lighter hue!

18. The all-in-one mehndi

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Pav

What happens when you love the rose pattern, the leaf pattern, the meshwork pattern AND the jewellery pattern? You put them all in your mehndi!

19)  Intricate circles all the way

Image courtesy: Mehndi by Pav

The dominant elements in this mehndi are the pretty circles. Give these intricate circles a shot and watch the magic happen!

20) Focus on the fingertips

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

Why should the palms steal the show? Include paisley motifs on your fingertips and create a pattern that's uniquely stunning! In fact, we also recommend these finger mehndi designs.

10 Simple Mehndi Designs for  Back Hands

1) Beauty in the details

Image courtesy: Henna By Divya

Simple mehndi designs for hands don't have to be minimal - they could be detailed and still not look complex. Wondering how? Take a look at this design - it's a combination of a lot of elements and still looks elegant!

2. How about some swirls and twirls?

Image courtesy: Sumi Henna

If you're looking to create a fun vibe with simple mehndi designs for hands - then get a swirly twirly pattern on the back.

3. Shadow and light

Image courtesy: Henna By Divya

The back hand mehndi designs can be really quirky too! You could get a rose motif done with a couple of them in darker strokes and a couple of them in lighter ones. Artsy? Yes!

4. What a jewel

Image courtesy: Pinterest

This pattern is a part of Arabic simple mehndi designs for hands - also known as the hand harness style, it makes the mehndi look like a piece of jewellery!

5. Minimal magic

Image courtesy: Pinterest

While your front hand design can be ornate, you can choose simple mehndi designs for hands for the back part. Check out this small circle in the centre and minimal patterns on the fingers.

6. Exquisite spaces

Image courtesy: Henna by Divya

Get a mix of exquisite floral and geometric patterns on two sides and leave symmetrical breaks in between - take our word for it, this is going to be your favourite out of the simple mehndi designs for hands!

7. Enchanting meshwork

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

Another pattern from the Arabic simple mehndi designs for hands, the meshwork style can really spruce up any given style! Add a few circles and you'll get the back mehndi design you've always wanted!

8) Flowers within flowers

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

A giant flower on your back hand could steal the show. Wait, that's not all - to make it even prettier, fill in the flower petals with lotus motifs and meshwork!

9. Beautiful mismatch

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

Why have the same pattern on both of your back hands, when you can have different but equally beautiful ones? Take a look at this mismatched simple mehndi designs for hands and you'll know what we mean!

10. Up till the arms

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

If you love going all out, then this exquisite design is just for you. A style like this will cover the entire length of your back hand - from the tips of the fingers to the end of your arm!

Bridesmaids, brides, friends of brides, families of brides - unite! This list of simple mehndi designs for hands will get you going and help you create enchanting mehndi styles for the ceremony!

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Written by Rohini Roy