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Off to a Makeup Salon? Know These 6 Details About Yourself First

Choosing the right makeup salon for your wedding is a crucial job. So, here are some important things you must know about your skin & hair before picking one

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Every bride dreams of a perfect bridal makeup on her special day. Therefore choosing the right makeup artist for the job is of absolute importance. And not just the makeup, but getting the right bridal hair is a crucial requirement for a bride. So, before you choose your makeup salon for all your wedding functions, you must know your skin and hair.

it's essential to understand what will be best for you and why. Take a look at some pointers that would help to know about your hair and skin before you hire the experts.

1. Your Skin Type

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Before applying any kind of makeup, the first rule is to know your skin type. So, when you talk to your makeup salon, make sure you let them know about your skin type and texture beforehand. That makes things easier for both of you. For example, if you have dry skin, let your wedding MUA know it way in advance. That will help them to come up with makeup options accordingly.

2. Allergy and Intolerance

The next and probably the most important skin info you need to acknowledge is about the allergies. If you've had any kind of skin allergies or reactions to any particular makeup product (or brand), it's highly crucial to convey that to your makeup salon. In case you're not sure about your skin sensitivities, ask them about their products. Try on those exact products as a test run and decide accordingly. You can also ask your salon experts for a test run to check for reactions. If your skin doesn't agree with the offered makeup, look for natural alternatives or consult a dermatologist.

3. Your Hair Type

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Now let's talk about your lovely locks! Not to sound like a spoil-sport, but before you begin with your hairstyling dreams, it's good to know what kind of hair you have and how far you can go! Although you have the liberty to choose any hairstyle you want (it's your wedding after all); but it's advisable to go for something that would require the least amount of hair-products and heat application!

Say if you have overtly curly hair, ask the experts at your makeup salon for hairstyles apt for your curls. Fizzy hair requires more conditioning and treatment, so make sure you get all the hair-care you need from your makeup salon.

4. The Shape of your Eyes

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Eyes speak volumes about a woman's personality, mood, emotion and desires! Why else do you think we have so many eye makeup styles depicting versatile stories? So before you decide which kind of eye-story you'd want to tell, understand the possibilities. Know the exact shape of your eyes so that you can ask for the perfect eye-makeup at your makeup salon.

Winged eyeliner, nude or shimmery eye shadow, dramatic makeup or hot smoky eyes...whatever you choose for your special event, keep your eye-shape in mind to create a perfect impact!

5. Hair-removal techniques

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This one might sound like irrelevant, but it's utterly important to know what kind of hair removing techniques your makeup salon will use. You must have waxed or shaved all your life, but when you're going for your pre-bridal sessions, ensuring the hygiene and procedures are significant. Stick to the hair-removing protocols that you've always maintained.

Hygienic wax strips, safe and secure location with privacy, good quality, tried & tested products and coolants...these are the factors you need to be absolutely sure about, before you pick your salon.

6. Special skin and hair treatment for certain conditions

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If you have certain skin or hair conditions like acne, pigmentation, dandruff etc. you must ask about in-house specialists to your makeup salon. Before you begin your beauty treatment, it's important to consult a dermatologist or skin specialist about the consequences of applying bridal makeup and hair products. An in-house specialist will help you with the options better as they are aware of the salon's treatments. As an alternative, you can also go for natural bridal makeup.

Always ask your makeup salon for a trial runway before the actual event. It's important to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Prep your skin with natural or homemade face packs and hair treatments to keep them healthy. Never compromise on the quality of products just to save a few's not worth it.

Look for certifications and reviews about the chosen makeup salon. You don't want any stress on your big day, do you? Drink lots of fluid. Keeping your hair and skin hydrated will naturally give it a lustrous glow. Meditate, exercise, eat and sleep right. Because more than anything else, keeping yourself healthy, calm and happy are the most important points to remember!

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section.