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Face Makeup App Options That Brides-To-Be Vouch For!

You don’t need to be an expert to determine what kind of makeup will look perfect on you. All you need is the right face makeup app and you are sorted! Check out these face makeup app options available to help you finalise your wedding looks in a jif

Sunny Dhiman Photography

Let’s be honest here! Meeting a makeup artist for the wedding looks can be quite an intimidating affair. For brides-to-be who have never been much interested in acquiring the rules and trends of makeup in the first place, discussing possible wedding looks with a makeup artist can be a task!

But this dilemma can very easily be eliminated and solved by simply downloading a few face makeup app options on the smartphone. These apps come with an easy-to-use interface, making it a big hit among not so tech-savvy to pro-brides-to-be alike.

The right light, right face posture and the perfect image capture can open a pandora of wedding makeup looks for any bride-to-be, in the comfort of her home.

So whether a bride is simply looking at gaining more knowledge on the types of makeup out there, or a bride is considering shortlisting some professional makeup looks before visiting the wedding MUA, checking these face makeup app options out is the perfect solution.

Lakme Makeup Pro

Amrit Kaur Artistry

This app is high in demand and is perfect if one is on a lookout for wedding-perfect makeup looks. The app not only provides access to digitally mapped makeup looks D.I.Y. option but also showcases a gallery of makeup looks inspired by what Kareena Kapoor (their brand ambassador at the moment) has been spotted wearing. The app also houses Lakme products that have been used to achieve each look, making it easier for the user to buy the exact cosmetics to achieve the looks for any wedding function easily.

YouCam Makeup

Image Courtesy: Mona Sangha's Instagram

The speciality of this face makeup app is that it not only engages a user with multiple makeup look options but also includes add-on effects like graphically mapping Indian jewellery around the face conveniently. This feature helps bride-to-be to get a better understanding of how one particular makeup will look on her face with all the wedding jewellery in place. Other features of this face makeup app include skin analyses, hair colouring, henna mapping and a gallery of latest world-class cosmetics, to try makeovers with real-time products.

Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover

Image Courtesy: Pakkhi. P Siroya

This face makeup app requests the user to upload a front face photograph of self to begin the makeover process. Making sure that the photograph has ample brightness, uploading a selfie or a mugshot helps to process makeovers in a real-time manner. With the photograph of the bride-to-be on the app as the base of the makeover, applying (mapping) the base, contouring, eye makeup, blush, highlighter, lip makeup and hairstyle becomes a virtually realistic experience.


Image Courtesy: Vogue, India

This face makeup app has been in the news, has been talked about on magazines like Seventeen and has been featured on various digital portals as one of the most used face makeup app internationally with over a million users subscribed to it! Right from the most minimalistic makeup looks to high-definition full coverage makeup options, this face makeup app offers makeup looks for every occasion of the wedding. Don’t forget to check out your before and after makeover photographs to understand what difference the right makeup can make to the face.


Image Courtesy: Mona Sangha's Instagram

Sephora is like Disneyland for Indian makeup enthusiasts. Don’t we all agree? Sephora stores across India have many international skincare and makeup products to offer but one finds self often lost amidst all the beauty, not able to judge what to pick and what to miss! Sephora’s virtual face makeup app is much more than just a makeover junction. You get all the information about products that are available in the market, you get to filter through products that meet your makeup requirements and create looks for later purchase from physical stores as well.

Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

Amrit Kaur Artistry

Although this is essentially a photo ‘editing’ app, the interface and the mapping system of this app provides precise makeup application on the photograph of the user, making the experience lifelike! The face makeup app offers an array of eyebrows, eyeshadows that are customisable, variety of eyelashes, colours of blushes, contours, different foundation shades, hundreds of lip colours and trendiest of hair colours to try for the makeover D.I.Y.

Image Courtesy: Tamanna Roashan's Instagram

Many of these face makeup app options offer ‘image saving’ option, which enables any bride-to-be to share wedding makeup looks with her girlfriends via numerous graphic-texting apps available on smartphones. This helps in finalising the looks that the majority of the participants vote for, making it easier for the bride to communicate and consult with the wedding makeup artist later. These makeup looks also give the bride-to-be more confidence and a clearer picture of how each look will appear on her if she finalises on going ahead with them.

Have you tried any of these apps wearing your wedding trousseau, yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.