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Do This, Not That! Makeup Makeover 101 for a Bride-To-Be!

Experimenting with makeup makeover around the time of your wedding sounds exciting! But be careful with the look you choose. You don’t want bad makeup to ruin your big day!

Make Up by Afsha Rangila

Ah! The wedding time is coming near and everything around you is fresh and new, bought and arranged especially in your honour. From clothes to shoes, accessories and makeup, everything is a new purchase which gives you ample opportunities to experiment with your look and create new ones with each outfit. But when it comes to figuring out your makeup look for the big day it is better to test and try a variety of products and combinations beforehand so that you don’t face any smudges and melt-offs amidst the biggest moment of your life so far.

Here are a few essential makeup makeover do’s and don’ts we recommend for every bride-to-be.

Do This!

1. Keep it classy and classic

Nitin Arora Photography

Okay, so first thing first. When you are deciding on the type of makeup makeover you want for your big day choose something that is classy and classic. An evergreen look that you think will not fade with time or become out of date. Your precious wedding pictures are going to be a part of your life for a lifetime, you don’t want to look back and think, “what was I thinking”. Remember, a classic and elegant look is timeless.

2. It’s all about that base

Gautam Khullar Photography

Yes, of course, it is all about the base. Your foundation lays the foundation of your makeup makeover ensuring that your skin looks flawless. But don’t forget the hero that makes sure that your base remains flawless all night long. Without a doubt, applying a primer is the first step (after moisturisation) to any long-lasting makeup makeover that will make your gorgeous look last for hours.

3. Blend, blend, blend … and then blend some more

Image Courtesy: Orange the Salon

Your face is a canvas on which you are about to paint the most gorgeous version of yourself in celebration for the greatest event of your life. You want to make sure that the picture you paint is perfect without and strokes or lines coming in the notice of the naked eye. And the only way to achieve this precision and perfection is to blend. Literally, every makeup product needs blending whether it’s for your eyes or your face. Foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow blend it all and let there be no visible lines of your imperfect perfections.

Oh no, don’t do that:

4. Prep, but a bit in advance

Image Courtesy: Sukhdeep Makeup

Taking care of your skin is the initial step to a makeup makeover which comes even before the actual makeup. While you are getting your skin treated in preparation for your big day, make sure you go through the beauty sessions of facials, tanning etc, at least two days before the main event. This will give your skin enough time to sooth after the processes and take care of any redness that might have happened. The last thing you want a day before your wedding functions start is a case of bad tanning.

5. Shake off the shimmer

Make Up by Afsha Rangila

Weddings are all about bright and vivid hues with glistening gold and shimmering silver literally all around you. Your stunning bridal attire and drool-worthy jewels that you adorn on your big day will have more than enough sparkle, so don’t go gaga over applying highlights and glittery products all over your face. Not only will it make your makeup makeover blend in with your outfit it will also result in some disastrous pictures. Go subtle on that shimmer!

6. Keep the smoke away

Nitin Arora Photography

Smokey look is an art form that is not to be exhibited on the day of your wedding. While we agree that it takes a fine makeup artist to achieve a flawless and seamless smokey eye makeup with all shades perfectly blended in, we do not recommend a dark eyeshadow look for your wedding day. Opt for brighter and warmer tones in your eyeshadow palette. Remember the classic look we mentioned above? Neutrals are your best friend and will go a long way to give you the perfect divine and glowy look you seek for your special day.

There are so many ways of playing around with makeup to create different looks. So, make sure you start off well in advance to test all and any look you desire for your big day and choose the one that suits best with the bridal vibe that you want to create. Once you know the look you want, the next and final step is to test out various brands with different makeup formulas to ensure that you select the ones that suit your skin and last longer. ‘Cause we are sure you don’t want to be surprised by skin troubles right before the main event.

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