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The A-Z List of Bridal Accessories To Guide Your Own Wedding Shopping Spree

Wonder what all should you don for your very special day? We've gone across the length and breadth of India to come up with an all-inclusive list of bridal accessories for the dainty Indian bride. Here's everything that common or completely unique.

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From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, you're covered in essentials of 'Shringaar' on the most auspicious day of your life - the wedding day. This includes all the countless ornaments you wear, the items you carry and the flowers in your hair. To ensure that you get everything right, we've put together the essential list of bridal accessories which apply to most Indian brides.

List of Bridal Accessories For India

These include the Tarang and Dejhor from a Kashmiri wedding to the Veni and Poola Jada seen on southern brides, the gleaming tiara on Christian brides to a floral veil that some Muslim brides choose to wear for their Nikaah. Go through it all and plan your wedding shopping trip accordingly.

1. Anklet

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From plain jane anklets to heavy, Ghungroo-laden jewellery, the anklet is essential for nearly all Indian brides. It's soft tinkles announce her entry into a new home and heath, while their look adds volumes to her individual bridal look. From the thread-like anklet to heavy temple jewellery, from heavy Jhanjhar and Pajeb to the Jhallar and Payal - you will be floored by the number of options available.

2. Ambada

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The Ambada hairstyle is a point of note for most Marathi brides, especially those with the Peshwani ties that come with this historical bridal hairstyle. The nearly vertical bun may have given way to a rounder classic Indian bun or one with different layers set into place.

However, the semi-circle Ambada hairstyle pin with its bell-like accents is still a crowdpleaser. You can, in fact, still spot as part of the Marathi bridal look.

3. Alta

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An original as far as the 'Solah Shringaar' concept is concerned, the Alta is a red dye that's used to bedeck the bride's hands and feet. Dabbed on as dots on the palms, feet and soles, it is a pretty sight indeed.

You can spot this detail on brides from West Bengal and Odisha in particular, though it is applicable for everyone who cares for this shade of red on their hands and feet.

4. Bajuband

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The bajuband or armband is a tiny detail that we've sported on Indian brides from different regions - from the Rajasthani bride to the Kannadiga bride. It can vary from a thin thread with pearls to a solid band, well-worth its weight in gold.

We have sported the armlet as part of Rajputi wedding jewellery, Marathi bridal jewellery and generally, amid south Indian bridal jewellery. In the last case, these bajubands are heavy, antique gold pieces as seen with temple jewellery.

5. Bangles

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The lure of tinkling glass is enough to bring joy to any bride, dreaming about her 'Oh, so pretty' avatar. Brides can either opt for glass bangles in fertility-linked green and yellow colours or crimson red. You can also opt for bridal bangles that match the exact shade of your bridal lehenga or bridal saree.

These bangles come in different sizes and variations, adorned in stonework, paint, pearls, charms and Kalire. Choose the one that makes you really smile.

6. Belt

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While the kamarbandh has been a part of both north Indian and south Indian bridal looks, a dapper-looking bridal belt takes this up a notch. It could be distinct gold or golden belt or a fashionable leather belt.

Fabric ties can also be part of the look, holding your saree or lehenga dupatta with deft ease.

7. Bindi

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Dot, dot, dash with pride. The Dulhan bindi and bindi design are again a Solah Shringaar addition and to the list of bridal accessories. The dot to forehead-size draw (or stick-on) paint completes an Indian bridal look with absolute ease. Choose yours based on your bridal outfit, your cultural sensibilities (where an Odiya and Bengali bride opt for the Chandan bindi) or your overall wedding makeup look.

8. Bridal bouquet

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Carry a posse of flowers while you sashay down the aisle! Think that's a move only good for international brides or those holding an Indian Christian wedding? Think again! The bridal bouquet has become a point of call for most Indian brides, including Punjabi brides this season. Choose flowers that either contrast or lighten up your bridal outfit or add a pop of colour to a subtle, even pastel lehenga.

9. Brooches

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No list of bridal accessories is complete without a nod to the right jewellery. One such item, that can work wonders for brides, grooms and even friends and guest is the signature set of brooches - like the Betiwale brooches and Betewalle brooches.

Sign up for a set to offset against your bridal saree or kurti that declares you as the #BrideChilla, #Pataka or SWAG Dulhaniya and let it deliver your attitude in equal style. You can also opt for a set of bridal brooches that are more chic, like the one above.

11. Chura

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The right set of bridal chura bangles are the de-facto marker for any newly-wed bride. The dainty set of 21, 31 or even 51 bangles, both thick and thin add to the charm as a sign of a new beginning.

Crimson no longer, the Chura bangles now match the bridal lehenga in a bevvy of colours, even white, yellow, peach, orange, pink and blue!

12. Clutches

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A classic bridal clutch houses more than just the bride's go-to lipper, tissues and mobile - it also houses her move into matrimony. The right clutch is a find that's essential for your list of bridal accessories.

13. Chandan Bindi

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The Chandan bindi is a designated marker for the bride at her Bihari wedding, Bengali wedding and a select set of other traditions. Painted in ivory paint or even Chandan on the forehead, it adds a goddess-like Shringaar to your bridal look.

14. Choker

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The Choker is an essential segment in most bridal jewellery sets, from Rajasthani jewellery, Marathi bridal jewellery, Hyderabadi Nizam jewellery and even the multi-layered Kerala wedding jewellery.

The choker design adds value, right at the neck, in glimmering pearls, glass, gold beads, gems and even diamonds.

Have you found your favourites in this list of bridal accessories? Share them with us in the comments below.