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8 Classic Chura Bangles that’ll Steal Your Heart at First Sight!

Look at these bridal Chura bangles and get inspired before you hit the shops to find a bespoke pair for yourself!

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Bridal churas are one of the most favourite Shringar elements of Indian brides, especially North Indian brides. Traditionally, a set of 21 bangles in red and ivory are gifted by the bride's maternal uncle and aunt. These bangles are first purified with milk and rose petals and then gifted to the bride on the wedding day. These bangles are a way to bless the bride; they add to her beauty, too. These days, brides have the freedom to choose the designs and colours of their own bridal chura bangles. Here are some classic ones that are loved and adored the most.

1. Red bangles and kundan

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Red bangles, when mixed with kundan bangles or kadas, give a royal look to the bride. Kundan is a unique style in which glass pieces are embedded in gold to create absolute masterpieces. Many stores that sell chura bangles offer kundan ones too; else you can add these kadas later on. During your wedding, you can add an opulent pair of kalire to add more extravagance. This style is perfect for brides who're opting for a traditional, royal bridal look.

2. Long and layered

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Double or even triple the beauty of your bridal chura bangles by adding multiple layers of red bridal bangles. In between these red bangles, add kundan kadas, gold bangles, crystal bangles or even the traditional ivory ones. This style is also perfect for brides who like to keep it elegant and royal. To make it more practical, you can remove a couple of bangles or leave just one set on after the wedding.

3. Joyful orange

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Modern brides who love to do something Hatke and those who are going to wear chura bangles for just a couple of days can opt for an orange chura. The colour looks stunning in pictures and pairs well with unconventional colours of bridal outfits. The colour orange signifies joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, change, happiness, fun, and enjoyment and will suit bubbly day brides the most.

4. Pretty pink

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Not just on Wednesdays, you're allowed to wear pink everyday! Sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tender – if this is how people describe you, this colour is an excellent pick for you. Although pink isn't a non-conventional colour, it is picked by fewer brides, which makes it catch a lot of attention.

5. Red and gold

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Red and gold are the classic shades for a quintessential Indian bridal look. Chura bangles in classic red or even maroon and gold are apt for brides who are planning to create a royal, traditional, rich and classic bridal look. The beauty and newly-married appeal of this style of chura bangles stay intact way after the wedding is over. You can wear real gold bangles or opt for gorgeous bangles in golden tones.

6. Red and white

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Hoshiarpur Media Lab

Priyanka Chopra Jonas' royal red bridal look is hard to forget. She opted for red and white (not ivory) bangles and added crystal bangles too. Her chura created a sight to behold when she paired it with opulent jewellery, including traditional golden kalire and various precious jewellery. This style created a classic look for her and perhaps signified the beautiful fusion of her white and red weddings.

7. Minimalistic

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Not a fan of heavy chura bangles or looking for a more pragmatic set that'll be easy to carry during post-wedding days? If yes, here is a chura style for you. Opt for the classic 21 red bangles and 4 ivory bangles set. To dress it up on your wedding day, pair it with your precious jewellery and profoundly ornamented kalire. On other days, you can keep it simple for these bangles hold a beauty of their own. Minimalist brides can play with various shades of red to amplify the beauty of their bangles.

8. Red bangles with broad white kadas

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Yet another way to rock a red and white combination but here the bride can put stunning red kadas at both ends of the chura. This kind of look is also stunning and practical and loved by almost everyone. It creates a balance as it is neither too basic nor too loud.

While some brides are allowed to pick and see their bridal chura bangles in advance, some are not. Either way, this list can help you finalise a classic chura bangle design that will look perfect with all types of outfits. Bookmark this list and use it when you’re out and about finalising your chura!

Which style and colour of chura bangles you'll love to wear on your wedding?