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Pick What’s Best for Your Big Day: a Guide to the 2023 Gujarati Wedding Muhurat Dates

Are wedding bells ringing in 2023? Find out the most opportune dates for your ceremony according to the Gujarati wedding calendar.
Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Image Courtesy: Sailesh Makwana Photography

Giving wings to your fairytale dream is no easy task. It takes a lot of planning, preparations and action to breathe life into the wedding shenanigans. The journey from when the question is popped to performing the final ceremony is a full circle in itself. What might help in such a situation is to make an appropriate wedding checklist of all the important tasks. This is a foolproof way to save time, and it makes the whole process much more efficient. It is understandable that in today’s day and age, we are often short on time due to our busy work and life schedules. If you are a soon-to-be Gujarati couple and wondering where to begin, it might be an excellent option to start by finalising an auspicious wedding date. 

For those wanting a beautiful Gujarat wedding ceremony, the reference calendar would be Vikram Samvat. Gone are those days when calling a priest home was the only method to mark your calendar. With technology working as a boon, refer to this article and take your pick now!  Here is a month-wise list of all the favourable dates in 2023 to kick-start your wedding preparations- 

January 2023 

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

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The beginning of a new year is the perfect time for welcoming a new start. January calls for fresh advancements and concrete commitments. In Gujarat, this month, known as posh, marks the beginning of the harvest season and is celebrated with great zeal and thousands of colourful kites soaring high up in the sky. A great way to tie the knot—Gujarati style, would be to coordinate your big day with the enthusiastic kite festival. Some of the dates best suited for hosting these two in unison or celebrating love in the month of Posh–Maha would be as follows:

January 15th - Sunday

January 18th - Wednesday

January 25th - Wednesday

January 26th - Thursday

January 27th - Friday

January 30th - Monday

February 2023

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Image Courtesy: BluSwan Weddings

When love is in the air, getting hitched sounds like the right thing to do. With the weather being calm and composed—neither too hot nor too cold, and the cupid spirit of Valentine's Day in play, February makes for a great month to indulge in some romantic wedding vibes. Speaking of the Gujarati wedding calendar, the name Maha – Fagan denotes this month and below are the auspicious dates for 2023: 

February 6th - Monday

February 7th - Tuesday

February 9th - Thursday

February 10th - Friday

February 12th - Sunday

February 13th - Monday

February 14th - Tuesday

February 16th - Thursday

February 22nd - Wednesday

February 23rd - Thursday

February 27th - Monday

February 28th - Tuesday

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March 2023

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Wedding Photography: CineLove Productions

Make a toast in March! Setting the tone to the summer season, March, with its warm sunshine weather, is a bright time to get married. Comprising the festival of Holi, it is all about good food, scrumptious sweets, fun, friendships and family time. Gujarat also hosts the Bhavnath Mahadev Fair—a five-day affair dedicated to Lord Shiva in this month of Fagan – Chaitra. Here are the dates you need to bookmark:

March 6th - Monday

March 9th - Thursday

March 11th - Saturday

March 13th - Monday

May 2023

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Wedding Photography: Happyframes Photography

After the halt during April, as per the Gujarati wedding calendar, the month of May or Vaishakh – Jeth has got you covered with many suitable dates to get the Shaadi and party started. With a mellow sunset backdrop with all the flushed hues of the pretty sky, May is a flattering month to vocalise the vows in the presence of your beloved ones. A list of promising dates is mentioned below for your reference:

May 3rd - Wednesday

May 6th - Saturday

May 8th - Monday

May 9th - Tuesday

May 10th - Wednesday

May 11th - Thursday

May 15th - Monday

May 16th - Tuesday

May 20th - Saturday

May 21st - Sunday

May 22nd - Monday

May 29th - Monday

May 30th - Tuesday

June 2023

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Image Courtesy: Sailesh Makwana Photography

Are heatwaves getting you worked up? You need not worry; even though June ushers in an intense, sultry atmosphere, one can organise a dreamy wedding indoors. Beautiful decor, ample cooling stations and mouth-watering cocktails can ultimately fix the situation. Book these dates in the Jeth – Ashadh month:

June 1st - Thursday

June 3rd - Saturday

June 5th - Monday

June 6th - Tuesday

June 7th - Wednesday

June 11th - Sunday

June 12th - Monday

June 23rd - Friday

June 26th - Monday

Entering a standstill from July 2023 to October 2023, the wedding season commences another pause in this year’s Gujarati wedding calendar. The Chaturmaas, a reserved period of the year for penance, austerities and fasting, is observed, which causes this short break before kick-starting the winter wedding season. For more details and solutions, it would be advisable to consult an astrologer.

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November 2023 

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Wedding Photography: Knots by AMP

Aah! The goodness of the November weather— mildly chilly and majorly festive. A time when many couples decide to commemorate their big day, this month is appropriate for an outdoor wedding filled with music, dance, drama and laughter. November also marks the beginning of the Gujarati new year, and there are only four dates in the Vikram Samvat calendar for the  Kartak-Magshar month; pick now!

November 23rd - Thursday

November 27th - Monday

November 28th - Tuesday

November 29th - Wednesday

December 2023 

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Wedding Photography: CineLove Productions

The second month Magshar – Posh or December, also comprises four dates in the Gujarati wedding calendar which are auspicious to tie the knot. The winter weather completely sets in by this time, and so does the vacation mode. A phase of relaxation, abundance and merrymaking, say ‘I DO’ in December on the following days:

December 6th - Wednesday

December 7th - Thursday

December 9th - Saturday

December 15th - Friday

Gujarati Wedding Calendar

Image Courtesy: Sailesh Makwana Photography

Coming to the end of the wedding date planning affair for 2023 in accordance with the Gujarati wedding calendar, we would recommend the soon-to-be Gujarati couple to start planning now! For more such wedding articles, visit the WeddingWire India website to find the best vendors, ideas and much more.

Did you find your favourable dates on the Gujarati wedding calendar? Do let us know in the comments below.

With words by Priyanka Kathuria

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