Pulli Kolam rangoli designs are far different from the rangoli designs that you might have seen or made. Usually made up of rice flour, chalk powder or ever rock powder, it’s quite popular in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and even in some parts of Goa and Maharashtra.

A rangoli made out of geometrical lines with curved loops, it consists of several patterns of dots around which a grid is formed. The women of the Southern part of India widely practise making it in their houses.

Let’s have a look at these 21 Pulli Kolam designs that can be a part of your wedding décor!

1. Yellow and White Pulli Kolam

A complete wedding Pulli Kolam, it is a blend of traditional and contemporary design. A beautiful white grid pattern has been added to border the design in the middle and looks exquisite.

2. Black and White Pulli Kolam

Outlined with black, this Pulli Kolam had to be a part of our 21 pulli kolam designs. With its outline, the rangoli design is being magnified and seems to be a true contemporary art piece. Get it made on your wedding day and you might hear more compliments about it than yourself!

3. Pulli Kolam Border

This Pulli Kolam is perfect to celebrate your love with your partner. With blue and green diyas in the middle, the rice flour grid patterns are enhancing this design by bordering it from all the four sides. How could it not be in the 21 Pulli Kolam collection?

4. Blue White Pulli Kolam

Overshadowing the rice flour grid pattern, the blue colour has easily created an artistic rangoli that we have to add in our 21 Pulli Kolam designs. Such designs look exquisite at a wedding.

5. White with Blue Pulli Kolam

A simple Pulli Kolam made up of rice flour, it has been enhanced by filling a few of its grids with blue powder. It is easy to make and would look great on your wedding day.

6. Roses Pulli Kolam

Bordered with roses, this Pulli Kolam is a romantic art piece that you can use for a wedding any time. A part of 21 Pulli Kolam, it is a beauty for the eyes with its use of numerous colours.

7. Fire Pulli Kolam

Created with a blend red, orange and yellow, this Pulli Kolam has designs of fire and can be designed on your wedding as well. Along with rice flour grid patterns, this design can easily be a part of the 21 Pulli Kolam collection.

8. Colourful Pulli Kolam

A grid pattern made with numerous colours, this is a beautiful way of decorating your wedding venue. Get more than one design made and your colourful wedding décor is ready.

9. Coloured Pulli Kolam

Filled with red and orange colours, a contemporary Pulli Kolam design is an easy way of exhibiting creativity on your wedding day.

10. Diyas Pulli Kolam

A Pulli Kolam made especially for weddings, it consists of diyas in the middle, with grid patterns bordering around it.

11. Floral Pulli Kolam

A coloured Pulli Kolam, it is bordered with red flowers and is a beautiful grid pattern perfect for a wedding day. Such designs are always going to be a part of the best 21 Pulli Kolam designs list.

12. Floral Corners Pulli Kolam

With a beautiful rice flour Pulli Kolam in the middle, this rangoli has been designed with green and pink floral patterns in the corners. It looks creative and imperial for a wedding day.

13. Purple Green Pulli Kolam

With the use of dark colours like purple and green, this Pulli Kolam grid pattern looks amazing and will be a great option for a wedding. These sort of designs have always been loved and are therefore a part of our 21 Pulli Kolam designs.

14. Om Pulli Kolam

Creating an Om on an orange coloured filling, there’s are grid pattern all over around it in this simple kolam design. Perfect as your wedding décor, it’s also one of the best 21 Pulli Kolam designs that can be used on religious occasions.

15. Purple White Pulli Kolam

Created with purple colour, it is a simple grid pattern Pulli Kolam which has been made with rice flour. A beauty, it is a must for such occasions.

16. Red White Pulli Kolam

Made with a simple rice flour grid pattern, the red colour has been used to fill up certain portions of the Pulli Kolam. Easy to make, this design is a wedding decorator's best friend.

17. Pink White Pulli Kolam

This simple rice flour Pulli Kolam design has been enhanced exactly for a wedding with the pink colour filled in between, along with the Diya.

18. Shiv Ling Pulli Kolam

Designed with a Shiv Ling, this Pulli Kolam is filled with colours and is truly authentic!

19. Tiger Pulli Kolam

With a beautiful tiger designed in the middle, this Pulli Kolam has been bordered with a rice flour grid pattern. Such a design would make your guests go gaga at your wedding.

20. Block Design Pulli Kolam

Made with only rice flour, this is an intricate block design Pulli Kolam pattern which brings out the authenticity in your wedding.

21. Simple Pulli Kolam

Once again, this is a simple design which is easy to get made and is a must for weddings!

These 21 pulli kolam rangoli designs are one of the most beautiful and exceptional patterns that you can get designed at your wedding. Make it a part of your wedding décor and beautify it further with diyas!

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Note: All Images are from Bairavi Kumaran's Page