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7 Easy Rangoli Patterns You Can Totally Try Your Hands On

Would you like to try some easy rangoli patterns on your friend's wedding? There are ways & hacks to get them done. Let's give you some tips on designs & ideas!

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A beautifully designed rangoli is one of the most significant elements of Indian weddings. It's not just an essential decoration that needs to be done as a custom. It's a tradition that depicts cheerfulness and good luck. In fact, different kinds of rangoli designs are popular among different Indian cultures - white outlined prints here, floral rangolis there and the like.

So, if you too are fascinated with rangoli art but not too confident about the craft, we have some ideas for you! Here we have a list of some easy rangoli patterns that you can totally try drawing yourself with the help of some smart tips. Check them out!

1. Easy Rangoli Patterns- The Criss-Cross

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Check out this simple yet very attractive rangoli design that you can try on weddings or festivals. This particular design is drawn with white paint right at the centre of the wedding puja area. The basic design shows large leaves inter-crossing each other around two banana leaves placed at the centre to form a square shape.

If you're feeling experimental, you can further extend the design by adding lines, arcs, vines or flowers along the sides. This is one of those easy rangoli patterns that you may also attempt with the use of stencils.

2. Easy Rangoli Patterns- The 'Rice-made'

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 One of the easy rangoli patterns that almost anyone can attain is the one made with rice grains. Make broad geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles or circles using the rice grains and fill in the gaps with contrasting colour powder.

You can try this rangoli design on your pre-wedding ceremonies like Mehndi event or Haldi. Accessorise your rice-rangoli with tiny diyas or candles at the corners for a glittering evening event!

3. Easy Rangoli Patterns- Simple Shapes

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One of the popular but easy rangoli patterns are simple shapes filled with different colours of rangoli powder. All you have to do is, first draw broad outlines with chalk to make multiple small-sized patterns. Use white powder to demarcate those outlines. It's always easier to go for shapes with edges rather than curves. For example, triangles, squares, pentagons or octagons are simpler to attain than circles or spheres.

Now, fill those shapes with your choice of colours. Choose different shades of the same colour to give your rangoli design a thematic approach. Or you can use totally different colours...your call!

4. Easy Rangoli Patterns- The 'Floral'

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No matter how much we use powders and colours, the floral rangoli remains our favourite! The best part about making rangolis using flowers and flower petals is, they're not just easy rangoli patterns but enhances the freshness and celebratory vibes of an occasion. Choose different colours of marigold, rose, jasmine or lotus petals for your flowery rangoli and beautify the wedding venue.

Especially, if you're having a homey event or a courtyard Sangeet ceremony, deck up those stairs and entrance with colourful petals. Always demarcate your design with chalk first for flawless results!

5. Easy Rangoli Patterns- The Bengali Alpona 

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You will rarely find a Bengali wedding or any festival without an Alpona or a Bengali style rangoli. Traditionally the women draw these white rangoli all around the wedding mandap or puja area. This is a liquid rangoli that's painted using a small cotton ball or a brush and left to dry. The colour of the Alpona deepens once it's completely dried off.

You can try drawing some easy rangoli patterns by using a stencil or by starting with simple designs like paisleys, lotuses, arcs and dots.

6. Easy Rangoli Patterns- The 'Swastika'

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One of the most popular and most easy rangoli patterns you can ever go for is the Swastika sign. You practically don't need any outlines or stencils for drawing this one. This is a symbol that you can draw around the puja area, near the wedding mandap with a beautiful metal Diya placed at the centre of it.

To glamorise it a bit, use different colours. It's common to get confused about the direction of the Swastika sign, so just remember, begin drawing your rangoli from the right!

7. Easy Rangoli Patterns- The 'Floaters'

Floating Rangolis are quite a trend simply because they are some easy rangoli patterns yet look stunning. All you need is a large open vessel filled with water and flower petals. Make a floating floral rangoli yourself in one of the wedding events. Place a central rose or any other flower and carefully arrange colour coordinated petals around it.

Add some floating candles or floating dolls on them to accentuate the beauty! You can place these floating floral rangoli bowl on a reception stage, courtyard or poolside.

Look at some brilliant Kolam rangoli images for inspiration and pick the easy rangoli patterns that you can attempt. Whether to go for fine designs or bold ones, don't restrict yourself to the rules of rangoli drawing, because there aren't any! Get as creative as you want to be with your rangoli patterns. Try out different colours, materials and techniques.

Or maybe just stick to one colour and try different shapes and designs. Whatever catches your fancy, just go for it. Using stencils and demarcating outlines may make your job much easier so do try using them. So, let your rangoli art begin for a beautiful decor surprise on your friend's wedding!

Which of these rangoli patterns did you like most? Share your own rangoli making experience with us in the comment section below!